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lastnight and today [10 Mar 2012|07:24am]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | my way-limp bizkit ]

so lastnight [friday] after i updated i chilled online for a bit, had some coffee ,found out my mom took take me to work, so that made me happy, so i just relax online, talked to jenni for a bit, watched beyond reanimator, that movie was beyond great i deff like that one the best outa the three =] and then i talked to derek on vidchat til it was time to go to work, and then i left around 2ish, got to work early, smoked a cig and then went into work, worked worked and worked, it was REALLY busy as usual, work went by fast as usual for the most part, i didnt really feel good through...every break i talked to derek which made me happy...and then i got out on tome, my mom was on time, we stopped at mcds, and then i came home ate food, went on vidchat for a lil bit w/ derek, and then passedout around 12ish, then today [saturday] i slept slept and slept more, kept waking up on and off, then finally i got up 5 mins to 7, got up, went online, got dressed for work, and now im bored drinkin coffee, got work later 8 am to 230, ugh so tired, i gota leave for work in about 10 mins through, cause i woke up later than i wanted to no big deal so other then that nothin is goin on so im off to finish getting and such so im out for now later


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