01:02am 15/02/2004
  I felt like doing this a while ago, and then things got bad and snowballed from there. Courtney and I are fighting again, and it hurts a lot this time.  
Feelin' better   
01:52pm 15/02/2004
mood: relaxed
music: My Dashboard Confessional mix...ahh sweet emo
Saturday I woke up around 9 to call the family, because my mom mentioned coming to pick me up before the drumline competition so I could go! But, it was not to be. Bryanna did not wake up in time for me to convince her to take me either, so I was resigned to stay here. Ben and I then decided that we needed haircuts, so we went on a reconaissance mission. We found a place, walked in, and we were the only white guys there. We couldn't walk out on fear of looking racist, and hoped that other white people would walk in...they never did. These barbers only knew how to do one kind of haircut...short. So, that's what I ended up with. And of course, Ben made me go first so he saw not what to tell them. His looks more like he had before. It doesn't look that bad, I just have to get used to it. My head's really cold now. Anyway, we came back (2-3 hours later), went to GDH, and then I hung out in the room 'til 8, when I went to our Campus minister's house to play Taboo and Scattergories with my "religious organization." We had a lot of fun, and I came back and Courtney was on. She thanked me for the dozen roses I sent her for Valentine's Day, and we talked for a while (for further information, see the last post). I went to bed after that, after praying a lot. It made me feel so much better. I realized this weekend how much I've changed, and I'm not sure I like the person I've become. Most people don't see it here, because they didn't know me before college. I don't think my family notices, because I'm different around them anyway. So, I've decided to make a concerted effort to find who I was again. I asked God for the strength to do so, and I guess it's in His hands now. Sunday school this morning was good for my goal. Church wasn't very good...I'm still not happy with the church here. Laura wanted to eat lunch with me because she was on the way back from Columbia, but I was at church...that was disappointing. We had a nice little talk, I hung up, and then called Grandma and Grandpa. It was really good to hear from them. We discussed the current situation in Haiti, which is really troubling me (for those of you who don't know, I went to Haiti for a misson trip last spring break). If the current situation escalates, they will cancel the trip for this year, and my brothers won't get the awesome experience I had. More than that, it pains me to hear about more troubles in that country. The people of Haiti had a lot to teach me, and I hate to see them suffer even more than they are already. Well, the rest of my day will be spent doing chores and homework, and studying. Time to change into something a little more comfortable...
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