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*--tHe CoLd DaYs Go By SlOwLy WiThOuT yOu HeRe WiTh Me--* [06 Oct 2004|07:50pm]
[ mood | lonely ]
[ music | My HaPpY eNdInG ]

tOday wasnt that badd! it kinda went by fast i guess..that was goOd!! ughh i gOt my prOgress repOrt! ha! i did goOd i guess..i just hav a 50 in histOry bcuz mr histOry teacher is a fukface n i hav tO make up quizzes in there..wOnderful! ughh! anyways after skoOl i had cheering bcuz this lady came in tO help us with Our stunts n stuff...2mOrrO i hav tumbling..n then saturday i hav practice 8-12 great! grrrr! well hmm i called michael...did he answer? Of cOurse nOt fuker! GRRR! wutever i dOnt really care anyways...alrite im gOnna gO n call him again i guess..Or mayb i wOnt bye bye

<33 * KaY *

i LoVe MiChAeL

* PrOmIsE mE iTs FoReVeR*

i`d rather walk away* [05 Oct 2004|07:27pm]
[ mood | unlOved :0( wah! ]
[ music | AsHlEe SiMpSoN cD ]

tOday started Off tO be a gOod day i guess..gOt up..gOt ready n then went tO skoOl. well skoOl went by sO extremely slOw..even wen i wrOte i <3 michael in mi nOteboOk wen i was bOred in class! wutever..whO cares! yeah wellwe had an assembly in 1st periOd sO that was goOd...but then we just had regular classes. thank gOd tOday was day 7 sO i didnt hav histOry class! ugh i hate that class! umm we hadda game after skoOl n they wOn!! wOo hoO gO devils! :0) hehe then i came hOme n just came Online n stuff...then i decided tO call michael but hes acting WEIRD tOday sO im nOt even gOnna bOther talking abOut him..im PISSED! wutever...i dOnt wanna get even mOre madd than i alreadi am so blahh! ya knOw did u ever think that maybe i just missed him n i wanted tO talk tO him?..well i guess nOt! ughh wutever i needa stOp writing in here bcuz im pissed bye!

<33 * KaY *

here i am perfect as im ever gOnna be yOu`ll see lOve me fOr me
2 | * PrOmIsE mE iTs FoReVeR*

*..Me N yOu wAs MeAnT tO bE aS oNe NoW..* [03 Oct 2004|01:05pm]
[ mood | crappy ]
[ music | NeLlY's SuIt Cd ]

tOday is gOnna be bOring!!! n im nOt gOnna c michael till next weekend!! tOday makes a mOnth fOr us..yay! :0) yeahh well im really bOred sO im gOnna do this...

[ series 1 ]
Name: ..*Kayla Julia<3
Birthday: ..*April 18th
Birthplace: ..*leOminster
Current Location: ..*leOminster
Eye Color: ..*brOwn
Hair Color: ..*brOwn
Righty or Lefty: ..*righty
Zodiac Sign: ..*aries
Font: ..*hmmm???

[ series 2 - your favorite ]
Music: ..*rap
Cartoon: ..* dunnO
Color: ..* pink
Car: ..* pink cOnvertible :0) haha!
Slushy Flavor: ..* strawberry
Magazine: ..* umm?
TV Show: ..* full hOuse
Song at the Moment: ..*i lyk alOt
Language: ..*english
Spice Girl: ..*well i used tO say i was pOsh! haha!
Food & Beverage: ..*iced cOffee
Subject in School: ..*yuk
Weekend Activity: ..*games mOvies hangin with myy friends
Frozen Yogurt: ..*huh?
Roller Coaster: ..*thunder mOuntain n space mOuntain

[ series 3 - what is ]
Your most overused phrase: ..* oh my gOdd
First thing you thought when you woke up: ..* i miss michael
Last image/thought you go to sleep with: ..* michael
First feature you notice of opposite sex: ..*their eyes i guess
Best name for a Butler: ..* hmmm?
Wussiest Sport: ..*i dunnO?
Your best feature: ..* blahh!
Your greatest fear: ..*spiders! AH!
Your greatest accomplishment: ..*i dunnO
Your most missed memory: ..*last year

[ series 4 - you prefer ]
Pepsi or Coke: ..*cOke
McDonald's or Burger King: ..*mcdOnalds
Single or Group Dates: ..*either One it dOnt matter
Adidas or Nike: ..*nike
Chicken nuggets or Chicken fingers: ..*fingers
Dogs or Cats: ..*cats
Rugrats or Doug: ..*rugrats
Single or Taken: ..*taken<3
Monica or Brandy: ..*mOnica
Tupac or Jay-Z: ..*jay-z
Shania Twain or LeAnn Rhymes: ..*shania
Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: ..*nestea
One pillow or Two: ..*3 haha!
Chocolate or Vanilla: ..*chOcOlate
Hot chocolate or Hot cocoa: ..*hOt chOcOlate
Cappucino or Coffee: ..*cOffee

[ series 5 - do you ]
Shower everyday: ..*yess
Think you've been in love: ..*yepp
Want to go to college: ..*yeah
Like high school: ..*yess
Want to get married: ..*yuppp
Type correctly: ..*nO
Believe in yourself: ..*sOmtymes
Have any tattoos? Where: ..*nOpe
Have any piercings? Where: ..*nOpe
Get motion sickness: ..*nOpe
Think you're a health freak: ..*nOt really
Get along with your parents: ..*nOpe
Like thunderstorms: ..*ahh! nO!!

[ series 6 - the future ]
Age your plan to be married: ..*20 sOmthing?
Number and names of children: ..*4 but idk their names
Where will you be at age 20: ..*in flOirda?
Dream wedding: ..* in flOrida...at the grand flOridian :0)
How do you want to die: ..*wen im Old
Dream job: ..*mOdel or actress
Country you'd like to visit: ..* hmm idk

[ series 7 - opposite sex ]
Best eye color: ..*brOwn
Best hair color: ..*brOwn
Short or long hair: ..*shOrt
Best height: ..*a lil taller than me
Best weight: ..*nOt toO skinny
Best clothes: ..*michaels clOthes?
Best first date location: ..*dOnt matter
Best first kiss location: ..*dOesnt matter

[ series 8 - other ]
Last time you slept with a stuffed animal: ..*last nite
Rings before you answer the phone: ..*3
What's on your mousepad: ..*my name
How many houses you've lived in: ..*2
How many schools you've gone to: ..*4
Bedroom carpet color: ..*blue
Shave your head for $5,000?: ..*nOpe!!!!!
Stranded on a desert island. Take three things. No people: ..*cell fone..water..my teddy
Best time of your life so far: ..*dunnO

<33 * KaY *

i lOve michael sO much <3

* PrOmIsE mE iTs FoReVeR*

` LeT mE c YoU 1-2 StEp>> I lOvE iT wEn YoU 1-2 StEp >> EvErYbOdY 1-2 sTeP ` [02 Oct 2004|10:03pm]
[ mood | thirsty ]
[ music | 1,2 StEp -CiArA- ]

last nite i went tO the mOvies with mOrgan!! michael went toO :0) we saw the fOrgOtten...it was bOring? i dunnO i fOrget! haha! well im kinda nOt in the thinking moOd rite nOw anyways! after the mOvies mOrgan came Over bcuz she was sleeping Over!! we Ordered papa jOhns..yummy.. hehe yeah then we went in my (tiffs) roOm n i called michael...sO i was On the fOne with him fOr a while...when mOrgan was playing with the gel stuff idk...sOmthing was coOl abOut it Or sOmthing n it went On her face! that was sO hilariOus!!!!!!!! haha i peed mi pants! HA! yeah but it was wicked funny..i guess u hadda be there.. blahh! well yeah i gOt in trOuble fOr being On the fOne with michael..even thO it wasnt ObviOus i was On the fOne but mi mOm was lyk "ur lyfe is gOnna change we will talk tOmOrrO" i was lyk ah!!!!!!!yeahh we watched the grinch :0) n then went tO sleep arOund 11:30ish.

tOday-- wOke up at 7:30ish? gOt readi fOr cheering practice..ugh! then mOmmi went tO dunkin befOre cheering :0) yumm! then went tO cheering...till 10..funn! then came hOme n tried tO gO bakk tO sleep but it didnt wOrk cuz i guess i didnt wanna gO tO sleep..haha idk! then at 2 me n linzy decided tO gO tO the mall arOund 3ish...sO i gOt readi 4 that...n then went tO the mall till 5:30..michael was there...but Only at lyk 5 :0( Oh well nOw i guess ill c him On friday! ...thats SO far away! i think im gOnna cry! i miss him! wahh! well yeah after the mall i hadda babysit luke till 9ish...nOw im just sitting here...n im gOnna run Outta tyme Online any secOnd nOw sO i gOtta gO!! Oh yeah...michael was acting sO super weird On the fOne 2nite...hmm? :0( Oh well mOms nOt madd at me fOr talking tO him last nite...i guess i was wOrrying fOr nO reasOn! i needa gO sleep mi eyes r lyke clOsing alreadi..ha! bye bye

<33 * KaY *

I'll be your [[ T.i.n.k.e.r.b.e.l.l ]]
You can be my -- P|e|t|e|r||p|a|n --
And we'll fly away forever
To Never Never Land

i hOpe michaels nOt madd at mee :0( ...i lOve him sO muchh!!
* PrOmIsE mE iTs FoReVeR*

yOu always knOw just the right things tO say tO make my dayy..* [01 Oct 2004|03:49pm]
[ mood | loved ]
[ music | LoNeLy-AkOn- ]

well tOday we hadda field trip tO wOrcester tO sOme park...we gOt pizza delivered toO! it was funn...but kinda bOring!! well thats better than gOing tO skoOl n dOing wOrk!! tOnite i think ima dO sOmthing with mOrgan..n hOpefully i get tO see michael!! yippee! Oh jeeze i miss him sO much! ughh im sO tired i think i shOuld gO take a nap Or sOmthing..blahh! hehe alrite ill update later maybe...bye byee!!

<33 * KaY *

i lOve michael sO much

* PrOmIsE mE iTs FoReVeR*

blah blah blah blah blah...** [30 Sep 2004|03:40pm]
[ mood | anxious ]
[ music | BeAnIe MaN-kInG oF tHe DaNcEfLoOr- ]

yesterday was bOring....it was a waste Of my life! we gOt Our cheering unifOrms finally n On mOnday we hav 2 wear them bcuz theres a game! hmmm yeah i didnt dO anything yesterday after skoOl...well i went tO staples tO get mOre nOteboOks :0) haha! yeahh i didnt talk tO michael alOt yesterday..mOm was hOme all nite sO i cOuldnt...n wen i culd he just didnt wanna talk tO me i guess? juust kidding.. yeah then at 11 i went tO sleepy bcuz i was sucha tired lil babey!

tOday--SOOOOOOO fukin stoOpid! anOther waste Of my life! well yeah that persOn came tO Our skOol tOday tO talk abOut all the fuked up things he did in his life...wOnderful!!! atleast we didnt really hav classes in the mOrning...Only 3rd periOd..which was spanish...we hadda test ( i think i got 100!! YAY!) n we played a game..n then me n lauren went tO bOth Our lOckers n walked arOund the skoOl...then after lunch we just 1st n 2nd periOd...then i hadda stay after fOr histOry...UGH! i HATE mr. histOry teacher! with passiOn!!!! Ohh jeeze i miss michael sO much!!!! i cannOt wait till tOmOrrOw...hOpefully i can dO sOmthing sO i can see him! yay! haha ..watch..i prOb wOnt be able tO dO anything!! blahh...well i think i want tO take a nappy Or sOmthing since theres nOthing else tO dO! i have cheering practice On saturday...8-10..ugh! sO early! Ohh well that means i can dO sOmthing fOr the rest Of the dayy...2mOrrO theres a field trip...a stoOpid One thO...theres nO pOint wutsOever! gr! this week is def. the wOrst ever! n next weeks gOnna b the wOrst tOo..alrite im gOnna stOp writing in herrre* byee byeee

<33 * KaY *

i lOve michael sO veryy muchh :0)
2 | * PrOmIsE mE iTs FoReVeR*

[[rain rain gO away cOme again sOme Other dayy]] [28 Sep 2004|05:45pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]
[ music | BeTtEr OfF-aShLeE sImPsOn- ]

well i wOke up kinda late sO i hadda get readi in a hurry!! blah wutever i didnt even care wut i loOked lyke tOday...my michael babey wOnt be in skoOl 4 a while sO whO cares wut i loOk lyke rite?!? hehe anways yeah sO i gOt tO skoOl n actually Opened mi grOss lOcker Of mine! yay? thenn i rushed tO 3rd periOd...spanish...where we went Over sOm stuff fOr the quiz thing thats tOmOrrO then went tO 1st periOd...english>>hOw exciting! ha! we hadda dO a dyrt quiz thing On the boOk we r suppOssed tO be reading...which i didnt read...sO i gOt a zerO! haaa!! Oh well i dOnt care...its just One quiz! then after that we went tO 4th periOd...which is biOlOgy ugh! even mOre fun!! [[ nOt ]] i dOnt remember wut we did in this class..blah! anyways after that was health...i didnt dO anything in there thO bcuz i was a goOd girl tOday n i was all dOne my wOrk :0) yay! haha after that was lunch...thank gOd! thenn Off tO math...wOnderful! we had a seminar thing in there sO we didnt dO anything just talked n stuff!! then went tO histOry...ugh bOre me!!!! wutever i didnt pay attentiOn in that class ((as usual)) sO yeah then..finally..the bell rang n i went tO spanish tO dO a makeup quiz...then went tO cheering till 4:45...but it went till lyke 5 tOday bcuz we had cOnditiOning! yuk! haha yeahh nOw im just sitting here...missing michael...n waiting fOr him tO cOme bak frOm his stoOpid away message! :0( mOm toOk mi fOne away sO i cant talk tO him On the fOne :0( okayy well ima gO nOw..bye byee

<33 * KaY *

<3 I lOvE mIcHaEl Oh So VeRy MuCh!! <3

* PrOmIsE mE iTs FoReVeR*

i just wanna be in yOur arms fOrever n ever... [27 Sep 2004|05:46pm]
[ mood | curious ]
[ music | -ashlee simpsOn cd- ]

saturdayy niite>> ha! i ended up dOing nOthing! i was just sittin On my ass dOing the exact same thing as im dOin nOw! well i did gO tO cvs....but derr that wasnt anything! haha! well yeah i went tO cvs bcuz i had nO mOre gel! uh Oh!! hehe michael was at cvs....shiiiiit mOm was madd at mee! ha! whO cares?!?! i dOnt...blah! alrite then after that ObviOusly i did nOthing...just went tO sleep :0)

sunday>> wOke up at 12...then went tO dunkin with mOmmi..wen i gOt hOme tiffany was hOme!! sO we all were gOnna gO tO sOlOmOn.....but then we ended up nOt gOing...Oh well i wanted tO talk tO michael anyways haha! yeahhh then me n tiff went tO visit mi grandmOther arOund 4ish..then went tO pik up linzy n brOught her tO my hOuse...we just chylled n i talked On the fOne with the wOnderful michael :0) then she left at 9 n arOund 11ish i went tO sleepy

tOday>> ugh!!! tOday was a waste Of my life! the day went by sO fukin slOw!!....prObably bcuz mike wasnt at skOol...gr! yeah sO anyways 2nd periOd was sO stOopid!!! we hadda draw this fuked up thing upside down..HA! hilariOus! wutever arts the easiest class Of the day anyway...then went tO 3rd periOd n we did wOrk n then wrOte Our answers On the bOard..fun! hehe then was 4th periOd...ugh bOre me! i dOnt even knO wut the fuk we did in there...i wasnt paying attention *Oh well i dOnt care* then was 5th periOd..which is health HA! i thOt he was gOnna yell at me bcuz i didnt hav any Of my wOrk dOne n he just laughed at me n tOld me it was Okay? hehe that was goOd thO i guess :0) then was lunch...finally! then went tO 6th periOd which is math...i dOnt remember wut we did in there...then was 7th periOd *the mOst HATED class Of the day!!!!* we wOrked On sOm stoOpid paper n shyt...wuteverrr then finally the bell rang n i went tO cheering....all we did was stunts sO i didnt really hav 2 dO anything :0) yay! hehe well yeah then mOm piked up mickey d's fOr me n katie n then brought katie hOme....n nOw im hOme just dOin nOthing waiting fOr the wonderful michael tO cOme bakk...mayb i shuld call him?!? yeahh gOod idea...well ima gO nOw bye byee!!

<33 * KaY *

i miss michael :0( ...wahh!!!!

* PrOmIsE mE iTs FoReVeR*

i knOw that yOur the One fOr me--its clear fOr everyOne tO see*Ooh baby Ooh yOu'll always be my boO* [25 Sep 2004|11:47am]
[ mood | awake ]
[ music | mY boO-uShEr N aLiCiA kEyS- ]

last nite was the worst; i gOt readi tO gO tO the game n then i piked up mOrgan...we gOt tO the game a little after 7...sO we walked arOund...michael was there! but i didnt really hang Out with him that much ((i wish i did)) anyways yeah sO me n mOrgan just kept walking arOund...brittany was walkin arOund with us toO!! well wen we all were walkin On the Other side...lyke nOt the leOminster side nicOle n mikayla came running Over tO us n tOld us that michael just gOt arrested! i was lyk OMG!!!! sO me n brittany started running tO gO find him...Or sOmbOdy sO i culd find Out wut happened! everyOne came up tO me n tOld me diff stOries...blah wutever! sO yeah i styll dOnt even knO wut really happened...Okay well yeah sO i started crying n every1 kept cOming up tO me n stuff n i was lyk blah! leave me alOne!! alrite then the game ended n me n mOrgan waited fOr her dad 2 cOme pick us up....then he came n he brOught me hOme...wen i came hOme i ran up tO my roOm...because i was crying...n i didnt want mi mOther tO see me!! then stoOpid me didnt lOck the doOr!! sO she came in n asked me wut was wrOng n i said nOthing n then she asked me if i was smOking Or drinking bcuz "mi eyes loOked funni" i was lyk alrite nO i wasnt i was crying...she was lyke why so i was lyk bcuz mi head hurt at the game n it was really bad?? HA! n Of cOurse she didnt believe me...whO wuld b stoOpid enuf tO believe that anyways?!? haha well then i tOld her wut happened...i dOnt really remember wut she said bcuz i started crying again!! haha well wen she was dOne talking tO me ((fOr lyke an hOur!!)) umm i came Online n michael was On!!....sO i was lyk Okay?? hOw r u On?? haha he said that his mOm went tO get him...but i guess nOw hes suspended Or sOmthing?? WONDERFUL! :0( well after talking tO him for a while i went tO sleepy :0)

tOday>> i wOke up at 7:30..why? because i hadda wOrk the fair 8-10...hOw funn! lOl well yeah sO i gOt up...gOt readi n then piked up nina. headed 2 the johnny appleseed fair n we saw Other cheerleaders there toO sO we all walked tO dunkin dOnuts :0) yumm! hehe after that we walked arOund n tried tO sell raffle tickets fOr the blanket...didnt happen!! haha Oh my gOodness graciOus..there were little cute duckies there! they were sO adOrable! i wanted One!! haha there were bunnies there toO :0) but Of cOurse i culdnt get One...mOm n dad wulda flipped! haha yeah sO i was suppOssed 2 cOme hOme at 10..but i decided tO stay till 11:30ish sO i did n me lauren n missy walked arOund tO sell raffle tickets...well thankfully we gOt One guy tO buy sOme!! he bOught 7...scOre!! hehe but then after that i hadda gO...n nOw im just sitting here being bOred!! hehe Oh yeah i gOt mi cell fOne bakk!!..lets see hOw lOng i can keep it this time! ha! i dunnO wut im dOing later...hmm its a mystery!! hehe ill update later maybee

<33 * KaY *

i lOve michael Oh sO very very very much!!

* PrOmIsE mE iTs FoReVeR*

[[bOred!!]] [24 Sep 2004|03:13pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]
[ music | BaLlA bAbY -cHiNgY- ]

tOday--wasnt sucha goOd day...culda been better!! 1st periOd we didnt really dO anything..we went dOwn tO the media lab n made Our usernames Or sOmthin lyk that 4 the schoOl..that was better than dOing english wOrk!! blah! 2nd periOd was art...sO that was easy even thO i suckk in that class...its all goOd!! haha anyways after that was 3rd periOd--which is spanish. that class is easy we cOlOred a map n did a crOsswOrd puzzle On the cOuntries n stuff..fun fun! hehe then i went tO 4th periOd..biOlOgy class *ugh bOre me* Oh well i just talked bcuz we werent really dOin anything anyways...then after that was lunchy! michael went tO mi lunch tOday<3 then i went tO 5th periOd...errr i hate health class!! n i esp. hated that sub that was their 2day!! asshOle!! he was lyk "ms. tata sit dOwn please" ..i was lyk ummmm nO? wutever we hadda dO sOme gay reading...did i dO it? fuk nO! then was 6th periOd *math*...anOther sub haha n in that class i was sucha goOd lil girly i actually did my wOrk...with the help Of sOm peOple giving me the answers...perfect :0) haha! the bell rang...finally after a lOng bOring day! n i saw michael babey :0) then i went upstairs tO talk tO wendy abOut wOrking the fair 2mOrrO..yepp i hav tO wOrk it 8-10 YUKK!!! haha then i went in the car n daddy gOt me an iced coffee! yummy! finally came hOme n nOw im Online...wutta stoOpid day!! lol later im gOing tO the game with mOrgan..that shuld be funn!! :0) ill update maybe later Or 2mOrrO

<33 * KaY *

well thats just wOnderful...

* PrOmIsE mE iTs FoReVeR*

me`nd yOu was meant tO be as One nOw* [23 Sep 2004|08:32pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]
[ music | My PlAcE -nElLy- ]

well mi Other blurty that i just made lyk 2 days agO gOt suspended sO i hadda make a new One ..again.. hOw funn! Oh well i was getting sickk Of that One anyways!

>>tOday was a goOd day i guess..was`nt toO badd but the goOd thing is i feel alOt better!! yay! i hadd tumbling tOday after skoOl haha that was funn!! even thO i didnt really dO anything...well i didnt wanna dO anything anways..but i prOmise im gOnna dO that thing next week...pinky prOmise! ha! im sucha lOser! ...juust kidding.. well tOday michael wasnt suspended anymOre! yippee!! anyways tOmOrrO im gOing tO the game with mOrgan!! im sO excited haha i lOve thOse games!! :0) mOmmi mite lemme wear a skirt 2mOrrO toO!! even thO she said "its toO shOrt" haaa!! well anyways im wicked bOredd!! derr i hav makeup wOrk tO dO..but dO yOu think stoOpid me remembered tO bring it hOme?? ....nOpe!!!! errr!! Oh well ill just say umm can i pretty please hav till mOnday?!? hehe well ima gO nOw bye byee!!

<33 * KaY *

i lOve yOu michael
* PrOmIsE mE iTs FoReVeR*

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