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Thursday, June 26th, 2003
5:02p - Wud Up Bloooooddd
Good Afternoon erry1!!! wud ^ *&* how tha fuuuck r ya??!? shit yday wuz fun...john, britt, *&* samantha came over *&* i had madd liquor....yep juss me i got drunk by myself...WTFF???? hahahaha it wuz funny as shiiit tho...then EDDIE (god i havent seen him in 4eva) came ova *&* showed me his bangen azz civic. GOD DAYUM dat shit wuz hotttt!!!! ill admit thas a LOT HOTTER DEN JIMS CAR! n e ways...i skipped tha last day of skool 2day 2 go shoppin....got a pair of pants...4 pairs of shorts...a pair of capriz..*&* 9 shirts (only 2 shirts were paid 4 LOL). den i came home *&* laid outside 4 2 hours *&* got a nice tan/burn....muh azz is fucken burnt....UGH! y tha FUUUCK have i been so dayum MOODY?!? geezus i fucken flip *&* cry bout DUMB ASS SHIT!! i fucken h8 it....im more emotional than EVA these dayz...sheesh! YEH its a fucken problem....since i threw a shoe *@* muh momz yday bc she wudnt take me shoppin....i think im losin it. im pissed cuz erry1 goes shoppin all the fucken time, but NOT DINA!! well i did go shoppin 2day so i guess im iight...*&* popz is taken me on sat 2 get bathingsuits (*shudder*) *&* ima try 2 worm muhg way in2 gettin 2 more capris...*&* sum flip~flopz....maybe a shirt or 2 :-p im an asshole....but n e ways ima bounce....ttyl hehe *1*

current mood: content
current music: I Miss You ~ Brian McKnight

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