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Still in Ga [18 Dec 2003|06:38pm]
[ mood | Chilling ]
[ music | Missy Elliot- Pass That Dutch ]

Well im still in the lovely peach state, things are a little better this mornin my dad called me from work askin if i wanted to go out to lunch, so i said sure and we went to espn zone in Atlanta, it was aiight, we just talked about the normal shiat!!!....he now knows i do pot thanks to my lil bro mikes big ass mouth, but he said as long as im not addicted its ok, just not go over board cuz he did the same shit when he was youger. It was weird we talked without arguing for once....Jess is in Chicago, and just to our luck im not, but i just went ahead and bought another ticket for christmas eve day to come back so thats what im doing, dunno if we'll even be able to see eachother still, its all up to fate to make my plane land early and hers leave later. Me and Tara talk a lot on the phone shes my cheech N im the Chong gotta love it!!!!....we've had some good times and ill know we'll have more cuz me n her are crazay like that....ne'wayz this shits long enough, and its kinda cold here its like 54 outside and daaaaamn man, but its better then bein in chicago right now where its 20's-30's aiight im out


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Lil update rizzle [16 Dec 2003|02:48pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | Ludacris-P-PoPPin ]

In kennesaw right now, talked to corey he was over at 112 so i think hes goin clubbin with us on friday TIGHT!!!...its boring as hell here, only one who keeps me company is my sister morgan :), missed her so damn much....we played barbies like all damn day yesterday and when i got here i went to pick her up from school and she ran up to me yellin BINKER BINKER (her nickname for me)....been talkin to tara a lot, shes strizz8 my cheech FO LIFE!!!!....talked to heather too, she hung up on us...PUNANNY!!!...also been talkin to this girl michelle, shes really awesome and chilled, funny as hell to REP THE GA LOVE!!!!...aiight well im out so ill ttyl


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LiL Update Hizzle in diz Biatch!!! [10 Dec 2003|05:18pm]
[ music | Roll Out-Ludacris ]

Woot aiight had my Lit Studies Exam today, i think i didnt pretty good on it, it wasnt THAT HARD!!....umm i leave monday for Ga WOOT WOOT, kinda excited to see morgan and mike , but other then that im bummed about not bein able to be here with jess :(....My cold is almost gone i still got a bad cough tho, but its goin away...THANK THE LORD.....i got an exam tomorrow my math one i believe and i think i should do pretty good on that, its not that hard and plus im gettin an A in that class ne'wayz so BOOYA!!!....ummmmm I talked to tara on the phone lastnight haha HOLLER!!!....don't forget our "operation" wink wink....naw what im sayin...aiight hope y'all like the new icon and im out.....ADIOS


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Colds Suck Ass!!! [09 Dec 2003|02:58pm]
[ mood | sick ]
[ music | Kung Pow Chicken-Panda Express ]

aiight well i didnt go to work today cuz i gotta cold and im coughin my lungs out and im burning hot, i sit in a spot and i get sweaty its nasty, and jess im 4real when you come here WEAR A COAT!!!! cuz there is this new flu bug goin around and a little toddler died of it.......aiight well thanks for updatin my blurtay Sam, sorry i havent done urs yet ill get around to it....but aiight i just woke up bout 5mins ago and thanks for all the Get Well's and Jess i Hope You Get Well Too cuz ur sick also so FEEL BETTER!!! aiight well im goin to go take some dayquill now and try and get rid of this biatch ass cold.....adios


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Update for Mr Boob. [08 Dec 2003|04:22pm]
HEYY BOOOOB ;] I`m updating for Ryan because well I feel like it okay? ;] It`s dun dun dun SAM to the Rescueee ? ;D Sorry you couldnt update mine ;[ -cries forever- What a ass mother fucker slut muncher whore of a thing! ;x Lmao. Anyways Ryan is having a good day + he loves you all. ;x I DONT KNOW WHAT TO UPDATE ABOUTTTT. ;] Um Um Um.. You`re so mean, i have no idea why i`m updating this.. MAKING FUN OF MY VOICE AND SHIZNET. Ass hole ;D lmao i said that with love? Well hey i`m gonna go see wtf is wrong with my blurty. <- RAWR ;\ Byee <3 iLy

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YOU SO TOTALLY ROCK SQUIRT.....YEA DUDE....NOGGIN...haha [07 Dec 2003|01:26pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Aiight what to update about.....Um i talked to Sam on the telly yesterday that was fun....STOP IT!!! to come to a totall of i believe 7 times u said it...HA HA :-D...i also talked to tania on the phone OH HELL MOTHERFUCKING NO!!!!...good times in da wisconsin area....and then i chilled online and partied with Brad WESSSSSSSSSSSSTSIIIIIIIITE.......and then me and mack woke jess up at about 3:15in the am haha that was fun :-D....aiight well im chillin in some Pj pants so i think im goin to hit the shower so im out......


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Life is Unfair......... [06 Dec 2003|01:28pm]
[ mood | crappy ]
[ music | NONE ]

I'm not in much of a mood to write a lot so i'm only saying a few things, glad i have to be apart of all the drama. Thanks -smh-. Ne'wayz Jakes Wake lastnight was the wrost thing i've had to experience i've only been to one other in my life and that was for my grandpa, so it was different in this case, they caught one of the guys who murdered him and he said he didnt "Do ne'thing to this punk" riiiiight and i swear if i find him cuz they LET HIM GO, cuz he had a motive to where he was that i "wont do ne'thing to that punk"..i just hate life right now, so much bad and unfair shit is going on around me that all i find myself doing these past few days is bumming around and frowning. Ne'wayz i just got home from Jakes Funeral and I think i cried my eyes out, cuz me and him were really close, and shit im crying right now writing this, but i dunno it just sucks how somethin so bad happens to a good family and person. No One Deserves ne'thing like that!!!....also my grammy isnt doing to good, everytime i talk to her on the phone her alztimers kicks in and she starts saying some scary off the wall stuff, like "i wont make it to see you during christmas cuz im dying" and its just sad to have to hear that shit, cuz my grammz waz the only one who cared for me when my ma and dad didnt want ne'thing to do with me, and i didnt even do ne'thing to them, i was the star athlete when i was little and in H.S but noooOOo they get re-married and have more kids and all a sudden im the oldest and they want nothing to do with me..FUCK IT!! i don't need any of them!!!...i can survive on my own......well this entry is done and im out


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Pass That Pass That Pass That DUTCH!!!! [04 Dec 2003|08:24pm]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | Ticking of the clock above my door ]

Aiight lil bit of an update for every1, these past fews days i've been kinda down about everything.... Jakes wake is tomorrow they did an autopsy or whatever today and wow his insides were just tore up his ma said. R.I.P Jake I Love you Man!!!! Friends fo Life!!!.....I've been writing a lot lately I KNOW WEIRD RIGHT??? haha its been surprising me too...And i wanna say thanks to some people....Jess, Mack, Sam, Tara, Brad, Lucie, Michelle, Corey, Brian, Matt, Dez, C_MaMa....thanks for carin bout my feelings and stuff means a lot....its friends like y'all i want around...instead of those other Drama causers....well i dont know what else to really write about...Except the whole thing with my dad is getting kinda out of control he wont even answer when i call now, so i guess i wont be able to meet with jess, surprise surprise thats how it goes in my life....well im out


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Update Time [03 Dec 2003|04:19pm]
[ mood | Chillin At Da Holidae Inn ]
[ music | Bonecrusher-Never Scared ]

Jake died yesterday at 4am his wake is tomorrow (thursday) at 11am, and his funeral is Friday..It was really sad being at the hospital his ma was crying and i had to try and confort her it didnt do to much good tho, he was a great person and a kick ass friend R.I.P Jake!!!....Me and Jess broke up cuz of stupid aol drama about me cheating and having all these girls lines up and blah blah blah and then when i confront people the fingers start pointing in every which direction, and then to top it off jess was plannin on Surprising me by comin to Chicago on the 17th but my dad had made arrangments for me to go down to Georgia to visit all break so i leave the 15th and im bustin my ass trying to get my flights changed so i can stay and spend even a few hours with her but my chances for that are looking slim to none, my dad wont even consider my canceling the flight cuz then hes out a good 400.00$$ and then thats all i need is to have to hear him bitch about that and be down my neck about how my head is not on the right path BLAH BLAH same ole bullshit just a different fuckin day!!!!....but thats about it I had work today and my Math class for Harper today had to take 3 quizes and an exam it was murder but i think i did aiight, i have another exam friday ;x NOT FUN!!!...but aiight im out i have to do some shit around the casa...


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FUCKING DRAMA$@*@*&%@%*&@(* [02 Dec 2003|08:40am]
[ mood | pissed off ]
[ music | Chicken Head- YoungBloodz ]

1st off I DONT NEED THIS BULLSHIT JESS!!!!!!!!!!!....I DIDNT CHEAT ON YOU!!!!....but if your going to always fuckin have these "instincts or gut feelings" then MOVE THE FUCK ON!!!!!!!.....this is some major bullshit that you would even think that im cheating ON YOU!!!!!....god im so pissed off and to top everything, Jake died at 4 O'Clock this mornin but ya know i cant even morn for my good friend cuz i gotta put up with this AOL FUCKIN BULLSHIT.....Jess learn to fuckin trust me....and if you cant then im sorry it's over...all me and Lucie are is FRIENDS!!!!!....and you should know this...and dont even pretend like you trust me cuz i know you DONT and thats some bullshit right there too.....GOD@*&%*@&%*&*^@(^$ I'M SO FUCKIN PISSED...AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....and i love how haha just cuz i told to people esp girls im ALWAYS somehow cheating on jess....if i wanted to cheat i would PLAIN AND SIMPLE AS THAT!!!!!!....but do i NO!!...haha wow, now i know how much you think of me jess this is some great news to find out after our 13th recently....Screw it im done trying!!!!

Ps: Lucie I'm Not Going To Stop Talkin To You, So No Worries

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Short and Sweet [01 Dec 2003|07:51am]
[ mood | sad ]
[ music | Tupaq ft Biggie-Runnin ]

Im not going to work today, id rather go see my friend jake in the hospital. If you all don't know lastnight my friend jake got shot 5 times if that wasnt good enough they thought they didnt do a good job so they stabbed him and beat him with a bat, hes in critical condition and on life support he had to have a transplant and a blood tansfusion lastnight and is going back in for internal artery damage today, I know not many people read this and i could careless about that but if any of you do, god probally wont answer my prayers but most people i know are good people so PLEASE pray for Jake!!!! Don't do it cuz im asking you to, Do it cuz you want to.....Ne'wayz im not up for talkin about ne'thing else really....guess its the weather???


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Your MoM's Name Here: ____________ [30 Nov 2003|06:48pm]
[ mood | Sore witha mild Hangover ]
[ music | G_Unit ft 50- Stunt 101 ]

Aiight so i got back intown today had a really bad hangover so passed out till round 4:30pm.....but aiight ne'wayz i left for Champaign at 4am saturday mornin and got there round 8:45 we stopped a shit load of times to eat and piss and all that fun stuff. Ne'wayz when we got there we met up with every1 at Onniez and Stacy's apartment then we walked to Memorial Stadium for the football game, which SHG lost by 3 Against Joliet Catholic.. 24-21 was final score...it was fun tho we were drinkin beers at 10am it was some fun shit....ne'wayz Stacy introduced us to all her sororities peoples and they were awesome as hell, and thne we met all these other people, so after the game we went out to eat at Aunt somethin....to watch some basketball and shit so we chilled there drank and left round 3, then we went and just hung out till bout 6pm then we went out to dinner and then to this rave/techno club at around 8pm where we danced and got hella crunked and left to go to this party on University Ave At 11:30-12ish and i dont remember much after that, i was so fucked up i was High and drunk off some garbage can full of str8 up strawberry rum and white vodka god damn it was strong and FUCKIN AWESOME!!!...but then Donna and Onnie had to hold me and walk me around cuz i couldn't walk and that pretty much all i remember and then i woke up in a bed and we left around 10am and i hade the WORST hangover and slept the whole car ride home and then slept when i got home....so there was yet another fun ryan party :-D....and me and jess got into a little argument, but i dont wanna not be able to live up at 19 cuz of some stupid B.S......just how i feel now...aiight well im out


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I Just got nick Named Nipple, where the Boob at??? HAHA sam [28 Nov 2003|10:56pm]
[ mood | excited cuz its SNOWING ]
[ music | Miss Elliot- Pass that Dutch ]

aiight sorry i havent updated been a little busy, well my plans were to leave for UIC tonight but its snowin really bad here thats right ITS SNOWING, which means SNOWBOARDING TIME BABY AWW YEA....but since im not being able to stay here and being forced to leave 1st thing in the am meaning 4am i have to wait till i come back on sunday....but ne;wayz im leavin tomorrow for UIC for the football game and them some partying AWWWW SOOKIE SOOKIE...ne'wayz im supposed to call Jess at midnight and haha FUNNY STORY TIME....lastnight round 11 my uncles ALL OF EM decided to take me and my other cuz to this strip joint called vegas nights in Barrington, well my uncle Don knew the owner so we had open bar all night and well haha this stripper was dancin on the bar when NO LIE she fell off onto this old dudes lap, he had to of been atleast early 70's and outta no where he yells "Thank You Jesus" it was the funniest thing...but ne'wayz i just drank didnt get any lapdances DARN :(...haha....but aiight i had an all out AWESOME THANKSGIVING!!!!!...and what else can i talk about Oh Yea tara is mad at me or somethin, or she dont wanna talk to me ne'more i dunno its kinda shady but whatever...and Me and Sam (ReD[]\[]EcK []-[]o) are some buddies now, shes a nipple and well im a Boob so its all good...and i guess thats it....shit man im bout to go out side and have a snowball fight or somethin, theres a little bit of snow on the ground so ill Holla Later...

Jess hope ur havin fun in Utah, miss you Pookz

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i miss you :( [28 Nov 2003|12:23am]
[ mood | awake ]
[ music | John Mayer-"Your body is a wonderland" ]



i loOoove you baby and i miss you soOoo much...muah muah!!! LOOOVE YOUU POOOKIE :D

all my love,
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RANDOMNESS.....dun dun dun [26 Nov 2003|07:59pm]
[ mood | Tre....Trick Or Treat??? ]

aiight so we all know that HALF BAKED and HOW HIGH are the best movies ever....HAHA there is this one part in How High thats me all the way..............
Aiight so method man and redman are walkin down the college stairs at harvard and method is walkin with this chick and redman spots this fine azz hunny and is like daaaaaamn, and method is like man those type of girls only know 3 words stop, dont, and no...and redman is like 'niqqa u must be confused cuz their always tellin me NO DONT STOP" and then their like awwww playa playa...HAHA
.....haha ne'wayz its a good movie EVERY1 WATCH IT!!!!!

aiight so i was thinkin and i think instead of Thanksgiving bein called Thanksgiving it should be called and i "e& National stuff your face and take big shits day"e&...haha don't y'all think so?? that would be some funny shit.....
Well its supposed to snow sunday so when i get back from UIC im SNOWBOARDING FO SHO!!!!...did every1 peep my new board and boots, i went back to Burton yesterday and got some new googles and twax for my boots and pants.....

aiight well thats all folks im out like the cream corn runnin thru your anus HAHA EWWWWW


Jess i miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Who Dat Be RYAN on Da M-I-C [25 Nov 2003|03:53pm]
[ mood | Chillin ]
[ music | Ludacris- NO Lie ]

Aiight so hmmm lets see just got home from harper <\3 wasnt fun today!!!!! I have to read chapters 1-4 in this new book...YES ANOTHER NEW BOOK :(........and i had to do some book work for algebra but i already did that im kickin ass in this class man i got a 94.7 A i feel smart as hell........but aiight ne'wayz Jess is in Utah havent talked to her yet, im goin to call her in a few and see what shes up to....im still goin to Champaign on Saturday for the 5A state game and im goin to UIC still too, to PARTY HARDY, and when i come back its supposed to snow so hopefully i can use my new board and boots...i mean shit i paid enough for em, i BETTER be able to use em soon or im fuckin goin to Alaska where there is LOTS of snow...aiight ne'wayz im out cuz i aint got much more to say so HOLLA


PS: My Milkshake Is Better Then Y'allz SO BOOYA!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Can I get a FUCK YOU to these bitches from all these niqqaz who dont want none [25 Nov 2003|12:19am]
[ mood | excited ]
[ music | Lookin at my new Board and Boots ]

Aiight so i met up with my boy alex he came over we did some "business" haha and then we ended up goin to the Burton store...specific snowboarding store well i didnt spend the planned 200-300$$ i ended up spendin a total of DUN DUN DUN 740.00$$ bucks on a New board and boots....i bought a CUSTOM X_ 7 board and some new Burton RULER_ 6's.....aiight incase yall dont know a thing or two about snowboarding its pretty simple....the 7 is for stiffness of the product for instance i got a CUSTOM 7 which means my board is pretty stiff not bendable which is better for all terain like Mouintains Freestyle Hills etc....and my Boots i got a 6 cuz you always wanna go a level lower for better comfort and speed allowance.....but my board is hella tight...i've always wanted a CUSTOM but they've always been outta my price range but i was like fuck it this time cuz i really like the new CUSTOM X_ but ill put a link in here so yall can see what my boots and board look like...my colors are just different......

My Board: http://mirror04.burton.com/images/gear/pp/pp_B4000305.jpg
My board is Green and i got steel edges

My Boots: http://mirror04.burton.com/images/gear/pp/pp_B4150102.jpg
I got my boots in White with Green trim to match my board

Aiight well thats about it IM out....HOLLA

I Luh & Miss Jess

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OH HELL MOTHERFUCKIN YES!!!!!! IT'S SNOWING)(*@*&(*@ [24 Nov 2003|02:20pm]
[ mood | Chillin At Da HolIdaE Inn ]
[ music | CoCaine Remix ]

WOOT WOOT aiight it's snowin up here in Chicago...even tho its not A LOT of snow its still snow which means BOARD SEASON!!!!!!!!!! so tonight im goin out and droppin 200-300$$ bucks on a new snowboard & boots so im excited WOOT WOOT...what else can i write about Jess left for Utah today :( she'll be gone a whole WEEK yikes :-x....saturday while im at UIC were goin to drive down to Champaigne and see the SHG and Joliet Catholic Football state game for 5A, should be fun...I know a few guys from SHG who are seniors so i'll get em fucked up after the game haha :-D...you know how i do it!!!.....and thats about it....

Oh wait naw i know i just wanna send some love to some people who don't cause D R A M A or B U L L S H I T
Jess, Mack, Brad, Tara, Sam (NY Gangsta), C_[]V[]a[]V[]a (candy), Sam (ReD[]\[]eck []-[]O), Dez, AJ, Corey (RyNReal niqqa), Jake, Jessika(my fellow chicagoian).......and i think thats about it

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iiiiiiii looooooove youuu oOoo yes i doOoOoo [24 Nov 2003|09:51am]
[ mood | mischievous ]
[ music | Elmo-"Sesame Street" :D ]

howdy pawtnuh...-tips my hat- hiiiiiii baby! wellll its about 9:50ish n im gonna head on out to the airport in a bit but i thought id leave u a lil update since somebody is sleepin n isnt picking up their phone >:O....ahaha....wellllll ima try n call u while im there but with my new service plan idk if i can from utah buttttt ill find a way! okie dokie i just wanted to say i loooove you and ill missss you n ill be sure to call u on gobble gobble day...(hopefully u arent drunk again like last year) ahaha...whoaa thats craziness...this is our second thankgiving together....that was a whoole year ago....insanity...mkay sweetheart welll i think ima go now...n u better behave while im gone antonelli! mack keep an eye on him for me! ahaha...mmmkay so ill ttyl....ill misss you..............love you snookums!!! <3333

ooh and one more thing...................................................its coming......................................................................almost here.........................................................i...................................................i............................................i.....................................................................................................................................................ahHh its alive!.............................................................................................................................................................................................................I LOOOOOVE YOUUU POOKIE! =P

yes californians celebrate christmas at the same time as chicagoians...lmao...i luh you!

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My Milkshake brings all da GIRLS to the yard(*@& [23 Nov 2003|11:53pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | T I- 24'z ]

Aiight lil update since im bored.....
Im not goin to work or school tomorrow cuz im really tired and i could use some extra sleep...
Jess is goin to Utah for turkey day so i hope she has some fun, i'll miss her (Love You Baby)
Friday night im going to go to UIC and party with some people i went to High School with, i should be back saturday night or sunday morning...... And thats about it......aiight im out i think i'll go chat hoppin.....HOLLA


Jess I luh you

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