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guess what?! [09 Mar 2003|07:41pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | Simple Plan~ "Addicted" ]

i have been a very bad grl!.....

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oh my! [09 Mar 2003|12:21am]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | Fabolous~ "Damn" ]

omg i cant believe this.... muh life jus has to sux!... i feel soo bad for muh best friend!!! Ry is in the whole right now! i want to cri!... he jus found out that his grlfriend also one of muh bes frendz cheated on him wid one of his friendz an muh frend also. Ry is furious! he is goin to the kidz house 2morrow an prolly gonna put him in the hospital! honestly i dont blame ry for bein pissed off his grlfriend jus had sex wid one of his bes frendz! i would flipp too! i mean wouldnt u? im like ballin ryght now i hate to see Ry like this! he is muh bes frend muh big brother who jus got cheated on... he gave her everythin he is a RILLY sweet guy he knos how to treat a lady! i jus cant believe what she did to him! when i found out i didnt even kno what was goin on... then i saw him an the otha guy fightin in the chat room that we were in an it all turned to hell! i mean it was all confussin untill now. i called him up to find out what was goin on an he is soo fucked up right now he doesnt even kno what to say! i luv ry he means everythin to me... i jus cant believe what happened he doesnt deserve this! but guess what..... it was all a joke! l0l.... i luv ry his grlfriend manda an muh boi matt we r all gravy! lata dayz!<3 Linni

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ay! wats shakin?! [07 Mar 2003|11:19pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]
[ music | Killer Mike~ "All Day I Dream About Sex" ]

ay everyone! im new at this thang so this is muh first entri! muh lyfe would pretti much sux if it werent 4 muh guyz an grlz! i have no clu wha i would do widout them! I go to a stupid ass school that sux! an home life isnt all dat great either. im rilly neva home or alwayz on the internet or the fone when i am home. I dont rilly get along wid muh ma an muh frendz could bac me up on dat 1. im goin thro alot of problems ryght now that i might almost get killed. There is this guy lookin for me who is runnin from the police cuz he slashed muh frend Kyle in Phillie'z neck! THANK GOODNESS he aint dead! i hate the fucker who is god damn afta me! we used to be frendz but not no more we arnt! today was jus a normal ol day stupid an borin.. nothin new rilly happened. i almost got in a fight today tho wid a stupid ass bytch i can stand. Muh boi Ryan could bac me up on it too! he hates her. i aint rilly sure what is goin on ryght now in muh lyfe. Pretty much i lyke to get in trouble that would have to be muh favorite! i dunno y i do it but i want to have fun in muh lyfe an i hate bein in the house. (i get in alot of trouble wif muh BFF Ry~ luv u boi! we r bad 2gether alwayz tryin to start shyt wid ppl!) I absolutely luv to shopp an dance... shoppin is muh favorite hobbie to jus get away from everythin ppl say i should be a cali grl i would fit in great there an dance it is jus sumthin to get muh anger out. i have an anger management problem tha when im pissed off jus dont mess wid me ill crack u one if you bugg. everyday i here god damn go to fuckin anger management classes you need them... well news fa yoo ppl i take it as a compliment. but honestly i aint all that bad all the tyme if ya catch me on good dayz im pretty koo! i jus dont take pplz shyt an i shouldnt have too! believe me i have a great left hook. welpz i guess i betta bounce ill write 2 u lata keep up wid me i have a buzi life! luv ya<3 Linni

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