i know what fear is   
01:35pm 01/11/2003
mood: contemplative
music: gabby saying "clean up, clean up"..or attempting to
this has ben a whiel since i have written
and this has been a bad two weeks
lets NOT go into anything from alst week
but by now everyone prolly knows how jonathan got into a bad accident on monday....and NO he wasnt racing, he wasnt drinking, he wasnt high, thee was no one els ein the car, he wasnt speeding, he didnt hit a tree, or another car, or a building, and he wsn't messing around....it was wet, he hrdoed, he hit a pole drivers side door.....and it is a miracle hes still alive and able to talk about it
and it truly is a miracle
if you had seen him monday night you would know
but LONG story short.....his femur is broken, and he had surgery on it, his collarbone and shoulder, and his nose....but everything is healing well and he'll be home soon
thank god
unfortanetly....the VB team has lost the past two games....:-/....thats ok cuz they are still #1!!!!!
and nathan did awsome!!!! good job!!!!!! "thunderous kill led into the 5th game...."
umm mm yeah i figured id update becaus ei am not doing anything better....
lots of love!:-D
10:15pm 13/10/2003
mood: lonely
music: RED SOX GAME!
hey sorry i havent updated in a whil;e but nothing interesting has happened, really.....
lets see, 4 day weekend.....
friday i woke up,ate some breakfat and cleaned, the headed over to nathans house when i played some tennis and rode a bike, ow, i need to get back into shape because im turning into a tub of LARD!
then saturday i woke up, got invited to the scituate art festival but had to clean and stuff.....went to the mall l8er with mi madre and ended up geting stuff even tho we went to pay bills....lol
then nathan came over and we headed on up to chunkas house and at epizza, then left my mom there to watch DA BAYBAY while me n him n chunka went to SP00KY WORLD!!!! it was very cool.....the disco haunted house was AWSOME!!!! i got harrassed in the spirits of london and the clown one, but hey yanno....and there was this creepy ride atendent who wasnt even supposed to be creepy......not 2 cool!!!
they had this cool museam there with all these old horror movie thing slike scripts n contracts n costumes and signed posters.....very cool..then they had some stupid store which was pointless.....
um.....OMG the bathrooms there were wicked cool...... instead of potopottys they had these trailor things which had like 3 or 4 stalls in them, with real wooden doors like a front dor or something.....and a real vanity with real sinks like at resturaunts....very nice!
we left pretty late so we went back and got mom and dropped off chunks then nathan just stayed over my house because it wa slike 130 and why would he go home ten? so we watched an ERNEST movie then made up his bed and went to sleep........then sunday morning i went and jumpe don nathan and woke him up..... we ate some breakfast then got dressed played a little pool and then went to go se ehis aunt may and uncle john....very nice people and i ate like an 8 course meal....i WAS SO STUFFED.....but i was told that was an italian thing....idk....but it wa snice and they had a wicked pretty house!! and good food! yum!
so then i came hme and slept or whatever and today i got up EARLY cuz the bunny slept over and she woke me up round 7ish...yawn....and i got k8ie and we went to the art festival met chunks and darren there and me n k8ie walked aroun while the rents n sis n stuff went whereverelse......we left and droppped dad off at home the met the twins @ suzie q's and went apple picking then to A&W ut the car-hop thingy asnt running but we had some good weiners and got attacked by bees at the picnic table...o lol @ the apple orchard we were playing with the stick!! hahaha nvm....good times!:-D
ahh well the game is on and im in a mood....not a bad one but an i miss nathan i wanna run away and grow up and not go to school n e mor emood lmao.....so i gonan go watch some more of the game and then jet off to bed!!!! GOODNIGHT LOVE TO ALL!
04:27pm 28/09/2003
mood: jubilant
music: shot throught the heart.and your too blame.
OMG Homecoming was the BEST!
i have never had so much fun at a dance before in my life! maybe it was because i actually danced....and i actually took my mom's advice "you make your own good time"
but i wasn't all gross dancing, i was fun dancing so it was great!!!! although my freinds were randomly not there half the time....don't worry liz!! i'll defend you if u have future incedients lmao!!!!:-D
seriously though....best dance ever.....i cannot wait for winter ball:-D
and afterward was awsome..."after paaaartay!" lmao
thanks to my friends and my natin who were absolutley incrediable and awsome people to hang out with:-D i love you!!!!
ahh good times, altough the whole going to sleep at 2:30/3ish and getting up @ 6:30/7 wasnt too nice...with about 5 wakeups inbetween......
gotta go do whatever now
AAAAHHHH so much fun!
so kiss me, and smile for me...let me know that you'll wait for me   
09:58pm 24/09/2003
mood: nervous
music: tv in background
yeah well idk whats up
nothing much here
sometimes i just get si "wwwwooooaaagggh"!!!! like, nothing is right everything is offbalance...not bad but offbalance.......its messe dp...i hate that feeling....then again im a nervous person anyways.......soo maybe thats it........ yeah so anyway im nervous about Hc b/c i dont wana look liek the idot trying to danc ebut ha sno ide ahow....but i want to have FUNFUNFUNFUFNFUNFUN so i am gonna dance....just dont laugh at me...please?seriously?please dont!!!!!! u ahve no diea....ill cry and feel so stupid......please!!! ok i think i got my point across
well i gotta go....its almsot 10 pm....argh
i love you!!!!!!:-*
09:58pm 23/09/2003
mood: uuugggh
music: Freda Payne- Band of Gold..and crazy-aerosmith
yeah so nathan isnt allowed to go to homecoming
way cool
he got himself grounded because he was tupid and went for a walk at 1 am with people
i hope the walk was worth it
i hate roadblocks and sore points
especially ones that can talk
and yet, im the one who suffrs
whats up w/ that??!
..."you gotta change your CRAZY ways"

me or.......or that? whats worth more? im afraid to know......

the world is crashing down   
10:49pm 21/09/2003
mood: stressed
music: can you feel the love tonight
two tests tomorrow
im going to die! i always do bad on history tests......i cant rmeber all that crap!lol and physics...o jeez...:-/
tomorrow i ahve a job interview....great and im already stressed enough....wonderful
and trig is gonna suck royally, considering i ahve the wierdest and most troubled math teache rit he world.....strange guy......
im so tired!
i should go to bed butt hat meants tomorrow will cme quicker!
homecoming staurday, yay
<3 yah all
please help me
OMG i ahve a WEEK to finsih my costume
09:57pm 18/09/2003
mood: tired
music: disney music baby!!
im so tired
please give me energy
i went to the beach, saw huge waves.......also went to the mews NICE
have done 0 homework:-d
im a rebel
post me bayb ay:-D
much love
so kiss me, and smile for me....   
07:34pm 15/09/2003
mood: blank
music: Well...more like Lyrics to "Leaving on a jet plane"
not a very interesting day....went by pretty fast tho, which is better than tomorrow wil be...physics then rig then history then cpr.....OO remind me, i need a notebook for CPR..... anyway......@ least i have lunch w/ nathan:-P and falkie!!>>>>if she shows up:-/................... didnt have much HW tonight but i may have a busy night 2 morrow if i do all the things i wanan do....i wanna...:get outta school, go to my appt, go to JV volleyball game, home and do hw, then queer tuesday.....HOPEFULLY!!!!

So kiss me and smile for me
Tell me that you'll wait for me
Hold me like you'll never let me go

10:23pm 14/09/2003
mood: content
music: Hotel California: The Eagles
hey!! my first entry.....milestone....wellll....today was pretttty cool......well 1st, yesterday.... woke up yonder 8 o clock::gasp:: did some luandry, vacuumed house, more laundry, mowed lawn, more laundry, cleaned room, last of laundry, took showr....jetted over to NaTiNs!!! and then we went to the zoo!! OMG awsome! i think i got some good picture sof the animales!!! i used that high definition film so it should be dandy!! then we came back, wnt o barnes and bobles wicked quick so he could get someting for school, then went and got ryan and we all went out to eat......nathan drank a shot of wasabi....WORST SMELLING AND TASTNIG dipping sauce ever.....and proceeded to move on to the bathroom where he thought he was going to yack 10 pounds of food evrywhere........it wa ssooo nasty.....thne we went back to his house and watched some TV and inwent home.......today i woke up, he called me, came over........me n him him mom went to P mall quick quick for "someting" then came back did some HW, and THE BABY CAME OVER!!!! along with chandra and darren, of course! we ate soem AWSOME FOOD courtesy of mama, and played around with the volleyball and pogo stick and THE BABY! then the baby and chandra and darren left and mom dad nathan and i hung around watched some TV until i brought him home!!! good weekend, relaxing......now i REALLY should go read the scarlet letter......but thats what studies are for!!:-D