07:46pm 08/07/2004
mood: awake
music: *radio*
2:40 pm - *haha*
*started sommer skewl the other day and actually its not that bad! actually its kind of fun! me and courtney moore have become really good friends.....shes pretty kewl.... all we do at skewl is stare and laugh and do mimics of SOMEONE lol she knows who that is GO HOME haha srry had to put that in but oh yeah and we have soo many inside jokes too! fun times yeah nothing really other than that is goin on.....my lifes boring pretty much nothing to do but get up and go to skewl..... heres some inside jokes jus for fun! (btwn me and courtney) >..... p.s. the last one is at the end of my entry!

>tastes like arbys
>awe guys you made me ink
>are you still talking
i think thats it lol courtney if theres nemore tell me mkay?! kk well im gonna go now talk to yas lata pc! *muah*

totally wicked
-the amazingly awesum sara! haha