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Tuesday, October 28th, 2003

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    HeY bUdDy WeLl I jUsT gOt TiMe 2 wRiTe In Mi JoUrNaL cUz I wAs A lItTo BiZzY a FeW hOuRs AgO. hEhE!!!! IgHt 2dAi WaS pReTtY sTr8. 1St PeR. I dIdNt ReAlLy Do ShYt CuZ wE hAd SkOoL pIc. bUt I wAs KiNdA pIsSeD cUz I kNo 4 a FaCt I aInT gOnNa LyK hOw DeY cAmE oUt CuZ dA fUkIn ReTaRdEd MaN tAkIn Da PiC dOeSnT kNo How 2 aCtUaLlY dO hIs JoB cUz I dIdNt EvEn HaVe TiMe 2 sMiLe r EvEn GrInNeD wHiCh PiSsEd Mi OfF sO fUkIn MuCh CuZ i WaNtEd 2 lOoK nIcE n HaVe A gOoD sMiLe In It SiNcE eVeRy WuN luVs Mi SmIlE bUt NaW iM a LoOk MaDd SeRiUoS iN dA fUkIn PIc. WeLl DaTs BoUt AlL dAt HaPpEnEd In OuR 1St PeRiOd EnGlIsH cLaSs. DeN cAmE dAnCe It WaS sTr8 i GoT a GoOd WoRk OuT wElL kInDa N dA lIl ThIn We HaD 2 Do SuX'D lYk AlWaIz BuT wE gOt A bAd AsS dAnCe TeAcHeR dAt DoEsNt KnO hOw 2 tEaCh Da FuKiN cLaSs BuT o-wElL iTs A pReEtY eAsY cLaSs 2 pAsS bUt ShE hAtEs EvErY wUn ExSpEcIaLlY mI n JeSsI sHe HaS iT oUt 4 uS iM tElLiN u. mI n JeSsI wErE mAkIn FuN oF dIs FaT gUrL wErE sO mEaN bUt wE gOt OuR rEaSoNs Y. sHhH. oKiE dA rEsT oF dA dAi WaS bOrIn NuTtIn ReAlLy HaPpEn JuSt Mi N gIgI tAlKiN lYk AlWaIz. WeLl WeN i GoT hOmE mI mAn CaLlEd Mi N hIs WaS wIt HiS bOi NiCk HeS sOoO sWeEt WeLl DeY cAmE bY mI cAsA tHaNx GoD cUz I mIsSeD mI bAbEs LoL :) wEn DeY cAmE bY mI g-mA mAdE hEr SeLf LoOk StUpId It WaS fUnNy ThO. pOoR g-mA :) wElL wE jUsT cHiLlEd @ Da CaSa WaTcH B.E.T n TaLkEd N sUm OtHa ShYt, wE wErE jUsT sTr8 uP cHiLlIn. DeN aFtA lYk An HoUr Or So NiCk HaD 2 Go So MiLtOn hAd 2 gO 2 :( WhIcH mAdE mI sAD i dIdNt WaNt HiM 2 LeAvE... i WiSh He CuD hAvE sTaYeD dA nItE bUt I kNeW dAt wAsNt GoNnA hApPeN. o-wElL dEn We wAlKeD oUt SiDe N kIsSeD bUt W.E lAtA weNt 2 dA pOol ArEa N dId Da SaMe AlL oVa AgAiN bUt I gOt ReAl WoRrIeD cUz I sWeAr I hAvE sPyS n DeY 'Ll TeLl On Mi N dAt WuDnT mAkE mI g-Ma So HaPpY. bUt W.E dEn I wEnT bAk 2 dA cAr N tAlKeD 2 DeM 4 A lIttO n DeN dEy LeFt sO i SaId ByE n KiSsEd Mi BaBi ByE. :( AhHh n-e WaIz AfTa DeY lEfT i AtE mI fOoD n TaLkEd On Da FoNe WiT mI aMiGoS y AmIgOs. :) HeHe!!!! nUtTiN rEaLlY hAs HaPpEnEd BuT iM a Be OuT wUn BeSiToZ *1.4.3 1.2.3 I.L.U.M* LUV ALWAIZ N 4 EVA MI DESTINY :)

    Current Mood: happy

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