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Wednesday, August 13th, 2003

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    Sweet Time Staying Home
    I stayed home today for an eye appointment. My eyes were fucked up this morning but so far, my new contacts have worked good. I got soft lenses this time instead of hard. Well anywayz, i'm so in love with will. thatz all i can think about is him and his eyes and ass and everything else. Hez so hot.... And hez funny and sweet and everything i like and i love his arms! But ummmm lol anywayz, ummmmmm...... i can't help but want to kiss his neck. I never have but i'd like too. just kissing though. LOL. But i wouldnt know his reation. I think i'm gonna try that tomorrow in the lunch line! Letz see his reaction then! Oooh, but he might push me off and be like,"WHAT R U DOING!?" Heh. Maybe i shouldn't try it. But then again, naaaah, he'd pushed me off definitly. Well atleast thatz what i'm thinking. Heh. anywayz, MRS. RUTENBAR SUCKS!!! But if u go to my school, u prolly already thought and knew that! Heh. Well, i'm bored. I wanna french him at school. Oh Yeah! THat'd be Great! But i g2g, see ya!

    Current Mood: naughty
    Current Music: "Head On Collision" By: New Found Glory

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