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Monday, March 8th, 2004

Subject:Before i hit the sack...
Time:12:04 am.
Mood: excited.
Music:Elton John~ In the heart of every girl.
so just a quickie *hehehehe*...

weekend was nice. i went home to do a godly load of laundry and drive my car back. mommy and daddy took me to a Filippino restaurant in Arlington on Sat... yummy! then went with the family to see Hildago. it was a good movie. i enjoyed it. but still need to see the Passion of The Christ!! after the movie we went to Border for some yummy-in-the-tummy hot chocolate!!

now back in school (Sun). went to church and had Dim Sum with the family. going home = GOOD FOOD!! so overall my weekend was fun. AND i got my math homework done. i usually never get any work done at home. go me :o)

*** so we finally have a decision on Spring Break. daddy doesn't think that it's appropriate at my age to be going to see Brandon all by myself. to place it frankly, they don't trust us not to have sex. *sigh* well, since he and mommy pay for my college and any trip that i go on i can't really agrue. plus it wouldn't accomplish anything. so i'm going to Myrtle Beach with Jadie!! Equally exciting and fun!! since Jade's parents have a timeshare we don't have to pay for the hotel... just gas cuz we're roadtripping, food, and pocket money. we're staying at beach resort: Fairfields Resort on Ocean Blvd!! and OMG!! the pics of the place are soooo awesome!! the room is AWESOME!! kitchen, 3 bedrooms, rooms 6-10 people!! PLUS not parentals... can you say PARTY?!

i can't wait to go tanning!! i'm sooo exicted right now i dunno how i'm gonna be able to concentrate on my studies. can't wait for Spring Break!!
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Thursday, March 4th, 2004

Subject:Is it spring break yet?
Time:6:40 pm.
Mood: crushed.
Music:Jessica Simpson- With You.
this semester has def been rolling by mucho slowly! classes aren't too bad, but they're not easy either. chem and calc are a big pain in my ass! *sigh* i can't wait for Spring Break!! gonna go home this weekend and hopefully talk to the parentals on my plans for Spring Break. Here are my two options:

1) Fly to Illinois and spend time with Brandon


2) Roadtrip down to Mytle Beach and hang at Jadie's timeshare

Now, i know Myrtle Beach beach sounds devine... sun, beach, TANNING!!, but it's with a bunch of peeps from CP. not that i don't mind making friends, but it would be odd being the only person from UMBC. hopefully Shannon & Mere will come too.

Seeing Brandon would be nice too, if my parents would give me the ok. i could use my perks to fly to Illinois and stay at the Navy Lodge. the only thing is that my parents probably worry about me & Brandon having sex since it's just the two of us. but quite frankly, i just wanna spend time with my man. i miss him so much and it's hard only being able to see him for 2-3 days during the intervals that we comes down to visit. i wish that my folks trusted me to take care of myself and make my own decisions. i mean, i AM 19!! well, maybe i can talk them into it. it would be so much fun to go to Chicago with Brandon and hit the clubs... i miss going clubbing with him... even though he dances like a white guy :oP

well, on more day of classes before the weekend. i'm going home to do laundry, get my nails done, and talk to my parents about Spring Break. tomorrow is suppose to be a nice day. it was really gloomy today... yuck. i wanted to go to the gym, but i ran a lot yesterday and my muscles are still stiff. i really wanna go see The Passion of the Christ, but my folks have already seen it and Brandon is not here (duh). well, maybe my parents will wanna go see Hildago with me this weekend. i wanna see that too. yummy Viggo Mortensen!!

speaking of Viggo... how happy am i that Lord of the Rings kicked ass at the Academy Awards!! woo-hoo!!

well, i think i'll watch some tv and get some reading done. Brandon's heading to the bar tonite because it's "$1 beer nite"... BASTARD!! i don't wanna marry an alcoholic!! ggrrrrr. i'm not gonna talk to him tonite he'll be drunk... :o(
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Thursday, February 26th, 2004

Subject:i'm awake!!
Time:9:37 am.
Mood: discontent.
the stupid fire alarm won't stop going off in our building, but it's not consistant so i'm taking that they're just fiddling around with it. boo! it's getting to be a pain.

anyways, so it's been about a week since i last wrote. update time, don'tcha think?

soooo, i went clubbing last thursday and this tuesday (mardi gras) with Ashley, Tony, and Reuben at Power Plant Live. It was sooo much fun!! Bar B-more is a little too crowded for my liking... i prefer Have a Nice Day Cafe. on tueday the cover was 3-in-one: Mardi Gras Bar Crawl which included Bar Baltimore, Have a Nice Day Cafe, and McFaddens. we got free drinks from McFaddens b/c Anand's (Ash's ex) frat was there and one of the brothers is a bartender. the shots were sooooo yummy!!

well, Brandon's coming home this weekend. he'll be flying in on Friday around 7 to BWI, so i gotta pick him up. he doesn't know whether he's leaving on Sat or Sun b/c his parents want him to drive back to Illinois (with his truck) in two days instead of one. his mom was even NOT gonna give him the new tags for his truck cuz she didn't want him driving back. now, i love Brandon's parents, but this serious ridiculous!! the guy paid for his $90 tags and you're not going to give them to him?!?! LET THE BOY GROW UP! seriously! they can't fucking baby him forever, especially when the guy is already living on his own, paying his own taxes, insurance, and bills!!

well, Brandon's gonna go what he has to do. it's been really hard the past week since Brandon left from his last visit. and when he told me that he might not be staying until Sunday i got really emotional over it. it's just not fair in my eyes. why should i have to suffer just because his parents are being worrywarts?! i mean, they're parents... they are biological built to let go of their offsprings when they're ready for adulthood. I'm the girlfriend!! this is the guy i wanna spend my life with and they aren't making an already hard relationship any easier. call me selfish b/c that is what i am dammit :o) i just miss him....

ok, i've gotta go cuz i'm already missing out on my bio lecture cuz i need to study for chem. gotta quiz today at 1pm and an exam tomorrow at 3pm!!!! so later~
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Friday, February 20th, 2004

Subject:One more class and then...
Time:1:43 pm.
Mood: rushed.
going home today to celebrate mon anniversaire avec ma famille! i have a tendency now to convert certain phrases into french nowadays when i'm think about french class. LOL! don't ask me why. je ne sais pas. I guess it's my way of practicing. anyways, i have to cut this short for now cuz i have to get to class in the 15 mins.

be back later~
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Wednesday, February 18th, 2004

Subject:Haven't done one of these is a while...
Time:12:45 am.
Mood: exhausted.
1. What's your first name? Toni
2. Middle name? Marie
3. Last name? Araneta
4. Nicknames? T, Babe, Lobster, Tone-Tone, Sexiebella17, TMA, pepsadaisy
5. Age? 19
6. Sex? Female
7. Birthday? Feb. 17... yeterday was my birthday!!
8. Your sign? aquarius!!
9. Where do you live? G'burg, MD
10. Do you have a boy/girlfriend? ABSOLUTELY! if you didn't know then you're not my friend :o)
11. If so what is his/her name? Foxy, Foxy, Brandon :oP
12. Have you ever been in love? i am right now. duh.
13. What's your favorite color? PINK PINK PINK!!
14. do you have any piercings, or want any? ears
15. if so what do you have/want pierced? Belly-button!!
16. do you have a tattoo or want one? nope. can't get them.
17. if so what kind and where? if i could i'd get one... probs a butterfly... don't really know.
18. where do you shop the most? American Eagle, Hechts, A&F, Forever 21, Victoria Secret... my list can go on forever!!
19. what color is your hair? natural black, but now a very dark brown
20. what color are your eyes? brown, but i wear grey and hazel contact lenses
21. how tall are you? 5'1"
22. how much do you weigh? 120lbs
23. do you smoke? NEVER! don't wanna die b/c of lung cancer!!
24. do you do drugs? nope... not stupid.
25. what kind of music do you like? everything... rap/hiphop/pop/classical/country/Broadway etc.
26. Who are your best friends? Absolute Five: Jade, Shannon, Mere, and Kathleen; My suitemates; and Brandon
27. who are your friends online? mostly peeps from high school and new friends i met at college
28. if your a girl what kind of makeup do you use? Maybelline, Sephora, Revon, Estee Lauder, Neutrogena, Cover Girl... neverendless supply!
29. kind of shampoo and conditioner do you use? right now: Granier Fructis
30. is your hair short or long? shoulder length right now... wanna grow it out longer
31. Do you like to shop? HELL YA!! shop-a-holic here!
32. What sports do you play? did cheerleading in high school..we were damn good too!!
33. What is your favorite animal? Small dogs
34. What are you most scared of? Losing those that I love and not achieving my goals.\
35. Who are/were your crushes? hot celebs like Orlando Bloom
36. what do you do for fun? PARTYIN!! and then some... *wink* *wink*
37. how many phones are in your house? 3 plus 4 cell phones
38. how many TV's are in your house? 5
39. whats your favorite food? anything Italian, salmon, and calamari
40. do you look like anyone famous? not to many famous asian peeps, so i really dunno.
41. Do you think your attractive? yeah, but not in a vain sense.
42. who is the prettiest girl/guy you know? My bf Brandon is DAMN SEXY!!
43. are you a virgin? nope... sucks to be you if you are :oP
44. Do you sleep on your stomach, side, or back? mostly side, but sometimes stomach
45. do you sleep with stuffed animals? i'm buried under stuffed animals
46. do you sleep with the lights on or off? OFF!! unless i'm napping during the day
47. What is your favorite TV show? THE OC!!
48. whats is your faveorite movie? soooo many... but The Lord of the Rings Trilogy is probs #1
49. what perfume/cologne do u wear? Ralph, BCBG Star, and Happy
50. do you have your own phone line? in the dorm i do, but who needs that when you have a cell?
51. What is you phone number? 202-452-7468
52. Have you ever kissed someone of the opposite sex? all the time. i love to kiss my man :o)
53. What brand of shoes do you wear? oh! don't get me started on shoes... i'd wear them all!!
54. What kind of clothes do you wear to bed if any? pjs... shorts/pj pants w/ a t-shirt or tank
55. WHat's your favorite kind of soda? Diet Coke
56. what things do you say a lot? "Woop-pa-dee, doo-da-day!!" "DEF" "that's AWEsome (kristen's got me started)"
57. are you serious, loud, happy, or shy type? Def HAPPY!! for most of the time
58. what kind of car do you have? driving the old Ford Taurus until daddy decides to get me a new car. it gets me from here to there for now.
59. who is the coolest person in the world? Jadie... she's my twinkie twin!!
60. do you think your weird or funny? neither
61. who is the ugliest person you know? i've seen some Fugly peeps but don't really know them. besides, beauty is in the eye of the beholder
62. Are you popular? dunno. first year of college makes being popular hard cuz there are so many peeps
63. whats your most embarrassing moment? Tripping on stairs is always bad
64. if you could have 3 wishes what would they be? To have money out the ying-yang, to be with Brandon forever, and to get into Med school
65. where do you wanna get married? the church that Brandon & I got to back in G'burg
66. who do you wanna marry? If you don't know by now then that's just sad
67. what are you favorite girl names? Emma, Katerina, Chloe, Bella, Angelica
68. what are your favorite boy names? Ethan, Bruce, Luke
69. if u could change 1 thing about yourself what would it be? 20/20 vision
70. have you ever tried to kill yourself? no way!!
71. Have you ever stolen anything? nope
72. do you enjoy filling all this stuff out? when i'm bored
73. what is your favorite fast food resutrant? Chipotle!! def!!
74. Who do you hate the most? Obnoxiously Annoying People and peole who think they're better than everyone!
75. what are the ugliest names? dunno
76. do you have any brothers and sisters? 1 youger bro
77. do you have a pool? nope
78. do you have a spa? nope
79. are you stupid? 3.8 during my first sem. in college... gotta mean something
80. what is the first thing you notice about the opposite sex? Face & Bod
81. what are you addicted to? sex :o)
82. do you like jewelry? LOVE IT!! Diamonds are a girl's best friend!
83. who do you wish you were? i like being myself
84. who has it easier boys or girls? BOYS!! don't get pregnant, don't have periods!!
85. whould you rather be short or tall? tall cuz i AM short
86. do you like to dance? yeah, but not with scary guys at the clubs
87. so you party a lot? been a busy semester so far, but i do like the parties
88. are you online a lot? not really... usually have an away message up
90. do you do chores? at home... walk the dog & laundry
91. whats the craziest thing you ever done? dunno... too tired to think about it
92. what is your favorite subject in school? BIOLOGY!! and anything that has to do with medicine
93. Who is the funniest person you know? Jade... she's hilarious!!
94. what time is it? 1:50 am
95. how many people are on your buddy list? Too many for me to count right now
96. r u sick of those pornos in your email box? don't get them, don't have AOL
97. what college do u wanna go 2? i DO go to college.... UMBC!!
98. u sleep alot? god i LOVE to sleep... don't get enough
99. r u a night or a morning person? def night
100. why do guys blame everything women do on pms? i dunno...
101. can u define love? They way I feel about Brandon... like there is no one else out there who you could see yourself with or want to be with and who loves you as much as that person.
102. do u get along with your parents? lately yes, cuz they miss me
103. r u rich poor or in the middle? me personally... poor college student
104. how many rooms does your house have? bedrooms: 3, total:9
105. what do u wanna be when your out of college? A doctor... i gots a long road ahead of me!
106. do u curse alot? not too much... mostly when i'm driving
107. is eastside or westside better? i like both
108. do u have an online crush? no. i have something better... a boyfriend
109. r u ticklish? def
110. what is your favorite flower? roses & daisies
111. What does your room look like? room & dorm: very girlie, very pink
112. how big is your bed? both are twins, but the one in the dorm in extra long
113. how many kids do u wanna have? 2... preferable a boy & girl
114. do u believe in god? DEF!!
115. what religion r u? Roman Catholic
116. do u believe there is person who is meant to be your one and only? DEf: Brandon... seriously
118. What color toothbrush do you use? purple
119. how many times a day do you brush your teeth? at least twice, if not more... morning, nite, and in between meals
120. who is your favorite cartoon character? Rugrats
121. do you have a job? nope. REALLY need one!!
123. what is your favorite fruit? Strawberries and bing cherries
124. what is your favorite veg? lettuce and pickles
125. what is your favorite candy? chocolate and Jelly Bellies
126. what was the best day of you life? Everyday that I'm with Brandon and getting into college
127. r u mammas little angel? LOL. everyone thinks i am
130. do you have aol. 4.0? nope. never
133. are u wearing nail polish now? yup... french tips
135. how many rings or necklaces do you own? LOTS but mostly wear the stuff that Brandon gave me
136. do you wear braces or retainer? never again!!
137. what is your favortie toothpaste? Crest kid
138. do you floss? trying to get back in the habit
139. are you tired? DEF
140. do you have any scars? one both my knees... both from falling off a bike
141. have you ever cried over someone of the opposite sex? yeah. when my ex-bf Andrew broke up with me and when Brandon went away to basic training for the Navy
142. what are you thinking right now? my back hurts and i really wanna go to bed
143. who makes you laugh alot? funny people
144. how many pillows do you sleep with? 3
145. what is your gpa? 3.8 (fall semester) i got a 4.36 in h.s.
146. have you ever gone skinny dipping? nope
147. Hershey's hug or kiss? kiss
148. top or bottom? bottom!! but either will do
149. favorite person to dance with? Brandon
150. are you glad this thing is done? HELL YA!! time for bed!! G-NITE
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Subject:Happy Birthday To ME!!
Time:12:26 am.
Mood: thankful.
Music:heading off to bed!!.
today (well, technically yesterday feb. 17) is my 19th Birthday!! i don't really feel any older, which i guess is a good thing. unfortunately, nothing special really comes with 19. i am only 2 years closer to being 21 though. my day was kinda odd because i'm so used to to waking up, having my family say "Happy Birthday" to me before i go to school, and get "Happy Birthday" left and right from friends. college is different, especially when the majority of the students don't even know who you are. i ment a lot to me, however, that the friends that I have met wished me a happy birthday. the majority of friends and family sent text messages, e-mails, and IMs... what a highly technological world we live in :o)

the best part of the day was that my suitemates decorated the room and gave me cake. Ash gave me an awesome present: makeup.... soooo cool. it was really touching and made my day. no big parties... just celebrating my day with new friends who i've come to love. i couldn't ask for better friends! i do, however, miss my Abs. Five... when have i NOT celebrated a birthday without Shannon?! *sigh* memories.

overall, it was simple, yet great day. i'm gonna have to get used to calling myself 19 now. Oh! and i just realized that i am the oldest of my suitemates!! WOW!! i've never been the oldest before, esp. with Shannon & Brandon around. At least I'm part of the "19 year old" club now. LOL! yay! can't wait until i go home and celebrate with my family. we're going out to dinner at The Red Sage in DC. should be nice. i have to write "Thank you"cards to everyone, esp. my family who sent me birthday wishes from the Philippines. i've never gotten so many text messages before in my life!!

~*~ on a different note: i miss Brandon already. i would have been nice if he was here today, but i spent the entire weekend with him, which was more than wonderful. at least he came down to visit, which in itself was the best birthday present he could have given me! ~I LOVE YOU BABY!!
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Sunday, February 8th, 2004

Subject:This semester seems to be going by slowly!
Time:4:35 pm.
Mood: hungry.
this is my third week of school and i'm already like, "when's break"?! i dunno how i'm gonna survive classes this week knowing in the back of my head that Brandon's gonna be visiting during the weekend!! soooo excited!! he's coming down to spend Valentine's Day with me and celebrate my birthday :o) *sigh* ya gotta love my man... he's wonderful!!

back in the dorn right now, waiting till 5:15 so i can drive my car down to Satelitte parking and catch the 5:38 shuttle back to campus. stupid Freshman restrictions. then it's off to dinner... soooo mucho hungry!! i have to quizzes tomorrow (Math and French) so i gotta study majorly tonite too. grrrrrr. all i wanna do is watch the Grammys.

FINALLY got my nails refilled today... thank you City Nails. everyone else (Glamour & A1) were all full and had no walk-ins until 2:00. the guy who did my nails (Jimmy) did a AWESOME job... i Luv my nails!! they're still french tips, but he placed like a pinkish glaze on top and only charged me $17!! very satisfied.

well, since i'm merely waiting for the time i guess i'll watch some tv.

** hoping that mommy & daddy let me live in an apartment next year!! EXCITED!!
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Tuesday, February 3rd, 2004

Subject:It's Raining, It's Pouring!
Time:12:07 pm.
Mood: gloomy.
Such an dismal day today! wet, rainy, cold... and how come MoCo kids got no school today?!?! that is not cool at all! oh well. i only had one class so i can't really complain much, and college IS 100 times better than high school. anyways, bio wasn't too bad today. still on evolution. i FINIALLY finished chapter on of the book i have to read for the class "The Blind Watchmaker" by Richard Dawkins. now on to chapter 2... no a bad book. better than having to read a boring textbook. hmmm... what did we discuss in class? basically an intro to Darwin and how he came upon his theory of Decent with Modification through Natural Selection.

i hunted down Prof. Servatius today to discuss my Socy grade. ran into her in the Public Policy building (yes it is GORGEOUS Kristen! and i envy you for having a class there). anyways, she gave me the e-mail at her other job with the DNR (don't remember what that means), but that's where her files are. HOPING to get this solved soon :oP

well, i guess i should start back on my homework & studying. *sigh* so much to do. i can't wait until next week when Brandon flies down for the weekend. the only prob is that he's flying into National in DC and BWI and at 12:03 AM!!!!! well, there goes plans for Friday nite together. but better than nothing i guess....
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Monday, February 2nd, 2004

Subject:My poor poor tum tum!!
Time:2:10 pm.
Mood: drained.
Damn people in the Commons don't know how to cook Chinese food!! you would have thought that i'd have learned from last semester, but no. well, def no more chinese from the Commons let me tell you!!

my french class got cancelled tonday due to "unforseen circumstances". oh well. now i have more time to study and catch up on homework. I have 3 quizzes this week: Chem, Calc, and French AND homework problems for calc. *sigh* so much work!! it hurts my head. it's only the 2nd week of classes and i'm already tired. why does chemistry have to be sooooo BORING!! my prof seems okay... kinda boring lectures, but i gotta give him props from trying cuz he really seems to be. math is ok cuz it's kinda like AP calc, so not much new stuff and my prof is really nice. french... dunno yet. prof is kinda intimidating and not as charismatic as my previous one. Bio 301, def my fav so far. very interesting class (Evolution... Ecology is the 2nd half) and the prof is good. funny guy. yay for the british accent!!

um, so update on me & brandon... he's coming down to visit on the 13th. Hooray!! soooo exciting!! only 11 more days :o) he'll be here for 2 days and a half and then driving his truck back up to Illinois on Monday. i'm so glad that he gets to visit though. i miss him soooo much, but at least i get a phone call everyday :o)

well, i'm to rest my head for a few mins cuz i've gotta slight headache and then back to doing endless homework!!
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Thursday, January 29th, 2004

Subject:Take a good look, cuz you won't see it again...
Time:11:45 am.
BRANDON HAS... or i should say "HAD".... HAIR!! it's gone now of courses cuz he cut if off :oP

For more pics---> check out the link to my Webshots site!
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Subject:"In the Navy...."
Time:11:41 am.
Mood: loved.
LOL! just kidding love :o)

Here's a recent pic of Brandon & I during in RTC grad in Great Lakes, IL

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Subject:Oh it's on Thursday...
Time:11:21 am.
Mood: hungry.
Music:it's lunchtime in front of the tv :o).
but tomorrow will be Friday so yay!! gonna finally go home and pick up my car to bring to campus. joygasm! still need to find out where Satlite parking is though. boo freshmen restriction. oh well. it beats not being able to have a car on-campus. better at satlife then at home. dunno when i'll be coming back to the dorm though... probs sometime on Sat. gotta bring home the laundry and some stuff.

just got back from 2nd day of Bio class. the prof is pretty cool, but not much interaction since the class is overpopulated. it'd be awesome if we had the capacity of my socy class last sem. oh well. love the british accent on the guy, but having some trouble putting everything thing that he's saying together and relating in to evolution. today was mostly discussing people like Linnaeus, Lamark, Cuvier, etc. kinda interesting. i wish that we had a general textbook for the class. i have one for the ecology part, but all Freeland (prof) gave us was a "complementary book" called The Blind Watchmaker. Good book, very interesting read, but a textbook would give the class a better sense of structure, i think.

supposed to have Discussion pd for Chem today, but since i haven't had a chem class yet i don't think that i have a Dis pd. if i do, oh well. i wish all my classes were on Blackboard. esp. Chem, b/c i have no contact info to my prof right now, no syllabus, etc. *sigh* well, i'll have Chem tomorrow.

only 2 more weeks till Brandon's "supposedly" coming home to visit. he COULD come home next weekend, but he decided to come on the 13th since that will be the weekend on Valentines Day and before my b-day (17th). i'm soooo excited!! and don't plan on sharing him with anyone!! LOL!! i'm gonna be selfish cuz it'll be Valentines Day and my Birthday... both clearly known "Girlfriend" days. hehehe.

i miss my babe sooooo much!! he'll call later today so i can talk to him there. i'm soooo proud of him and he looks damn good in a uniform... my seaman :o)
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Tuesday, January 27th, 2004

Subject:First day of spring semester
Time:1:29 pm.
Mood: blah.
unfortunately had class today... what happened to the sleet/freezing rain/wintery mix?!?! oh well. i only had one class at 10:00 so i'm not really complaining. my only class was BIOL 301 (yay me for having a 300-level class!!) Ecology & Evolution. We're starting with the evolution part which is taught by Prof. Freeland. he seems pretty cool. his lectures are all on powerpoint (which are also posted online), which is "eh" for me. it makes everything organized, but i don't think that it's the best way to teach. however, it is hard to focus on everyone when you have a class of 280+ students. the cool thing about Prof. Freeland is that he has a british accent. Love it! not too much homework for the class today, mostly reading.

tomorrow (if we have school... IF the "wintery mix" decides to occur) my day will be pretty busy during the day. Chem, Math, French, and then "C-hour" for French. La-dee-dah!! not to mention waking up for a 9:00 class. boo chem!! thankfully renny will be in my class. never did like MWF days.

*sigh* i have NO idea what i wanna go right now. no classes. maybe i'll do my reading for Bio (now there's a thought). don't really wanna venture outside cuz it's cold, wet, and downright YUCKY!!
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Monday, January 26th, 2004

Time:10:57 pm.
Mood: content.
i got to talk to Brandon again tonite. i'm sooooo happy that he has a cell phone again. he says that he'll call probs everyday... there goes my phone bill. he keeps on trying to persuade me on how great the Navy is cuz right now he has (1) housing that has a kitchen, bigger room spade, a bathroom with a tub, microwave and he doesn't have to pay for anything except cable (2) he doesn't have to pay to get his laundry down and (3) he's being paid right now to go to classes. well, Boo-Ya Brandon :oP hehehe. sike, i love that guy!!

i think i may have sprained my finger today. i was trying to hit my bro (just playing around) and i missed and hit jammed my finger against the car. now it's sore and kinda hurts when i move it. but since i can move it i know that i haven't broken it. actually, it annoys me more than hurts. hopefully it'll go away.

no news yet on whether i have classes tomorrow. UMBC probs won't post the announcement (if any) until tomorrow morning. oh well. i just have Bio tomorrow so either way it's not too bad. i wanna stop by the Commons tomorrow (if the school is open) and buy some supplies. i'm out of tape and i forgot to bring a lightbulb for the new lantern i bought.

i can't believe my birthday is only in 22 days!! i don't even know what i want. probs not having a major party, jut cuz i don't feel like planning for one. honestly, i just want Brandon come home and visit. parents will probably give me money for my birthday... maybe i can ask them to let me visit Brandon over Spring Break as a present? and they'll probs take me out to dinner... The Red Sage (mommy said). Anywhere is fine with me.

well, i'm off to bed now. so content since i got to talk to Brandon. wish me luck with my first day of class tomorrow... if school isn't closed. dunno what i'll do if it is...
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Subject:Back to school
Time:5:22 pm.
Mood: cheerful.
well, i've finally settled myself back in my dormroom. it's nice to be back. i'm kinda excited for classes to start up again (except for chem) cuz i wanna see if i like my profs. but then again, no one ever really wants to go to class. hopefully we'll have no school tomorrow cuz of the sleet and winter weather.

wow, this is an extremely short entry, but i've got some stuff to take care of.

*note: Kevin's going here!! and our lounge with the kitchen is FINALLY OPEN!!!
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Sunday, January 25th, 2004

Subject:The Course of True Love Never Did Run Smooth ~Shakespeare
Time:9:13 pm.
Mood: giddy.
Music:Jekyll & Hyde soundtrack.
Illinois was EXTREMELY COLD!!!! but i would stay there forever if it ment that i could be with Brandon. He's graduation was on Friday (it snowed all day) and was a nice ceremony. My man looks damn good in a uniform and i'm soooo proud of what he's accomplished... what he will accomplish. The marching during the ceremony was very amusing, but that drum beat was infectious. It was soooo wonderful to see Brandon again, even if was only for a short time. i know that i have bitched and cried over my loneliness and misery being away from him, but i would rather spend a couple of months miserable without him than spend the rest of my life not being together.

after the grad ceremony we had lunch at the NEX on the RTC base (Naval Exchange/Recruit Training Command), but then Brandon had to report to his next assignment at the Naval Services Training Command (NSTC). He got liberty (a break for a couple of hours) during the afternoon so we went to dinner at The Oliver Garden. Yummy!!

i was hoping that Brandon was going to get a whole day of liberty the next day (Sat), but he didn't. he was assiged duty and had to stay on base. Boo! so i went to Chicago with his mom. we took the train which was cool cuz it was a double decker. Chicago was insanely cold and defintely "The Windy City". We went to The Navy Pier which has a small amusement park, some shops, restaurants, entertainment, etc. and had lunch there. Then when it got dark (around 4-5) we went to the top of the Sears Tower. The view was amazing. The city lights seem to go on forever. We only got as far as the 99th floor b/c the roof (100th floor) was being fixed up.

today (my last day in Illinois) was bittersweet. i got to go to the Catholic Mass with Brandon and he went to the airport with me, but "good-byes" are never easy. it was sooo hard to walk away from Brandon and become separated again. the weekend almost seemed like a tease, but i would do it again in a heartbeat. hopefully Brandon will get "leave" to go home over the weekend sometime in the near future. i really hope that he'll be able to make it up around my birthday. that would be the bestest present in the world!!

well, Brandon got a new cell phone *yay* and now i'm talking to him so gotta stop writing!!
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Thursday, January 22nd, 2004

Time:12:44 am.
Mood: giddy.
i can't believe that i'm leaving for Illinois tomorrow!! it's gonna be sooo COLD, but hopefully i'll survive. the flight leaves around 3:00 *i think*, but i'll be leaving the house around 11:30. i know it sounds early, but i'll probs get some lunch, not to mention 495 is always packed.

speaking about "packed", i am all done with my packing. it was fun, but slightly stessful. brandon wanted me to bring his laptop and an pair of boots up so i have to lug those. not to mention my slight tendency to overpack. LOL! but i didn't forget the essentials: toothbrush, socks, etc. i usually forget the toothbrush and socks the most. i'll be staying at the Navy Lodge which is right off the base and will be in Illinois until Sunday. hopefully brandon will get ample liberty and we can tour around Chicago. that should be fun. i just wish that it wasn't so damn cold!

watched American Idol and The OC tonite. Fun Fun Fun. no one has impressed me yet in AI and the people is Houston were sooooo bad!! omg!! and not to be hating, b/c i am asian, but WHY do all the asian singers SUCK-ASS?? oh well. gotta love the audition shows though, HILARIOUS. The OC, good as always. they never have a bad episode, but i must say that i am sick of Marissa not sticking to her man. Ryan should be happy that they're breaking up. if she wants to hanging out with Oliver so much then she deserves what's coming to her. Summer liking Seth is soooo cute and ya gotta love Luke now. Yea MoCo!!

Achievements today: learned how to pump gas (yeah i'm sad and spoiled... usally i make my bro do it) and went shopping @ Foreve 21... got 2 frabjous shirts and a necklace :o)
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Monday, January 19th, 2004

Subject:4 more days until i fly up to Illinois!!
Time:12:39 am.
Mood: awake.
Music:tv... have no idea what my bro is watching.
today was an avergae Sunday. went to church with the family... it was a teen mass for the youth group. surprisingly it wasn't very cold today. well, cold, but not as bad as it has been. it was just icy and gloomy cuz of the rain. yucky day.

went to see Master & Commander: The Far Side of the World with mommy & daddy. it was a good movie. not too long. it was just difficult to understand some the world during action scenes. the color scheme was kinda dark at some points... that blue & black color. but overall it was a good movie.

that was pretty much my day. Sundays aren't ever eventful. hopefully tomorrow will be more exciting...
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Friday, January 16th, 2004

Subject:Cold weather totally blows!!
Time:12:18 am.
Mood: anxious.
Music:downloading The OC espisodes b/c i can't wait till next week.
Ever since the weather has gone icebox, my hair has been sooo staticy!! i can't stand it!! and nothing is helping... conditioner, moose, leave in conditioner, hair spray, water, etc. grrrrrr. it's sooo totally annoying and driving me baslistic.

oh a happier note: i went shopping today with mommy. Kohls was having a sale so of course one has to take advantange. bought 4 shirts for about $30 total. the sale lasts until the monday, so i def wanna go back, maybe buy some sweaters, jeans, and bras. God I LOVE shopping!! one's wardrobe can never be too big :o)

my wireless is FINALLY working again on my laptop. i think that the adaptor port is messed up so daddy will have to get that fixed, but for now he's bought me a new wireless adaptor that goes into the ISP (???) port. i dunno much computer stuff, but the important thing is that it works... success!!

i can't wait to next weelk b/c then i get to start packing for my trip to Illinois and to head back to campus. I LOVE packing. i'm soooo excited to see Brandon. he called yesterday which was unexpected and nice. sometimes when i think that being away from each other has gotten the best of me and that I can't take it anymore...i remember how lucky i am to have such a wonderful guy in Brandon. he may not always be around lately, but when he is it makes up for all the days that we're not together. our relationship is sooo perfect when we're together that i know he's worth waiting forever for :o)

but back to getting ready next week: i'm gonna get my nails done, which i haven't done since the summer!! i have gotten so used to not having my nails done during the fall & winter b/c of cheerleading back in high school. i am sooooo excited!! french manicures!! i drool over the thought. LOL! ewwww. drooling is gross!!

well, i think that's enough from me for tonite. gonna go back to sipping on my chi latte... oh so yummy!!
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Tuesday, January 13th, 2004

Subject:when will this week be over?
Time:11:10 pm.
Mood: indifferent.
i wish it was the 23rd already cuz that's when i can get to see Brandon, or better that it was 22nd because that's when i fly down to Illinois. usually i don't like flying because the food sucks, but when it's only for a couple of hours i don't mind it. i think that i don't like flying because after flying to the philippines and back, 16+ hrs each way, it's easy to become sick of it. i can't wait to see Brandon though :o)

this week has gone by sooooo slowly! and it's only Tuesday. i don't really have much planned until Sat. when me & jadie are going to CP to watch the WM cheerleaders compete in a competition. until then i have no idea what i'm doing. i wish the weather would get warmer. i hate this coldness cuz it's making my skin dry. i can't wait till i go to med school. i'm pretty much decided that i want to go to med school in California... either San Diego or San Francisco. Cali-for-ni-a here i come!!

LOL! watching Family Guy on Cartoon Network. *sigh* i miss Kristen's DVDs of all 3 seasons :o)
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