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    Friday, September 26th, 2003
    3:13 pm
    w0w rNt u Co0l
    AhHhH 2day should just die.... first of all i hate mary-kate.... okay well i dont hate her shes mah friend and all... but well its just a really long story! AnD i AiNt GeTtInG iNto DeTaiL!! Brittany didnt go to skool she just left me haha! how mean can she get lol jp jp!!
    6TH PERIDO IS LIVING HELL!!!!!!! Sci is actually cool... my sci teacher say potty mouth words weeeee lol!!

    Alyse dont b touching mah string gurl!! lol
    I HAD NO SOCKS ON DURING GYM! haha im wacked!
    Melissa.. i didnt ask him if he wanted to go to the mall this saturday... But we can still go! BOY SHOPPING lol even if u have a guy in mind... we can find otherz!!

    What im lookin for in a guy!
    Okay well he has to be taller then me like 5'9 and play sports ((not soccer Gotta love basketball or at least like it a lil!!)) the skater type... even if they dont skate but dress like one aww its so cute lol!!! messy hair or spiked ... i hate hair thats so perfect on a guy! unless its short and u cant do anything to it hehe!! Preppu guys... i hate them there so blah and act all BLAH haha! Green eyes or dark brown/ brown hair or blond .... doesnt matter the hair color! Not so skinny like... bone showing skinny just enough meat BUT NOT TO MUCH!!! Has ta b nice yet a badboy and have that caring side!!... funny hott and yet cute!! Has to like me haha of course!! and if he hates me well he should just die!! :P

    I LOVE U ALL!!

    Current Mood: bitchy
    Thursday, September 25th, 2003
    3:05 pm
    YeAh So aNiE wAyZ
    OMFG! today was so0o borin! I didnt even ask em o wellz... probly melissaz going to get all mad at me! but datz okay. I Need her there!! I pull out a barbi!! LMAO melissa!! << Shez Dah BarBi!! haha! I went for a walk with brittany.. it was fun we talked about how stupid the * PEOPLE* we dont *LIKE* is!! haha i found out great info... but im not a loud ta tell :/ o wellz

    1. Sk0ol
    2. TeAcHErZ
    3. MaH FuCkEd Up ShYnEsS
    4. t0 MuCh HoMe WoRk!!
    5. MelIsSa NoT GoInG 2 ChuRcHilL
    6. DiDnt TaLk 2 *HiM*
    7. WaS aLl ConFuSed
    And well datz all i can dink of at dah moment!!!

    HOT GUYZ! ** And yes alyse there are hott guys lol**
    1. GLenn
    2. Kyle
    3. Kevin
    4. whats hiz face... !!LOL i dont no how to spell hiz name!!
    5. Jacob
    6. EVERY1 ELSE IS UGLY<-- HAHA!! im so nice

    @ skool i didnt do much but talk and well sit and learn witch was pretty boring... I cant wait till saturday i might go to the mall with melissa and glenn, well at least i hope so! but melissa better not b a bitch, den again we are both bad assed gurls lol BITCH!

    untouchables 5O: cause idk him
    untouchables 5O: and im not going gay
    Shy lil bitch i mean shit i got a lil itch

    At least we no kevins straight
    LOL hiz funny!! gotta love em!

    Okay well im out
    I Love You x0x0

    Current Mood: annoyed