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Friday, October 28th, 2011

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    Fix Your Xbox 360 3 Red Rings Of Demise Yourself - Microsoft Isnt Shipping You The Coffin Any more
    So there I was in the center of a super intense on the internet death match when it happened. My Xbox 360 completely froze plan the three red bands of death. I could not believe it. I sat there dumbfounded for about a minute. I heard the stories about how unreliable the Xbox 360 could be, but I didn't think it was going to happen to me. gaming lagoon I couldn't even tell my buddy what had happened since it froze solid.

    So I called him on his cell phone and told him what simply happened. He told me it had happened to him also and that he had to wait over a month as he sent his console to Microsoft to be fixed. Apparently, the Xbox 360s have a huge issue with overheating. And now, the current word is the fact that Microsoft isn't even going to send you what they refer to as a "coffin", the shipping box, to send your unit back in for repair. Unbelievable points2shop. You need to go down a delivery box yourself. Thanks Microsoft!

    The biggest problem I found with my unit was where it had been being placed. I had place it inside an enclosed entertainment center and it also didn't have the proper ventilation it needed. When I opened up the door to where my Xbox 360 was located it was very hot. So, I recommend which you locate your Xbox 360 within an area that has adequate ventilation to prevent overheating. That was my biggest issue.

    If you get the three red bands of death, try turning your unit off and allow it to sit and cool down for at least an hour. Unplug any cables or devices that you may have plugged in. After it has cooled down for some time, try plugging everything last and turn it back on. This may keep you ready to go for a while longer.

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    What Is An Xbox 360 Modded Controller And What can It Do For A person
    If you have ever before used a Legacy controller the Xbox modded controller is the next step up swag bucks. A modded controller gives you the opportunity to save all your moves from any and all Xbox 360 games in a single controller. It gives you to be able to record and upload you favorite moves to some Windows PC to be able to fine tune and modify them for smoother or faster play. They also feature 6 additional buttons which can be programmed for any function you desire. In addition to all these features you might also need access to a macro library that enables you to download special moves for your gaming pleasure.

    Jitter setting, rapid fire and other glitches can be found in the macro library and downloaded for your Xbox 360 modded controller with ease. The biggest difference is that you could now program any from the additional buttons to perform these moves. You can personalize your controller towards the most comfortable configuration for your play style. You are no longer constrained by the locations in the normal buttons. The only foreseeable problem is that you may end up with the controller that works so well for you that no one else may be able to figure it out.

    The Xbox 360 modded controllers come along with free software upgrades for your life of the product. You will never be charged an extra fee for an upgrade in the future gaming lagoon. Each controller comes having a rechargeable battery pack and also the programming cable. You receive a 90 day warranty to guarantee that all the microchips are functioning properly, were properly installed and that there were no manufacturer defects within the controller itself. Included with your purchase of an Xbox modded controller is a support ticket account for direct, dedicated access to support staff.

    Whether you are a fan of first individual shooter games, sports games, or role playing games the Ps3 modded controller can transform your gaming experience. With all the features offered by this controller you can be playing like a pro in a very short time. You can amaze your friends and family with your ability to pull off impossible moves. Before long you may be the person they are all trying to beat, no matter what type of game you favor.

    swag bucks Viking360. com offers one of the best modded Xbox 360 controllers available on the market. You get free software updates for life with the purchase from the controllers they offer. The dedicated entry to support staff is an extra bonus.

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