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Appudeeto!! [22 Sep 2003|02:06am]
[ mood | calm ]
[ music | Inuyasha - Feelings That Transcend Time II ]

*nibbles on a Pocky stick and reclines in her chair* I know I said I was going to go back and finish my last entry, but I was too lazy. That and I managed to forget what I was going to add to it. *shrugs*

I'm back in my dorm so I'm just chilling. Sunday was a pretty nasty day. Nothing but rain off and on. *sighs and looks out the window* It's drizzling now, in fact. Saturday wasn't so bad. Sake-chan, MG-chan and I all went up to Tilt to play DDR. It was great to finally get to play. I AAA Candy finally. It took me forever because my slow as brain wouldn't process the steps fast enough. At any rate, I'm glad about that. I saw a really cute asian guy, too. I wanted to go up and talk to him, but I remembered that vow I made a little while ago.

*Me sitting at my computer glaring at an AIM window at 4AM* This guy is getting on my fucking nerves! Men are nothing but trouble! KEH! Stupid fucker.
((End Flashback))

Yup, just something about guys keeping you up until 7AM when you have somewhere to be at 8AM (even after you've continually told them that you have a class to go to in the morning >.<). Man, they piss me off. *growls* Anyway, after we left the arcade, Sake-chan and I drove around for a bit. Went to another mall, walked around, looked for some anime and such... Just killed time, you know. I ended up going home around 11pm.

Sunday was spent at home. I did go out in the rain to shop at Walmart, but I went back home. I just didn't feel like getting out in that weather anymore. Around 5pm, my cousin showed up and we went back to the college. *stretches* When I got in, I put my stuff away and took a shower, then sat down and watched Kiki's Delivery Service while munching on some Salsa Doritos in Salsa and chugging a coke. Great dinner there. Afterwards, I put on my robe (yes, I've got in the habit of wearing my fire-rat coat as a robe >D) and walked over to my friend's room to watch Strongbad episodes. Great way to kill time.

As I was walking back (around 1:30, I'm guessing), there was a girl walking along the sidewalk in the rain. I was thinking: "This chick's a dumbass for walking out in the rain like that..." and so deciding to be nice once in my life, I ran up to her and offered to share my umbrella with her. She insisted that she was fine walking in the rain, but I wouldn't accept it. So I walked with her to her building only to find the door was locked. She was really upset then. e.e So I told her we could just walk around to the front of the building and she can get in through there. They usually lock the backdoors around 6pm anyway. So I walked with her to the front of the building and we talked as we went, ya know, to pass the time. She's a pretty cool girl. Not very smart when it comes to common sense, but nice. Anyway, we chatted for a bit and she asked about my robe a few times. She never saw Inuyasha so I had to fill her in on it. She was really interested in it, though. (I think I've brought another one into the light, guys. >D) So I told her about the greatness of Inuyasha and she said she'd check it out tomorrow night. When we got to the front of the building, I told her goodnight and took off for my building. It was starting to come down hard and my umbrella really wasn't doing much with the wind blowing like that. That and it was fucking late. o.O; And yeah, I got back to my room and dried off and flopped my tired ass down in front of the computer to type this entry. Funny thing about that story was, when I looked over my shoulder as I was running off, that girl was still standing there on the porch staring back at me. >.>;;;; She wasn't waving, either. She was just staring. Weirdo, ne? <.<;;; Anyway, thought I'd share that light-hearted story. Oh and the girl's name was Kaitlin or something like that.

*leans back in her chair and sighs* Yup, that's about it. I would have made a post in Gaia, but I really didn't feel like bothering to. I'll make one tomorrow...maybe I'll have Kitsune bump into Waruko finally... Oyasumi minna.

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Hehehehe >D [22 Sep 2003|05:14pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | Danny Elfman - Edward Scissorhands Theme ]

First off, let me start with this link:

Kitzaku-san makes -the- best icons that I've ever seen in Blurty and Livejournal alike. Mad skillz, yo. And yes, MG-chan, there are tons of Yuugi icons there. >D Go look! And yes, Sake-chan, there are tons of Rurouni Kenshin icons. >D Funny as hell ones, too. *laughs*

Oh, and this is for you, Sake-chan.

I was bored this morning and reading several Inuyasha Doujinshi. *-* Doujinshiiii~! And this is for you, too, Sake-chan. >D

Manly Kagome )

Well, off to Mythology class I go. Be back later this evening! *waves and hops off*

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