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lastnight and today [21 Apr 2012|11:20am]
[ mood | tired ]

so lastnight [friday] after i updated i chilled online for a bit, had some coffee, then started watching the clinic, but stopped after half an hr cause jenni told me she was gona be on her way, so i went and got dress ,and then she came, before i left i got a letter from pete..idk why but i did..it was somewhat cheerful letter, idk if im gona write to him or not i guess ill see, just random, then we went to the mall, i had to order my bag online because they didnt have it at the store, and then i preorder lolllipopchainsaw, i was gona get some clothes @ sears cause they got REALLY cheap things but we had accident w/ brooke that she hurt herself when she was running around the store we had to leave the mall, and go back to her house, and brought her to the hospital and i waited at her house til dave came home, then he brought me home, i got my jacket real fast, and then jusdt made the train to bayshore, got to bayshore around 8ish..met up w/ jen sabo, and then we went to the bar, the bar was okay, older crowd throughl..i had two rums and diet coke, and the band was alright..cover band really do not really my thing..around 11 somethin we left so i can take the train home and of course my phone died, but i overall had a good night it was nice to chill w/ a coworker, and then i came home, drank lots of water ate some food, talked to derek on vidchat for a bit then passedout around 2ish, then today [sasturday]i slept slept and slept more, kept waking up on and off, then finally i got up around 1030ish when my brother woke me up to tell me we leaving in an hr, so i got up ,went online, txt derek and now im bored about to have some coffee, got work soon 12 to 630, pretty long day, gota leave in 15 mins, then after work im coming home and getting ready and then off to nj til wednesday to see derek one last time before both our jobs start, but other then that nothin is goin on so im off to finish getting readi so im out for now later


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