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lastnight and today [26 Jun 2012|10:36am]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | foolish games-jewel ]

so lastnight [monday] after i updated i chilled online for a bit, had some coffee, and chilled online, talked to jenni for a bit and then i watched the choke, i randomly got that at a thriftstore oh man that was just horrile, and then had more coffee and chilled online for a bit, and then i watched the big white, that was amazing dark comedy, i really liked it, and woody harrelson was a complete lunatic in it was great, love it, then i had some more coffee, then i watched choke, which was based on a book i read a long time ago, it was okay the book was deff better but thats always the case, and then i had some tea cause i was feelin so bad again,i was gona hangout wit some ppl out in deerpark that i havent seen in awhile but i still feel horrible so i decided not to, i decided to recover and not relapse again. so then i went and took a shower and then ate dinner, then chilled online for a bit then took some nyquill and passedout cause i was tired and sick, talked to derek before i went to bed through, and then today [tuesday]i slept slept and slept more, kept waking up on and off, i was in outa of sleep, then finally i woke up 10 mins to 10, it was nice to be able sleep for once..i feel lil bit better not 100 percent, i may take dayquill all day just in the case im not sure yet, cause i dont feel too horrible but ill see in a bit, and sean is suppose stop by today before he goes upstate but no idea if hes gona or not, cuase plans never seem to ever go through, but its still early, other then that i have no other plans but ill probably just rest and take it easy i go back to work tomorrow so i gota b able to function, hopefully ill b 100 percent better by tomorrow, but other then that nothing is goin on so im out for now later


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