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13th January 2011

2:21pm: Sexy Quotes Makes The Lovers Feel Happy

This world is given to us by god to live happily. Generally happiness of a parent lies with their children, whereas happiness between friends lies in their friendship but the happiness of a young man lies in a young woman. A young man or woman may be loved by their parents, teachers, friends and by many persons, but they feel so happy and proud when they are loved by opposite sex. A young man is delighted and flies in the air when he is loved by a young girl and the same reaction is with the young girl also when she is loved by a young man. This is a common feeling to all the youngsters, irrespective of their status, country, caste, or creed. The same feelings arises for a young man or woman who may be very poor or may be very rich, or belong to middle class. This love which arises between an young man and woman is very beautiful if they experience it in a decent and positive way. Love for just to have sex is not a good and positive love. We cannot deny that true love also involves sex. It gets involved only at the correct time, only after they are recognized as couples in the society. Till they achieve this recognition from the society when they are in the stage of lovers it is not advisable for them to get involve in the practical experience of sex. They can express their views and love in many ways. They can use decent Sexy Quotes during their conversation, they can exchange love cards with Sexy Quotes which can make them feel happy. They have to limit themselves just with talking about the sex with the help of Sexy Quotes, or exchanging cards to express their love and happiness.
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