28th March 2003

6:22am: Really whell then....
So tonite is the typical thursday nite....Work.....till ten.....then off to the club...whoopie whoopie goo mee go mee!!! Cant wait to dance my behind off its gonna be awesome!! I love to dance soosoo much.....i also love music all of it any kind anytime......i think i dance in my roomate says i doo but how would she know she doesnt sleep im my any case i cant wait....maybe tony will be there, an shawn, an dave mmmmmmmmdave soooo hot.....well all my boys are hot but still only some of them get an mmmmm from me.....well il guess ill write later when i have more to share with yall trust me....their will be some serious things to share by the end of my day promise......
Current Mood: excited
Current Music: court boring
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