2nd April 2003

2:19pm: Um I love mee (for now anyhow)
So yea i jus hooked myself up with an incrediably awesome gonna be a promoter....which means im gonna get into any club i want to anywhere for freeeeeeeee any time i want to ......ummm hello so awesome..... an im so f*n excited rite now i can barley type.... next weekend, not this one cuz im goin to keene, but next weekend i get to be guest in a strech hummer to the Roxy, VIP!!!, i dont have to wait in line dont have to pay a damn thing an i get drinks all nite long for nothin... im so damn excited! I love myself. I really really love myself. This is sooo great. Im going shoppin i need a new outfit i wanna look hot................Its so great to be mee.
Anyhow jeff came over last nite he ended up staying because i wasnt about to let him drive home with all the alchol he had in his system. Seriously jeffs a big big guy hes atleast twice my 56-120lb frame at least an he had enough alchol to kill two of me last nite so he certianly wasnt goin anywhere at all last nite.....
I still hate this alone thing but with the nice weather an all ppl are starting to come out of their hibernations which is real nice....b.c i have this theroy that beautiful ppl only come out with the nice weather...and well i only hang out with beautiful ppl. Let me explain myself before i begin to sound even more superfical than i already do "beautiful" to me exists in everyone ... so when i say that i only hang out with beautiful ppl it means that everyone i hang out with is beautiful in one way or another...they all have something about them that makes them beautiful, an whatever it is that is their beauty is why i hang out with them. I have friends from just about every different aspect of life. U name it im proally friends with someone like that. I love ppl. Which is why im so EXSTATIC about this promoter thing. Go mee gomee gomee. Ok enough MJ parade. Mj is my real name. Someday ill tell yall.Ima let u all go before i drive u all crazy ill write more
Current Mood: jubilant
Current Music: Hum of the hard drive...good
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