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it's killing me to know you, without getting the chance to hold you ... august 03,2003 @07:19pm
mood :: lazy
music :: "i can't be just friends anymore" - tim rushlow

okay, now the real update.

i've been sitting here on this computer for too long. i need friends on this blurty thing. nobody i know, except julz, has a journal. i could try to talk greg into it, or even aaron, but, unlike me, they have lives! lol. julz hasn't updated her journal in a while ... *checks the blurty for acsalienator, that's julz by the way* nope. no update since ... march at least.

i don't know what to tell her ... or how to ask her if she likes me the way that i like her. it's so confusing. she never wrote me back ... or at least i never got it. i hope sean hasn't been going through my emails again. that would suck. sean can be pretty cruel. he's just jealous.

as of right now, i'm all set for the jukebox tour. i can't wait to get to see some of my fans again. i wonder if julz would be going to the philly [upper darby] show ... since everyone knows shes the biggest aaron carter freak in the galaxy lol. i wonder if she'd come to my after-show singing instead of greg's. she's met him before ... not like she hasn't met me. duh, stupid. makes me wonder. oww, too much wonder. headache. dangit. i've been around aaron too long. i'm catching his "if you're blonde, don't think too hard" headaches.

yeah, well i'm going to go do some stuff. yup. some stuff. i'm bored.

what what.

mr S B

lol ... nobody really gets that anymore.


testing ... august 03,2003 @06:29pm
mood :: accomplished
music :: none.

i know, i know, i haven't updated in months, and i still haven't. don't count this as an update, because it's not. i'm just testing out the new style. i might update later though ... who knows?


blabbling ... march 21,2003 @01:33pm
mood :: hopeful
music :: " if tomorrow never comes " - garth brooks

yeah, sorry i didn't update sooner. i was thinking over a few things. and i've come to a conclusion ... what if something dreadful happens with this war on iraq? i don't know what i would do if i didn't get the chance to tell jules how i feel. that's why ... well, i told her. in an email. i'm still waiting for a response though ... the girl takes forever. well, i better get going. not much more to say here.


all for


she shines march 19,2003 @10:11pm
mood :: relieved
music :: " how she shines " - me

well i decided to update again. i've been talkin to julzi on aim ... every day we get closer and closer. i have something to tell her, somethi really important, but i don't know how. i'm kind of stuck in the middle between friends and well, more than friends.

i love that girl. i really do.

well if by chance she reads this, she knows. or at least, she does now.

"to me she shines like the brightest star in the darkest night,
like a performer under the hot spotlight,
it feels so good to me, feels so right,
how i wish she could be mine tonight ..."

it feels so much better telling someone [or better yet, something] about it. i hope somehow, someday, she'll feel the same way.

post some comments to this sick little puppy dog [rofl sean, you nutcase] ... dude i need to call chris. maybe he could help me out here.



first entry! go me! march 19,2003 @09:13pm
mood :: chipper
music :: " america ao " - aaron c [or as some people say, my twin]

first off, i wanna give a biiiig shout out to jules, for forcing me to make one of these things, and for making my layout and stuff. yup yup.

yeah, the video shoot was so much fun. those bikes, man, the bikes. we had some fun with those bikes. we had a couple of 'accidents' ... it's like these girls can't concentrate when they see me ... oh, wait. that's right ...

i also want to say hi to the girls on my street team, ya know i love yas ... chloe, jules, sarah ... and all the others ... and especially to the girls im seein in atlantic city for the radio disney show! too bad we don't get rd in dayton ... lol. maybe i'll "surprise" everyone and drop in at the pool party. heh heh. a bunch of girls in swimsuits! >.< *smacks hand* bad ... bad stevie ... i'm growing up, what do ya expect? i have nothin much to say so i'll do some shout outs ...

shout outs :

brianna, miss ya ... your sisters i could care less about =P

jules, girrrrlllll lol. sliiiide to the left, sliiiiide to the right ...

sarah, hey we can take another picture next time =)

chloe, you're gonna be famous, and i'm gonna be your stalker lmao.

the guys [sean, dave, mikey], can't wait to get back home, have a LOT to tell ya ... all the GIRLS! lol. makes ya jealous, huh? you know it does.

jer-z, whatchu gonna do? huh? huh? lol. i did NOT make you listen to justin timberlake all the time ... and if i do, it was to get you back for the christina aguilera you played constantly! grr lol.

i'll write tomorrow if i remember and/or have time!


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