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.\<3 l.0.v.e had me blind [07 Feb 2003|08:52pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | 'Whats going on <3 ]

ya man. Im having such a blast. This weekend will be the best ever :}.
Its just going to be me Avery and Riley this whole f'ing weekend !
that means p-a-r-t-y ! *yes* My dad is going to the farm.
Ha kendall the f.a.r.m <- heh. anyhoo,
Thanks all you guys for those comments it was sweet, made me feel loved <3
But no one is on line=/. Thier like at the movies or something, who cares.
I wouldnt be invited any how. No effect on my weekend.
You know what. Im going to refuse to fly back home. thats it, i wanna stay here
everything i always wanted is, here. I feel loved and wonderful. Why should
i leave when i dread to go back. I hope i dont cause trouble.
Well i guess ill update later, when i have something to talk about ?
My sister got her car today ( really nice car ) and were going to go cruising now ?
lol till like 1 ' in the morn. ha
x's and os
mwa mwa mwa <3


More quzzes.xo [07 Feb 2003|09:18pm]
Hehhe im bored my sister isnt home yet, i hope shes not in trouble =/
drink n drive oki im scaring myself .. =/
cherry up ..

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I like that song.. lalalala

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HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!! ROFLT. IMBO !!!!!!!!! omgsh <33 this is soo funni !

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hell ya bitch :}

Sister to sleep
:]]]]]]]] <3333333
xnos 4 u

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