The greatest waste of 5 hours of my life   
11:16am 12/02/2004
mood: hungry
music: Umm...whatever Vernon's playing next door After the games last night, I was giddy, couldn't see straight, wanted to sleep. So I went to bed early. Anyway, yesterday wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Chem was pretty good...I stayed awake. Music was listening again for most of the class, and we started Beethoven. Learning some good stuff in NT. Practiced my sax for an hour instead of piano class, as the teacher is still in New York. I was proud of myself! Went to lunch, then Chem lab was a demonstration so we got out an hour early. It was still kind of hard, though. We had to do more writing than usual, and I realized just how rusty my 2 years of Chemistry really is. This is bad, because the exam is cumulative from Chem 101 too. So, I had some down time because Wind Ensemble was only a percussion sectional. Had to be at the games at 5:30, but got there to find out nobody was there. I found out why the rhythm section can't keep time for our bands...they're on a different time-zone! They thought Dr. K said 6:30 instead of 5:30, so I was there on time and had to wait for them. Grr...anyway, we kept playing the same tunes over and over again...we have no choice...Dr. K's sick of them too, and he's gonna get writing some new, happenin' charts. I had 2 solos b/c Erin wasn't there, and I TORE...THEM...UP! It was exciting. I've never done anything like that before. I think it was because I wasn't thinking about it. I was happy. I made off with a whole pizza too after the game, of which I think I will be eating some in a minute. I'm hungry...
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11:33pm 12/02/2004
mood: calm
music: A song in my head
Came to the realization tonight that I have no ride home. This is bad for a romantic relationship on Valentine's Day/one-year anniversary (yes, I can call it an anniversary because it is actually a year...counting months is not an anniversary; prefix ann- =year). Also bad for my family that misses me. Anyway, I slept in a little today, and seriously debated whether or not I wanted to go to class. Ryan came in from his 8 o'clock class (at 8:15?!) and called me a bum and told me to get out of bed, so that was sufficient motivation. Warm showers make me happy in the morning, and it was perfect this morning for some reason. Randomly wandered around the room while getting ready...that's what I do when I'm not fully awake. Went to NT, and learned some cool stuff. Had to walk across campus in the rain to go to PE for 18 minutes...that did not make me happy. Thankfully I got a ride back up to Bailey. Talked to mommy on IM and ritualistically checked email, friend's blogs, webcomics and balanced my checkbook before going to Cal, where I was entirely least the fog (class) only lasted half-an-hour. Lunch with friends, then a lesson. It went pretty well today, which is good considering I actually practiced. Jay, Ben, Ryan and I went shopping at Bi-Lo and got lots of food. So I buy some jelly for PB&Js, and get it all the way back here to break the glass jar all over the floor. That made me mad, 'cuz it's raspberry and yummy....and was relatively expensive. Anyway, Jazz band went ok...I was the only one playing well today. Went to dinner with Justin, Richard, Lewis, and Tyler. Justin and Richard have lost 5 fish in the last 3 days...I hope it's not an omen. Oddly enough GDH broke out the red tablecloths and the *dum dum duuuum; gasp* GOOD FOOD for V-day. Again oddly enough, it was a group of guys that went together...we were creeped out (except for Justin who is....lets say, not creeped out by that sort of stuff). They had real roast beef, and it was goooood. I ate lots. Back to the room to study for an online music quiz (38/40...not too shabby), and begging people for rides and never getting one. So now I'm talking to Courtney, and I have to do one more homework problem before I can go to bed. So, nighty night. I will be updating this weekend, as I will be here :( Despite all this adversity and things I said made me angry, I'm in a strangely good mood.