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Sunday, October 30th, 2011

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    Wasabi X360 y X360S Utilized for Loader Games from Xbox Slim HDD

    Nos acaban de informar through mail del proximo lanzamiento de UNIVERSAL SERIES BUS HDD games loader, united nations dispositivo que permite emular el lector de, de tal manera que podremos cargar juegos desde un disco duro externo.

    Basicamente ofrece las mismas funcionalidades del ya conocido X360 Crucial, asi que la competencia esta servida b ahora solo falta saber de las calidades de ambos b precios de este nuevo prizerebel.

    El Group of Wasabi, conocido por sus modchips para Nintendo wii, han anunciado, with perifericos que permitiran los angeles carga de copias de seguridad en Xbox 360 desde un disco duro ESATA, tanto de juegos de esta como de Xbox 1. El primero para el modelo normal y el segundo para el Thin

    The ultimate ODDE (Optical Disc Drive Emulator), enables you to emulate your 360's optical disc drive and run Xbox or Xbox 1 ISO's from HDD. No more trying to find game discs, simply execute your favourite ISO's through any ESATA HDD. Simple, fast, safe and handy.

    Solderless installation Selection of your favourite ISO's via our intuitive graphical user interface Support for AP25 enabled ISO's ESATA interface is used in place of USB providing superior performance, since data is transferred directly between your ESATA HDD and Xbox 360 resulting in impressively higher bandwidth, many times faster than reading from a real DVD disc Elegant and streamlined console influenced case design Versions available for both fat and thin consoles NTFS file program natively supported Powerful inlayed CPU running performance tuned Realtime Operating System Regular firmware revisions available free for down load Fully updatable hardware (MCU and also FPGA's) from ESATA HARD DRIVE including a failsafe recovery mode No need to modify your original ODD Hardware selectable go through mode - providing entry to the original ODD Features coming soon: prize rebel.

    Xbox Live compatibility Dumping of X360 ISO's through original discs Segun nos comentan durante E-mail, producto podria seguir disponible a lo largo de exista mes.

    No nos queda claro si cuando hablan de cargar desde disco duro se refieren al propio de los angeles consola o desde uno externo to incluso desde ambos. swag bucks Operating system mantendremos informados.

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    Resolving Your Xbox 360 Wont Read Games Issue

    There isn't a single Xbox 360 that doesn't enjoy playing about this gaming system. The games are awesome and also have unbelievable graphics. Frustrating issues also have this wonderful system. When you own an Xbox and play it a great deal, there is no way you are able to completely avoid the reddish light problems. Not reading games is an irritating problem to have together with your Xbox 360 games. This particular happens to everyone, but why does it Read more... There isn't any single Xbox 360 that doesn't enjoy playing with this gaming system. The games are awesome and also have unbelievable graphics. Frustrating issues also have this wonderful system. When you own an Xbox and play it a lot, there is no way you can completely avoid the red light problems. Not reading games is definitely an irritating problem to have with your Xbox 360 games. This happens to everyone, but why does it

    More often than not, overheating is the cause of your problems prize rebel. When the Xbox 360 overheats it is probably caused by the snug quarters within the console that will not allow the heat to escape. Overheating can really effect the body. When the GPU or even the CPU get as well hot, they shut lower. with an Xbox 360 certainly not reading discs, the DVD drive has to be having a heating problem.

    If you want to quickly repair it, just shut it off and let it cool its jets. This is simply not a long-term fix and might have to be repeated. This can be quite a pain and limits your playing time, but it will eventually get you playing again in about one hour. In reality, you usually are not fixing your system. You are putting a virtual Band-Aid onto it.

    If you are lucky and have a valid warranty, it would be smart to let the Microsoft repair center have the body and fix it. Getting the problem fixed is not really a quick job. Want in order to save money and time by doing it yourself It is possible when you have the right repair manual. Guides online will sometimes come with video tutorials. Having the guide isn't all you need. Some level of electronic repair capability is required. An electronic technician is excellent to know at the moment because they might be able to help you.
    Are you someone to feel uncomfortable about coming in contact with electronics Maybe you no longer have a warranty. You can still fix it! Obtain the problem resolved by letting Microsoft get it done which costs you around $140 and will take up to 8 weeks to be repaired. Yes, it is hard to live on without your gaming program, but if you cannot play it anyway, do you have a choice Just lease one while yours is actually off getting repaired.

    Two months and $140 to Microsoft might not be what you should do. For you there may be the Guide that was professionally put together. More is available about this repair guide by reading the review of James Dean's.

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