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cruel intentions entry number three : ho-hum [15 Apr 2003|09:06am]
[ mood | -- devious, pleased ]

Kathryn you might want to take a gander!

Looks like Sebastian is getting somewhere. Gasp. Shock. Hum. I smell a fuck coming on. Oh Kathryn come out, come out wherever you are.

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cruel intentions entry number two : ican'tchangemymould [13 Apr 2003|11:21pm]
[ mood | -- aroused, thinking ]
[ music | the verve -- bittersweetsymphony ]

well, well. i'm beginning to wonder if this second journal idea is a good idea. the last thing i need is kathryn gawking at my writing with her mouth open, like after a blowjob. -- pauses momentarily. -- on the other hand i'm finding the thought somewhat arousing. hum. anyway, my day consisted of a small talk with annette. i am really beginning to wonder if my pussy eating theory about her is true. she was giving me " those " vibes. -- his head canted a little to the right while his hand positioned over the smooth wooden surface of the table, fingertips lightly tapping. -- unless, unless she's a prude secretly " cumming " with thoughts of jesus fucking christ. -- and without a doubt he chuckled a bit. -- so, in conclusion of this " bet " she might be harder to break in, but nonetheless i will break in.

and i'd gotten a glimpse of cecille this morning. she looked as retarded as ever. oh giddy, giddy. she's in dire need of a fuck. kathryn's fixation on the girl does nothing but amuse me. more than likely, her " fixation " will turn into our " fixation " . . only to ruin her mentally challenged life.

-- eyes wander as he gave a look over his shoulder while preparing to close his journal. -- much needed everythings will be placed elsewhere, until further notice.

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cruel intentions entry number one : sexandviolencemelody [13 Apr 2003|01:40am]
[ mood | -- arrogant ]
[ music | the verve -- bittersweetsymphony ]

and yet another fucking day. kathryn and her cock of a tease behavior has grown slightly appalling. although i'd be a man with his dick tucked between his legs if i said i didn't enjoy it. -- hazel-eyed hues hidden beneath the darker shades lazily gave a glance to the right as peached lips curled upward, forming an effortless smirk. -- she has offered me a proposal, a bet. to attain the " unattainable " otherwise known as the virgin fucking mary, annette hargrove. hum. persuading such a innocent girl to abide by my strategic ideals is going to be as easy as raping a virgin. -- eyebrows lowered lightly as faint creases formed against his forehead. -- unless she's a clit-licking lesbian. that could be a problem. -- his hand lifted slowly, fingertips within reach weakly touched his right temple, in thought. -- personally, the " rush " and game grows more and more and more appealing by each passing minute. i'm unsure if i'll be able to contain myself. -- eyes behind sunglasses rolled heavenward as a slight sigh erupted from throat and moved pass peached lips, slightly ajar. -- and my, my won't kathryn be wiping that shit eating grin off her face after i've claimed victory. wait, wait why am i doing this again? c'mon sebastian, why?

" i'll fuck your brains out. "

-- his tongue's reddened tip peeked outward between lips, offering a rough swipe against nude flesh as his " previous " grip quick to recapture mouth. -- oh yes. hmm. now to find annette?

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