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Tuesday, December 23rd, 2003

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    What the fuck
    Tonight has been different..... but at least i got to see Peter in uniform, lol. hes so gorgeous. Im very frustrated with keith, hes depressing me. i hope i get to see him ina few days if not im gonna rip shit on him cuz thats bullshit, nevermind the fact that he fuckin HAS A KID NOW GRRR motherfucker.... im so mad. Well i cut my hair kinda short. its so cute, Keith probably won't like it but oh well. he told me to keep it long, oh well im not gonna be bossed around. well anyway i gotta go hang with my friends cuz im only here for a few more days I love Conn.

    Current Mood: rejected
    Current Music: red hot chilli peppers-scartissue

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