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lastnight and today [15 Jun 2012|10:37am]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | burn-the cure ]

so lastnight [thrusday] after i updated i chilled online for a bit, had some coffee, then was bored online for a bot eventually got readi then around 10ish i left to go take a bus to the mall, bus took an hr, just read on the bus, and got to the mall, and picked up lollipop chansaw =D and then i went into hottopic, and they had this cute hello kitty bag i been wanting forever on clearence and i had 15 percent off also, so i got it for 18 bucks =D when it was orginally 40, i LOVE IT, and then i took the bus home, got home around 130ish, had some coffee, got a call frm jc penneys one of my glasses is ready, but i decided to wait for the other call is ready and pick them up at the same time so i dont make two trips aqnd then i went and play lollipop for hours!!! fuckin sic game, im in love with it, this game is perfect for me <3 then after awhile i took a break and just chilled online for a bit, watched hack job, that was a very low budget movie, rideclously amusing, i nko most of the people in it too haha, and then i had dinner, chilled online for a bit, then played more lollipop til almost 2am, talked to derek before sleep and then passedout, then today [friday] i slept slept and slept more, kept waking up on and off, kept having wierd dreams the usual, so i got up around 930ish, always up early on my days off, so annoying, and i know when its tomorrow and i need to get up for work i wont lol, so i got up went online and now im drinkin coffee, not sure whats goin on today, i know sean is here from upstate and he wanted to chill, so i may go to patchogue and hangout w/ him and joe, not sure yet through, we r trying to figure out how ima get there and such and if its actually happens, but its still early so ill see how the day goes, but other then that nothin is goin on so im out for now later


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