08:19pm 29/04/2003
  made huge fucking FIRE today. fucking pigs are so fucking stupid. so are christians. so cathy and i are doing alot better, even though she pissed me off today when she bitched about me buying her shit. we had a great day saturday she is as sexy as ever...and my nite saturday just got better and better. fucking stupid cops had no idea where id gone, got stoned and drunk out of my mind. i owe fucking Adam from FireBorn for letting me crash at his place, feeding me, and all the other shit he did for me. spent most of last week fucking tripping my ass off on coricidin...i saw some fucked up shit, like Randy Rhoads walked out of my monitor and started talking to me, and i was having all these fucking cori flashbacks, thought i was living in the past for a while. god i feel so fucking great on that shit. my job kicks fucking to fucking play w/ fire/gasoline today for fucking hours today. so i get the long-delayed fucking SLAYER tattoo on friday, cant fucking wait. got my ged, killed on the fucking scores...ken is laminating it for me. lastly...hopefully everyone has learned by now that is very fucking stupid to fuck w/ my guitars. a note on morality : fucking "friends" of your family who have gone to church for years with your mother will refuse to do her a favor, but the kids in the fucking Satanic death metal band will help you out even though it inconveniances them. thanx again Adam

    5 profusely bleeding eye sockets -  carve your eyes out with a power saw