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13th May 2009

lovemex332:04pm: hey lately i've been curious about trying road head with my guy.

the thing is, i don't really know how to go about it. i want to spice up our sex life and its not something we have done so i want to try it on him. how to i even start? and is swallowing cum horrible? i've never had it in my mouth and i know id have to swallow it if i do give him road head. lol i'm scared hes just going to cum and i'll choke or something. i can't wait to try it but i'm just so lost at what to do!

advice would be lovely<3 please and thank you.

22nd April 2009

by_your_side6:41pm: okay soo my and my boyfriend have been having sex for around four months and every single time i am left unsatisfied and he knows it but doesnt do anything about it. we've talked about it and everything but once hes done, hes done with sex. does anybody know of any tips that will help me orgasm quicker so i'm not left unsatisfied?

3rd January 2009

food_nazi3:39pm: Ok, basically I've only ever has an orgasm during missionary. I guess it's because his pelvis hits my clitoris.
Does anyone else have trouble cumming when they're on top or on doggy? Do you know why that is? Can you please give some good advice. The sex is really good, its just such a shame that its just not happening.

16th December 2008

_shesfamousnow_9:50pm: Hypospadias.
Hi. I'm here today because my Ex-Boyfriend has a problem. We broke up about two years ago, and we're hooking up again, and by hooking up I mean having sex.

He's really uncomfortable about his penis because he has a condition known as Hypospadias ( We've never discussed it, but he is sooo self-conscious that he doesn't even really like having sex because it bothers him so much.

I know I'm not his girlfriend but I feel like I should talk to him about it (we never have) because I really do not care about this issue, and I wish he would be comfortable with me. Is there anything I could say to him?

Thanks guys.
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27th July 2008

nixter239:09am: pregnant?
ok well i have always had a very normal and on time period - now it's 6 or 7 days late last month i just went off my birth control cause my boyfriend and i broke up - but we had sex like 2 weeks ago - obviously without birthcontrol on my end but he wore a condom -- i am not experiencing any other symptoms besides my missed period - well maybe slight cramps - i thought it was my period coming before - now i'm really worried!! what do you think?? i look at the pregnancy tests - they all say to wait about 10 days after a missed period i don't feel like i am under more stress than usual or anything either - omg what should i do? I don't even know if i can afford an abortion if it comes to that

14th July 2008

beatin_x3_baby10:53am: help.
alright, so...this is kind of embarassing:
i've never been on top during sex, never.
it's because i really don't know how to, i suppose.
i mean, i just need advice, i guess.
i'm one of those people that analyzes everything way too much.
so obviously, i've analyzed being on top wayyyyyy too much. it's to the point where i've freaked myself out.
i told the boyfriend i have now that i'd be on top next time we had sex, so i will but i'm terrified.
i guess i just need someones advice, please.
or like, tell me something to make me not freak out about it.
here's basically what runs through my mind about it because i've analyzed it so much:
do i sit or do i lay? do i go up and down or front and back? how do i know when he wants it slower rather than faster? when do i know to stop? and more...

god, i feel so stupid, i know these are all silly stupid questions, but if you knew me, you'd understand why i have these questions. i just scare myself by thinkin too much.
i'll be on later today, i hope some of you can help.

oh and another thing is, he was a virgin before he met me, and i wasn't, so i just want it to be fantastic for him, yah know? so that's another thing that goes through my mind..because i don't like the thought of maybe him leavin me because i'm not good at sex or something.

8th May 2008

lillybean512:39am: So I was hooking up with this guy the other day and we started to have sex but it was only for like a minute or two before we got interrupted...but a few minutes after I went to the bathroom and some whitish clear stuff came out of me as soon as I sat on the toilet. Is there anyway he could have came in me that quickly? We were messing around for awhile before and I did have an orgasm before we even started having sex just from him fingering me. But is it possible that it could have been his cum or just my own?
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16th April 2008

brittanyyy__oxo11:05am: Hi i'm new here i've been reading for a while now and i have a few questions of my own...
My boyfriend and I have been together for a little over a year now, and the sex is great..hes the only guy i've ever been with that cares more about getting me off, then himself. the sex is amazing for both of us, however lately we haven't been having sex as much...

He works a full time job..and bust his ass at work and is too tired to have sex anymore. I don't know what to do.. it's not that i'm a nympho (sp) or anything i just really like to have sex with him... i feel that when i try to turn him on and get him in the mood, he pushes me away..he can be hard as a rock and just not want anything to do with me. Do you think its because he's really tired or do i need to do something to spice it up a little bit and make it better for him?
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10th April 2008

stephxshea7:42am: orgasm
I've been with my guy for 2 years and his penis in almost 9 inches. I cannot have an orgasm during sex. Its making sex more boring to the point I don't even want to have it anymore. I fake everytime with him because if he knew, things would change and he'd feel less of a man. We are engaged and I really don't think I can go the rest of my life not having an orgasm.

Someone please help me! Greatly appreciated!

16th March 2008

anonymousmiss6:43pm: Random question that's been worrying me
I've been concerned about something for a while. It's a little embarrassing but here we go. Every girl cums or releases discharge daily but I think that I do a lot more than others. Is there something wrong with me? Or is there I way I can't prevent this? Please help. I know this doesn't have anything to do with sex tips but I can't find a community thats been active that has anything to do with sexual health and what not.

28th February 2008

i_got_worms4:48pm: ladies and gents...
what is your favourite brand & type of condom, and why?

personally: Trojan-Enz. i prefer lubed condoms, my boyfriend won't use them if they aren't.

6th February 2008

holyxbananas4:29pm: Heyy so I have a kind of different question.
I'm with a guy who's never been with another girl before, so he's rly shy. I've been with a good number of guys so I know what I'm doing but he gets rly nervous about everything !The other night i just had my hand on the belt of his pants and after like 5 min he started getting shaky &said "woah what are you doing". I don't even know what to do!! I'm really not used to that. Sooo help!

5th February 2008

thediaryofagirl8:18pm: any ideas?
hey everyone, i just joined this group
but i've been reading it for about 2/3 years now

uhm, i have a boyfriend of 6 months
and i really want some new "tricks" to make foreplay/sex different!
it's amazing just the way it is, but i just want to spice things up abit

any ideas?
thanks so much :))
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30th January 2008

igotcrack10:58pm: someone please help me...i'm going to die if this continues....
Okay so here is my problem. I am doing a friend's with benifits thing (i don't want a relationship right now) but the guy i am sleeping with isn't very big...All my other ex's were between 8 and 9inches...this guy is a little over 6. I can barely feel anything when we have sex. What can I do to enhance the feeling? We are very open sexual about talking what the other one wants so I don't have to be scared to approach him and tell him what I want. any suggestions would be great! I like to be in pain during sex so any tips on bringing the pain will so be welcomed lol.
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26th January 2008

lovebird99:45pm: urgent question!
ive been taking Marvelon Birth Control, and ive been taking it a little over a month, im on my 2nd pack..and ive researched on this but all it says is that the pill isnt effective until after the first 7 days youve taken the pill. but it doesnt say if its the actual FIRST time [for first pack] for beginning of ANY pack.. so when i was on the third pill of the SECOND pack..i has unprotected sex but there was no actualy ejaculation. am i still protected from pregnancy becuase of the pill? im still not sure when marvelon is/isnt effective..

sorry if hat was ocnfusng..please ask any questions if u need me to verify anything so its easier for advice.
pleasee and thank you

12th January 2008

unodosthrice10:18pm: My boyfriend says that he doesn't want to wear a condom because it makes him go limp. Is that a common thing that happens or does he just have problems? It sounds like a bunch of BS to me because I've never ran into that issue with other guys...
mandab0o10:35am: Ok so sextips has been pretty dead...
but I need advice...
Me and my boyfriend have been having sex for 5 years and doing stuff for 6 years .. it's gotten kind of to be just a habit and we dont have fun with it anymore i mean of course its good and its sex and everything and its not that its boring .. but its just the same .. he wants me to spice things up and idk how to do that .. any advice?

What's the SEXIEST thing you've ever done for a guy or your boyfriend? Or always wanted to do....

Mine is that for his birthday I waited in his room in a sexy lingerie outfit and had a candle lit and a bandage kit set up to his bed to strap his arms and legs to the bed and when he walked in the door i quickly blind folded him then took him to the bed and straped him up then..... well you can guess the rest .....

3rd January 2008

greatest_loss3:29pm: Okay, i need help.. when me and my boyfriend have sex or do anything intimate he wont give up until i finish, but i get so frustrated i have to pretend i finished so he will stop.. and i really want to have my first orgasm with him!
any suggestions?

2nd January 2008

lovebird99:52pm: okay so my new takes him FOREVER to cum..especially when im giving him a blow job but ive done everything i did with previous boyfriends..are there any ways to make guys cum quicker?

30th December 2007

mk20099:32pm: so i have a huge problem.

so one night me and this guy didn't have a condom but he told me he would pull out. which he did but is that enough??? could i be pregnant??? can't you still get pregnant?

and 5 days later we had a condom and it broke. he said he pulled out and cummed on the bed. but the piece that broke off was on me and wet. could i be pregnant?? please reply.

i'm so scared i'm in tears.

25th December 2007

l0vex312:57am: hey my names laila..and i need helpp.
i got my period on dec13 ..when i get my period, i usualy get really bad cramps and my boobs are really soar..but that didnt happen... but now almost two weeks later, im getting alittle cramps, my boobs are soo soar, and im bleeding..but just a little..not like a crazy amount,but just a little tiny bit...and also about 2-3 inches below my belly button towards the right about 4inches? .. i get these realy bad pains.. i usually get those when im about to get my period tho...but also sometimes during sex, it hurts really bad right there.. i had sex twice this weekend, so idk if thats why im bleeding? ..but if anyone knows anything that can help me..please comment back!!..thanks

9th December 2007

impressionism7:22pm: Sex toys-

Any good suggestions? I've become bored with my current collection: oils, vibrators, dirty dice, flavored lubes, spinners. I saw some board games that are sex related last time I looked around, but I wasn't sure if they would be lame or not.

Thanks for any help.

7th December 2007

x_perfectdrug_x10:50pm: please help!!
Okay so this isnt exactly sex related I guess but I really need some answers & serious ones please!
So here's the thing Like a month ago on the 3rd of 4th day Of My period I took "Plan B" & So My Period lasted for 11 days I assumed that is why,Okay well I was supposed to get My period the 1st of this month & I haven't got it yet I've taken 2 pregnancy test that are both negative so...I don't understand this,Does anyone know if Plan B can cause your period to be messed up like this? Thank you Soo Much in Advance!
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13th November 2007

urallthatiwant8:15pm: my boyfriend and i have lately been doing doggiestyle often
and then all of a sudden i've recently had this pressure feeling idk i can't explain it
but it hurts and we have to stop and switch positions
and when we switch positions i'll be totally fine.
what's happeninggg?

5th November 2007

kristinexdee3:57pm: question, and yes, you may call me stupid after asking this.

i got birth control tri-sprintec, gyneric version of ortho tri-cyclen, through the phone. my mom ordered them for me through my primary so i couldn't really ask questions. i'm on them because of cramps but i decided to have sex for the first time. but anyway, the instructions said it works after 7 days, but i used a condom anyway when i was on the 8th day. my question is, what did your doctor tell you about the length? ive read all over 7 days about my type but someone said a month. can someone just give me their expierence please.

and when do you expect your period when taking the non-hormonal pills, right away or later?

i apologize for being so dumb lol.
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