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lastnight and today [25 Jun 2012|10:20am]
[ mood | sick ]
[ music | you oughta know-alanis morissettee ]

im back! from nj, i ended up stayig two days extra, called outa work, not really cause of pleasure, i was so sick, i couldnt move really, im still sick, its horrible, it was a really bad sore throat, to no voice, to some voice to no voice and its on and off, and now i have this nasty cough, it REALLY sucks. im mirsable, but other then that nj was good, it was nice to see derek for 5 days then 3 days depsite how i felt lol, i had fun. i came home yesterday around 830ish cause derek had work in the morning for next two days so he needs his rest. i may see him again in july before mike loses his place if not then deff august for his bday. i guess we'l see anywho thats the basis of what went on past couple days

so lastnight [sunday]i took the train back, i got back around 830ish, came home ate some food, unpacked and just chilled online, txt derek a lot, and then i eventually went and took a shower, and then chilled online for a bit, and then played bioshock for rest of the night, pretty interesting game, kinda hard but i enjoy it, i got pretty far so far too. and then i passedout around 2ish, then today [monday] i slept slept and slept more, kept waking up on and off, couldnt sleep at all, and then i got up around 930ish, and its raining horrible thrunderstorms and all, and i feel like i got worse =[ i have a really bad cough now it seems ugh, i just want to get better alreadi >_< well im off today so im gona relax, and try to get better, i know later my mom is bringing me medicine when she gets home from work, but who knows when that be lol, and sean might come over for a bit seeing hes in longisland, but not sure he said he'l let me kno, but other then that i have no plans, im probably just gona relax cause im so sic blah, but otoher then that nothin is goin on so im out for now later


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