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lastnight and today [11 Jan 2012|12:12pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | dragula-rob zombie ]

so lastnight [tuesday] after i updated i chilled online for a bit was bored, nothing exciting was goin on, was bored mainly, and then i went and finish watching nightwatch, that is such a sic movie, loved the ending, then i had more coffee, and relax for a bit, talked to derek a lot, nothing new there XD and then i ate some foods, watch race w/ the devil, that was quite interesting one, pretty creepyish, nothing i really expected through, then i went downstairs and ate dinner grill cheese and organic tomato bisque soup from pandea mmm good, and then i went back online, then me and derek end up talkin for rest of the night on webcam, til about 4am, never a dull momoment w/ us, writing silly things on fb, it was great haha, then finally i passedout about 4am, the today [wednesday]i slept slept and slept and slept more, i kept waking up every once in awhile, and then finally i got up around 11ish, cause my mom woke me up to tell me she was running late and gave me my money and then i talked to sami seeing she kept txting me i said fuck it and got up, went online, and now im bored drinkin coffee and talkin to jenni, not sure what im doin today but im off , i would like to do somethin but who knows if thats gona happen, but its still early so ill see how the day goes, but other then that nothin is goin on so im out for now later


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