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its been a week [09 Jan 2012|06:29pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | mad world-gary jules ]

so im back frm nj, it was amazing, i would type out everyday in detail but its far too much, but i did have an amazing time, that i shall never forget in my life, and now im dating derek, which im so happy about, hes truely the most amazing person i have ever been w/ as a friend and now as a boyfriend, and its never boring hes a nut like me, and i couldnt of asked for a better boyfriend honestly, i cant even remember when i was even this happy ever. so i think its gona work, me and him just make sense., i also ran into a very old friend goin into jersey that was eric havent seen him in about 7 yrs, i used to chill w/ him a lot during my clubs day he was the last person i ever thought i run into, but it was cool, i also got to catch up w/ him yesteday before i came home today so that was cool, but yeah thats been my week, fuckin crazy fun insinty, got some new horror dvds, and got some to borrow frm derek and horror comics to borror and he gave me freddy playing cards awesomeness. god im happy this is such a wierd feeling honestly, but im liking it.

anywho today
i slept in today, but i stayed in the city @ erics apt, to catch up and such cause i left nj late yesterday and i didnt feel like taking a train all the way home, so i just chilled at erics and watch horror and then today i left his apt around 230ish to take a 321 train home, i had to take the subway by myself which i really never did before but i got there one piece, and just made the train luckly, the train ride wwent pretty fast, i finish my book juliet naked that book was alright, wierd, then i got home around 5ish, came home, took a shower, found out my mom reorgainize my whole room and fix it up w/o my conscent kinda pissed about that but whatever, then i txt the boyfriend for a bit and now im bored online drinkin coffee, not sure what im doin for rest of the night, i got no plans, probably wont do anything seeing i go back to work tomorrow and i got real early shift, so ill probably relax and watch horror XD the usuall haha, but other then that nothin is goin on so im out for now later


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