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my little introduction. [18 Mar 2003|04:10pm]

hi. my name is nikki and i am a 23 year old queer pro-domme/whore working the northeast usa, more specifically, between the dc area to northern new jersey and new york city. i'd love to talk with other pros who do in-person sex work, especially pros who are survivors of sexual abuse and/or have mental illnesses. i used to work with a girlfriend, but i'm working alone now and i think i need some support. i'm not out as a sex worker to my therapist/psychiatrist... blahblah. okay, i hope this community gets bumpin' soon! xoxo nikki
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[24 Feb 2003|12:02pm]

This community is for and by sex workers only. We are here to share experiences, ask questions, to network and to support each other, to provide a safe space.

The community is friends-only! You must email me to join and explain a bit about your interests in the community and tell me what kind of sex work you do. Please note, that this community is for sex workers ONLY! This policy might change later if other members wish so.

After you have joined, please be polite & introduce yourself to other members. Also, all posts are recommended to be made friends-only.

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