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[09 Nov 2002|03:33pm]
Grrrrrrrrrrrr... I am pissed off but it's somthing I can't write in here; sorry for all you inquisative ones.

Today... well... I woke up at 12:30 (eep) and dragged my ass into college (somthing that I am gonna have to do more often) only to be greeted by an empty afternoon...yay.

My friend Ben Yates has left because him and his Girlfriend;who also went to our college;broke up... he is an idiot.

Not much else really... I am at my aunties house and I am going to Jenny's tomorrow. YAY!

Night all.
.. expect reality

Was made in an enviroment where nuts are not present [28 Oct 2002|11:02am]
Today was a bit shite really. Went into town and met USA David, and some little 8yr old skallies kicked off in Burger King;little fuckers.
I didn't go to Jennys,but David is staying over;which is good.

Jenny has gone to get pisshed somewhere;so I will call her later.
Arg,I am tired.

I will do a proper update soon.
.. expect reality

Life [22 Oct 2002|04:30pm]
I'm Madison Driscol;I live in Manchester England. My musical influences include; minor threat, still life, salad days, bright eyes; my passions include; philosophy, photography, piercings, poetry, psychology, shakespeare and writing. add me if you'd like; just don't bitch at me if you don't like what my journal contains.
.. expect reality

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