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    Friday, March 12th, 2004
    1:27 pm
    We have a basketball game tomorrow night, and I am so excited. I can't hardly even believe that Swan Valley made it this far in the districts. Tonight we are playing Bridgeport, and I'm nervous. Last night Bridgeport beat Shepard by four points. In OVERTIME!! I am really excited though, because our fans are so hyper at these district games. All the girls are painting things on their faces and then they are dying their hair. They're gonna wear ribbons and everyone is wearing a white shirt, so we will have a white-out. Then the guys are all painting their faces and dying all of their hair. At the last game the crowd was so hyped up that you couldnt even hear the cheerleaders. Cody, Jeff, Ryan and I bet a ton of other people came to the game wasted off their butts, and they were so funny. They kept taking out ponpoms and playing with them when we would go down for the foul shots. They were the ones keeping the crowd alive. At the game on Wednesday, Tim scored 5 points, and one of his baskets was a three pointer! I was proud. i know that three points isnt a lot, but it kind of is for him. He actually got to play in fron tof his snobby cousins, so he was sooo happy. i lvoe tim and cheerleading and basketball games.
    im out
    Thursday, January 8th, 2004
    2:06 pm
    Game Day
    TOmorrow is game day! We play St Charles and i am so excited... i just hate that damn uniform. SOmeone took my warm up pants. Yesterday i called Anna to get the names of the people on th STC squad, and she told me that she had to quit for the season because of medical stuff that came up. i love cheerleading and i could never quit. By the way i dressed so preppy today and i feel like a poser.

    Current Mood: bouncy
    2:00 pm
    Today I broke up with Tim. Its weird, but we still are acting like we're going out. Now I just have to figure out what to do with Paul. He called me this morning and we talked about everything and tried to catch up on things, but we didnt have enough time. I told my mom last night that I hought that I was in love with him. I thiought that he was ignoring me so i cried myslef to sleep 4 times last night. He's enrolled in St Charles, so maybe I'll get to see him. he told me that he would try to come to my game tomorrow night, but he's not sure. I think that I am in love. I just don't know whether it's Tim or Paul.

    Current Mood: EMPTY!
    Wednesday, January 7th, 2004
    1:58 pm
    Boy Problems
    Okay i think that i have written since i was in WHite Pines, if not here on my othere one then. i was in Covenant on New YEars day for a kidney infection, then back 2 days later bacause of my kidney stones. i was there for 2 days with an iv in my hand and everything.. they gave me morphine and it did nothing. it made me kind of silly though. right now i feel kind of smothered by tim and i want to be with othere people. i love tim with all of my heart and soul, but i think that i need a break. i want Paul, and matt and a whole bunch of other guys. i look and i want to be with so many other people but i cant because i am tied down. im 15 fucking years old i dont need to fucking be with one will i know what true love is if i am only with one person. I WONT!!!!! i dont know what to do though because i am leading Paul on and thats not right. i am doing the same thing to Paul and Tim that AAron did to me and Liza and Shay. and that was the worst feeling in the world, so i dont want anyone else to feel that way, but i think that is what i am doing. the only thing is neither of them know that i have feelings for the other. Its so weird to think that one day i m ight not be with tim, and i could be with Paul or someone that i dont even know. i dont know if i even want to be with anyone.

    Current Mood: confused