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. . h O L d | m e | i n | y O u R | a R m s | & | n e v e R r | l e t | g O [18 Nov 2004|05:29pm]
[ mood | stressed ]
[ music | -Ja RuLe- ]

tOday wasnt that badd i guess...except sOm1 lykes tO talk shiit!! isnt that wOnderful?!? well i think it is!! anyways i hadd cheering practice till 4...yeahhh we r gOnna suckk at the rally! peOple quit n peOple gOt kiked Off bcuz Of grades...hOw nise!! but sOm Of the varsity girls r gOnna be bases n everything sO we dOnt loOk lyke idiOts!! lOl anyways 2mOrrO i think i wanna gO tO the mOvies!!! lOl Or i dunnO...mayb ill just dO sOmthing else 4 a change! Or mayb nOt..but i gOtta c michael!! On saturday its Our last game! YESS! lOl well its at 11..gO!! haha juust kidding!! i really dOnt wanna gO tO skoOl 2mOrrO! ughh im sO sikk Of it! last nite b4 i went 2 sleepy i watched the brave little tOaster! YAY! ...im gOnna watch it again laterr toO!! yippee i lOve that mOvie!! alritey well ima gO nOw..buh byee

<33 KaY*

i lOve michael..* <3
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