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lastnight and today [03 Apr 2012|11:39am]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | creeo-radiohead ]

so lastnight [monday] after i updated i chilled online, had some coffee was bored for a bit and then eventually i went and took a shower, got readi for work..it was too cold to walk to work after the train so i decided to take the late train so i had some time to kill so i watched jimmt and judy, that movie didnt impressed me at all, pretty stupid, like a rip off natural born killers and a REAL BAD one..and then i talked to derek on vidchat for a bit, then i left for work..just made the train...then read on the train..took a taxi to the bookstore chilled there for a bit then went into work, worked worked worked...it was slow at first then i got busy for the rest of the night..i got out on time..my mom was on time, then i came home..talked to derek for rest of the night..which was only suppose be an hour which ended up being like 3 cause we were playing twisted metal online all night lol then finallyt around almost 5am i passedout, then today [tuesday]i slept slept and slept more, i kept waking up on and off...you kno the usual, and then i got up quarter to 11, had a random txt from RAYY!!! i havent talked to that tard in forever..so random, apparently he found my number. which is awesome..i miss that crazi fucker..and then i got up, went online, txt derek and now im bored online drinkin coffee, nor sure what im doin today but im off today and tomorrow and the next day =D got no plans through, but its still early so ill see how the day goes so im out for now later


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