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Friday, March 26th, 2004

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    No hope and a few tears.
    March 10/04
    I dont know how to say the words i need to speak.
    Im scared..not for me, but you,
    You live your life thinking you the shit,
    but in all reality, your a tourtured soul.
    Your soul with pain thats always free.
    How can i hep you? Will you ever see?
    Does it feel good knowing your ruining lives that weren't supposed to be broken?
    I've come and realized, your just a sick and broken person, who will never be fixed.
    How how the anger rushes through my body when i think of you,I wish you can see inside of me.See how i could hurt you, just by letting you see inside my dark deap soul.Seeing my soul, you will realize its hurts to see the truth.
    It hurts to know, that your just like me, your just not accepting what you see. You can deny everything but eventually the only thing i want is to see you suffer like how you made me suffer time and time again.Want I really want most is to see you suffer what you once put me through.

    Current Mood: pissed off

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