Bad Day...   
06:57pm 13/10/2004
mood: worried
music: Skeleton Liar
Well, I walked out of my late to get to school to find that my father, sister and brother in law all blocked me in this morning… This sucked so bad. SO I put all my stuff in the car and went right back inside the house got my dads car key and moved the truck. Than I went back inside the house to put back the keys to realize that it was even later and than I had to maneuver my way out from in-between both of my sister’s cars that were just had to be so close to mine. So I get in the car and go in reveres a little bit and than turn the wheel and for forwarded and little than back a little and finally I get out. So I turn on my lights and turn on to the street. I thought I was in the clear but I was strongly mistaken. As I am on my way to the stop sing I see reflectors but no person on a bike because I couldn’t see anything so I turn my bright no to than realize a man running from his yard throwing his arms in the air and may be yelling but I am not sure. When I looked at him I looked at the grass and saw a little dog that looked like a yorkie about to run in to the street and I slam on the brakes. But it was too late the little dog had run right in the middle of the tip if the car. The dog started crying loudly and I thought OMG! I ran over this dog! So I run off the car and the owner had picked up the dog and as soon as he picked him up the little dog stopped crying. So I was asking the guy “Is the dog ok?” over and over and than I thought ok maybe he doesn’t know English so I started to ask him in Spanish. Than he finally said “ was chasing the guy on the bike…” while petting her and looking her over. We both still really couldn’t see a thing so I wasn’t sure if the dog was really ok. Than the man just starts saying “Just go, go, go, go!” and runs inside his house. So I got in my car all freaked out and didn’t know what to do. So I started thing about it over and over such as that I didn’t feel a hit at all, there was no blood on the pavement or on the guy when he picked up the dog( he was wearing a with shirt so I would have seen something), than all I kept thinking was if the little dog was ok. SO I get to school and see that I am totally late and because I had to brake so fast all my books and things flew all over the car. I get my stuff and go to class and all I could keep thing about was this dog. I couldn’t concentrate at all and my teacher kind of realized it because when I would close my eyes all I could see was the guys reaction and everything replaying in my head. SO I go to my next class where I have my test and I know I failed it so bad… When got near the end all I could think was what the heck am I doing, I might as well just hand it in as is because I can’t answer anything on this and that’s just what I did. I walked out of class feeling like crap and feeling as if yesterday was one of the most wasted days that I have had because I was studying all day for what? Nothing… Just to get an “F”. So I call Melly and sped some time with her and one of her other friends. She asked me if I could draw her something out of her art book and well I had nothing to do until 11 so I was like what he heck why not. As I was drawing I felt so good. It’s the only thing that made me feel good at all. Than I started thinking man why am I going to go in to music if art makes me so happy and I just left my feelings at that. I went to my last class that like always helps me feel better and than after class went to have lunch with Melly and two of her friends. My plan for when I got home was to go next door and ask my neighbors if the dog was ok but before that I called my mom to tell her what had happened and ask her if that was a good idea because I had heard that our neighbors were a little on the crazy side. So I call her tell her what happened and what I want to do and she tells me that its better that we don’t because they aren’t really friendly people and that they drink a lot and that if the guy had told me to go the way he had and if the dog stopped crying when he picked it up, that I probably stop just in time and that the dog just got really scared and freaked out or just got a little bump from the tip of the car. But that maybe it was better not to go because the way the people are. So I haven’t gone over and man I just really hope that the dog is ok. I just thank god that the first thing I was telling myself as I was leaving was ok don’t go fast just because your late because it wont help any. So I wasn’t going fast but this still happened.
I still feel terrible about it and wish I could do something more but for now all I can do is pray that dog is ok and always make sure to have my brights on when its late or that dark even thou I always do it but I have to be way more attentive.
Well, I just needed to get that out of me so…
I am out.
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