Im B-O-R-E-D....   
07:56am 21/08/2003
mood: bored
music: New Shit - Marilyn Manson
I am at work on my lunch...when am I never. Goddamn. I think I am gonna leave early and come home at 3.15 instead of 5.15. I dont have much to do today at all cos I am doing new stuff and I dont know how to do anything yet. Aw well.
i hate subjects.   
12:45pm 19/08/2003
mood: bored
music: none
1. Murderdolls
2. Misfits
3. Marilyn Manson
4. Robin Black and the Intergalactic Rock Stars
5. Kiss

1. B Movie Scream Queen - Murderdolls
2. Like A Record - Dope
3. System - Chester Bennington
4. Candy Flip - Robin Black IRS
5. Brackish - Kittie

1. Scream - Misfits
2. Closer - Nine Inch Nails
3. White Wedding - Murderdolls
4. Spit It Out - Slipknot
5. Dead In Hollywood - Murderdolls

1. Acey Slade
2. Michale Graves
3. Robin Black
4. Matt Zane
5. Wednesday 13

ok I was bored.....BYE!
10:49pm 18/08/2003
mood: happy
music: Slept So Long - Jay Gordon
Erm...I guess tonight was fun. Me, Carole and Greg went out walking everywhere. We ended up at a play park with thoughs dumb swingy motorbike things in them. Thats all we did...but it was still a good laugh. Aw well...early rise tomorrow...I'm off.
09:37pm 17/08/2003
mood: calm
music: Scream - Misfits
I went to see Freddy vs Jason today again with Carole. It was fantastic (again!) Then I got home and Lyndsey came to my house with my belated birthday present. It's Living Dead Doll Dahlia, a shot glass with poison written on the side and a cool little teddy bear hehe. They r well cool. Aw well I am away to do .. erm...stuff.
01:30am 17/08/2003
mood: sleepy
music: I dont know what it is but its shit

You Are Pinhead. You reside in hell. It's your
own personal kingdom of sin. You make sinners
suffer for what they did. "No more tears
please, its a waste of good suffering"

What horror movie killer are you?
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You Are Freddy Krueger. The bastard son of many
men. You were burned to death inside a furnace.
Now you haunt peoples nightmares

What horror movie killer are you?
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You Are Jason. You drowned as a child at Camp
Crystal Lake and now you torment innocent
campers seeking revenge.

What horror movie killer are you?
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You Are Chucky. Trapped inside the body of a doll,
you seek the one person that can free you from
your prison and make you human again. And you
will stop at nothing until you find him.

What horror movie killer are you?
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You Are Michael Myers. At the age of 6 you went
insane and brutally murdered your sister.
Years later you escaped and you continue to
hunt for the remaining members of your family.
Never stopping until they are all dead

What horror movie killer are you?
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Field of Zombies
You are...a Zombie from the "Night of the
Living Dead" movies

What Corny Horror Movie Villian are you?
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11:50pm 16/08/2003
mood: lazy
music: The Science Of Selling - Less Than Jake
OMG....I went to see Freddy vs. Jason with Carole and Greg last night. Holy poo it was good! I nearly wet myself when it started! I was soooooo excited! haha im so sad! I might be gettin a poster from the cinema cos I asked for one and the man took my name and address. hehe. I had my little Freddy and Jason dolls with me cos I am a loser and I'm obsessed with horror but ive gained out of it cos the man in the cinema told the marketing guy and now I have a better chance of gettin my poster! ^_^ ... When I got home my mum and dad were having a party on their own haha. They had Led Zepplin totally blarrin...I swear it was as loud as it would go ... out the windows. lol. I bought Blade 2, a Freddy vs. Jason magazine (im gonna buy another one tomorrow so i can put both side of the poster on my walls) and I rented Hellborn which I am gona watch in 10 mins. Aw well I'm away. Bye
4 hours and 25 mins to go.........   
12:47pm 14/08/2003
mood: crappy
music: none.
...thats waay too long today. I started off tired, then I was ok now I am just total crap. I'm hating my job more than ever right now. I like the people that I work with its just that they make me paranoid because they talk about everyone behind theirs backs...if they do it to everyone else why not me? so i am feeling shitty about that....and the fact that I dont wanna work in an office yet i do. It's making me feel sick. I'm always totally relieved when a Thursday night comes round cos I know I can go home and not worry about gettin spoken about...then it comes back to Monday. Chances r that they rn't but i think that its more likely that they r. :'( I been feeling this way for a while. Maybe I should go to the doctors to see if they can give me anything for paranoia.
dont u just wish u could take ur bed everywhere??........   
07:07am 14/08/2003
  aww im sooo tired. im at work (again) o_O I need my bed but I dont think thats gonna happen until real late tonight. I am going out with Carole and Greg. Hopefully we'll see Aaron. <3 Aw well.  
06:08pm 12/08/2003
mood: bored
music: Brackish - Kittie
do you like...?
1. Nirvana - uh hu
2. Sublime - who?
3. Depeche Mode - ehh
4. Linkin Park - no
5. No Doubt - no
6. Rage Against the Machine - ehh not particularly
7. U2 - no
8. Green Day - no
9. Beastie Boys - yeah
10. Red Hot Chili Peppers - a bit
11. Blink-182 - no
12. System of a Down - yeah
13. The Smashing Pumpkins - fuck no
14. Korn - yeah
15. Bob Marley - no
16. Metallica - I like their older stuff
17. The Offspring - a couple of songs r ok I guess
18. The Cure - ehh
19. Incubus - no
20. Stone Temple Pilots - no
21. Pearl Jam - no
22. Tool - i guess
23. Radiohead - no
24. 311- wtf?
25. Nine Inch Nails - HELL YEAH
26. Weezer - no
27. Social Distortion - no
28. The Smiths/Morrissey - ehh
29. Jane's Addiction - yeah
30. Oingo Boingo - who??
31. Alice In Chains - yes
32. Limp Bizkit - not really
33. The Clash - yes
34. Dave Matthews Band - no
35. Creed - no
36. The Ramones - fuck yes
37. Staind - no
38. R.E.M.- no
39. Bush - no
40. Bad Religion - no
41. Foo Fighters - no
42. New Order - no
43. Soundgarden - yes
44. Garbage - no
45. Pennywise - yes
46. Violent Femmes - yes
47. Rob Zombie/White Zombie - YES
48. David Bowie - yes
49. Godsmack - um...I think I like them..Im undecided
50. Duran Duran - ehh
51. P.O.D.- yes
52. Coldplay - no
53. Beck - no
54. Eminem - i derno...I have his cds but I never ever listen to I think thats a no
55. Deftones - yeah
56. Cypress Hill - no
57. Oasis - no
58. Jimmy Eat World - no..except one song
59. Tori Amos - no
60. Moby - no
61. The Pixies - yes
62. Blondie - no
63. Live - no
64. Hole - no
65. Rancid - yes
66. Fatboy Slim - no
67. Siouxsie and the Banshees - no
68. Marilyn Manson - YEAH
69. Save Ferris - no
70. The Sex Pistols - yes
71. Disturbed - no
72. Billy Idol - yes
73. The Strokes - no
74. The Police - yes
75. Primus - yes
76. The Go-Go's - yes
77. Everclear- yes
78. Bjork- no
79. Dramarama - who the hell is that?
80. Prodigy - yes
81. The Cult - yes
82. Cake - i'd love some cake
83. MxPx - no
84. Third Eye Blind - no
85. Sum 41 - no
86. Travis - no
87. Papa Roach - ehh some stuff
88. Devo - no
89. A Perfect Circle - yes! and Twiggy Ramirez is with them now which makes them better
90. New Found Glory - not really
91. The Cranberries - no
92. Lit - I guess
93. The B-52's - no
94. Puddle of Mudd - no
95. Blur - no
96. Unwritten Law - no
97. Pet Shop Boys - no
98. Hoobastank - yeah
99. X - no
100. Lenny Kravitz - no
101. Adema - yeah
102. Echo & the Bunnymen - no
103. Kid Rock - yes
104. INXS - no
105. Everlast/House of Pain - no
106. Faith No More - yes
107. Ozzy Osbourne - YES
03:22pm 10/08/2003
mood: happy
music: The Price Of Fame - Closer
say what you want to me
i'll take anything
im care free
but dont cry ... dont cry ... dont cry ... dont cry
ill be simple far from 7
i am all alone again but i can sing for you
feel as though you want me
dont say you need me
its in your name
but dont cry ... dont cry ... dont cry ... dont cry
ill be simple far from 7
i am all alone again but i can sing for you
i saw heaven in your eyes
i knew heaven when u died
when you died....when you died....died
ill be simple far from 7
i am all alone again but i can sing for you
12:35pm 10/08/2003
mood: annoyed
music: Mental Mercury - Satyricon
I HATE ALCOHOL. I am not gonna drink again for a looooong time. It only leads to trouble and shit. I woke up this morning in a double bed with Aaron on one side of me and Lee on the other. Carole was on the floor and Jason was on a couch thing. I just went home. I dont remember much at all about last night except that I talked waaay too much and I think I fell out with Mari but I dunno why. Oh I remember Michaels kitten! It was sooooo cute! But my arm is ripped to shreads lol. I remember me and Conner having a water fight too and he was laughing a lot and couldnt stop.
GRR....Im so annoyed with myself. I refuse to drink alcohol for at least 3 months.
how great is it when u dont get a hangover.......   
09:12am 09/08/2003
mood: excited
music: Monster Mash - Misfits
go me! I woke up this morning hang over free even though I was totally out of my head last night....and the night before that. Me, Carole and Greg went to Spiderwebs tattoos yesterday to see if we could get tattoos but they didnt have any that we liked so we went to Shapers. They guy in there does free hand tattoos so we r going there today again....and he was super nice. Although.....I love the guy in Spiderwebs head. He has a massive skull covering it. I'm undecided on what to get. I am either getting Jack Skellington or Spooky. Prolly Spooky cos I dont have that much money and Spooky is the smallest of the 2. I think Carole is getting a on her shoulder. Shapers also has a Hellraiser tattoo that I am seriously considering getting tattooed when I get payed at the end of August.
After that we went to my house...then we walked Greg to his house...then me and Carole went to her house....Then me and Carole went back to my house....and it was sooooo hot outside....I was dying wearing all black and New Rock boots. We went to get alcohol and bumped into Bizzy and Mari. They were on there way to my house. We got drink and went to the tunnel and got drunk. Greg came back out. Thats all I remember. Um.......ok bye.
06:35pm 05/08/2003
mood: blank
music: Babylon AD - Cradle Of Filth
I dont know how I feel today. My day was total shit and it was very long. I have a headache.
11:20am 03/08/2003
mood: confused
music: Dig - Mudvayne
01) Last dream: Me and Carole were on the train going to Edinburgh but we got off in Burntisland (even tho Burntisland is in the opposite direction to Edinburgh) and we decided to go to Serendipity but we ended up in a Harley Davidson shop. Then me and Carole started punch up fights then I woke up. I derno. what thats meant to mean.
02) Last car ride: To Movie Express and the skate park yesterday
03) Last kiss: not yesterday but the day before with Carole
04) Last good cry: yesterday when I was thinking about stuff
05) Last Missing Library Book: ehh...I dunno....The Corpse Garden
06) Last movie seen: Ghost Ship
08) Last cuss word uttered: fuck
09) Last beverage drank: Red Square Blue
10) Last Food consumed: pasta last night
11) Last Crush: Aaron, Acey, Robin, Starboy
12) Last phone call: I dunno....
13) Last TV show watched: I dont really watch TV shows that was prolly Bo Selecta
14) Last Item Bought: a cool top from Public Image
15) Last time showered: last night
16) Last shoes worn: New Rock Platform boots
17) Last CD played: A mixed one that had the Prodigy on it
18) Last downloaded: Personality Crisis - New York Dolls
19) Last annoyance: being bored
20) Last disappointment: Carole dumping me to go to Edinburgh
21) Last soda drank: diet coke
22) Last thing written: the word "again"
23) Last key used: delete
24) Last word spoken: I dunno
25) Last trip to the bathroom: about an hour ago I think
26) Last sleep: Last night
27) Last IM: Carole
28) Last sexual fantasy: haha...I aint telling
29) Last orgasm: Yesterday when I saw my new Murderdolls poster
30) Last weird encounter: I cant remember
31) Last Store Shopped at: Public Image
32) Last ice cream eaten: coconut with raspberrys
33) Last time amused: when I was out with my whip and I was whipping lots of ppls
34) Last time wanting to die: I derno....
35) Last time in love: I am in love with Acey does that count?
36) Last time hugged: my mum yesterday
37) Last time scolded: i don't get in trouble anymore....Im too old for that shit
38) Last time resentful: i derno
39) Last chair sat in: my purple swivel one...the one that i am in now
40) Last lipstick used: fruity lip gloss
41) Last underwear worn: blue ones
42) Last bra worn: black pvc one
43) Last shirt worn: black one
44) Last class attended: how the hell am i meant to remember that?
45) Last Final taken: I derno
46) Last time dancing: yesterday
47) Last poster looked at: my Frank-N-Furter one from the Rocky Horror Show
48) Last show attended: Murderdolls a few weeks ago
49) Last webpage visited: Faceparty
Ghost Ship....   
12:31am 03/08/2003
mood: bored
music: Not Falling - Mudvayne
I just saw Ghost Ship! I love it! I went to movie express to rent The Ring but its out for another 2 days yet. I cant wait! I fucking love that movie....the remake AND the originals. Aw well. I am bored. Bye!
all the stuff I bought..   
01:01pm 02/08/2003
mood: dirty
music: Babylon AD - Cradle Of Filth
I went shopping yesterday and today :D:D:D. I got loads of cool stuff....
Original cells from Hellraiser!!!, a camoflage corset, loads of spikey things and bracelets, a black tie with hite skulls on it, a spooky toy that squeeks, a blair witch figures, a lucky bag (hahaha), fishnet gloves, fishnet arm warmer things, a black and white striped tie, spikey earrings, skull hair ties, a whip, handcuffs, a blindfold, make-up, black trousers, spongebob ID, murderdolls poster thing, kerrang, 13 dvds, monsters postcard book thing, black boot laces with red stars, a cool top with big sleeves and lots of alcohol. Fun! I'm gonna go see what I can order on the net now.
12:16am 02/08/2003
mood: cranky
music: I am watching the Puppet Master
I am so pissed off tonight its not even funny. I was meant to be going to Kirkcaldy tomorrow but Caroles changed her mind and she wants to go to the fucking mission...piece of pish. Don't make fucking plans with me if u r gonna break them at the last fucking minute. grrr. my eyebrow is really infected bad and its been bleeding a lot and seaping poison for like half an gonna die. but i guess that'll be ok.
anyfuck....enough of my complaining. I went to the skate park tonight and hung out in the goth tunnel for a while with Greg and Carole. I saw Aaron <3<3<3<3<3<3, Craig, Fish, Michael, Lindsey, and her bf...whoever he is. It was quite good. ANYFUCK...bye.
bizzys dinner party.........   
05:56pm 29/07/2003
mood: bouncy
music: Like A Record - Dope
Bizzy is having a dinner party! yay! I am gonna wear my pinstripe corset, either black wide leg trousers (not jeans) or a black shirt, fishnets and my platform new rocks. It's gonna be fun! Very classy.
bizzys dinner party.........   
05:56pm 29/07/2003
mood: bouncy
music: Like A Record - Dope
Bizzy is having a dinner party! yay! I am gonna wear my pinstripe corset, either black wide leg trousers (not jeans) or a black shirt, fishnets and my platform new rocks. It's gonna be fun! Very classy.
w000000 the fun...........   
07:29pm 27/07/2003
mood: blah
music: (s)aint - Marilyn Manson
I am just back from Burntisland with my mum and dad. It was fun! All the rides r there. I didnt go on anything cos I was on my own but it was still fun. There was a ghost train with Pinhead, Pennywise the clown and the skull from the people under the stairs painted on it! I was like WOW!! I so wanna go on it! It looked so fun. I might go back at the weekend or something. Ehh....I'll see how things go. I wanna go to Edinburgh on Friday and get the camoflage corset the same as my pinstripe one.