Out with the Old........   
05:20pm 09/01/2004
mood: hopeful
music: "With You"-Jessica Simpson
Ive decided to make myself a live joural..Im gonna prolly do it tomorrow afternoon when i have a litte extra time..Im breaking outside the "blurty box" and im joining my buddies over at LJ lol..Im sure Crystal will be excited! I was thinkin of starting the Special K diet next week..Its not that im fat, im just thick in certain places..Im wondering tho if i start it and im successful ( you can lose 6lbs in 2wks or sumfin) would i gain back MORE weight? That would suck and that isnt what i want..I think maybe i should just start an excercise regimen...along with the diet..cause i dont plan on doing it for long..I think i should lose about 15lbs..which would make me 130lbs..and that should be a good start..Then i'll go from there..Im also settin myself an appointment with the dentist for next month..get a professional cleaning..check for cavities, etc..2004 is my self beautification time..im gonna be super star hot before too long!! Oh yea, i got a facial on Tues..and a massage..and it was so nice..i loved it, i usually dont take my top off for strangers but it was ok..i didnt know what to expect really...but it was a good experience..I wanna take my mom for her birthday..but she isnt down for all that rubbin!! I'll have to think of something else;) Tonite i think im gonna go to dinner with Steph and just hang out..maybe rent some movies or somethin..Ok i seen something so weird today on BET's Rap City!! Yall know that song "Hotel" by Cassidy ft. R. Kelly? Well that's my joint..and i never seen the video..So it came on while im just chillin..I almost had a heart attack!! Cassidy looks just like Jeremie this guy i used to mess around with..If any of you get a chance to see that video, you are practically lookin at Jeremie, haha..that was too funny! Im gonna break out my digi cam i got for xmas and use it at my niece's birthday party tomorrow..hopefully i will have some photos to share..I think Crys says IVillage is a good place to upload pix?? To all my readers have a good weekend!!

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Update Needed(Long ass ENTRY grab a snack!!)   
07:43pm 07/01/2004
mood: chipper
music: "Run 2 The Sun" N.E.R.D.
Yup, today was bleh..It was KOLD outside..i was shocked..It was like a high of 39 degrees..damn it!! Im not used to that sort of weather, but its good..cause i get sick of the heat and mugginess that usually plagues East Texas year round..I must admit i was under dressed tho, just a thin white shirt, black cargo's and a thin ass brown hoodie with my beanie..I was like damn tomorrow im wearing long johns and shit!! Glad to be in the warm house chillin at the puter..Ive been having madd problems with it lately, so i havent gotten to get on like i used to..I was late for work this morning..i think i must have came down with amnesia cause i was up, but just not moving, lol..they called and were like umm, Kim you coming to work? and i was like, OOOH Yea!! Im on my way...Guess i was just plain crazy..everyone has an off day and today was mine! Tomorrow is my niece's first birthday..she's so beautiful..and growing up so quickly..im so proud of her and her big bro..they get on my nerves, but i love em to death!! I was just looking at the baby books that i made when they were first born and now they are big kids..time really flies! School actually starts back for me on January 20th..but i register on Jan. 14th..so yea..im really gonna be schooling it this year and next year..im going back for a Communications Degree..something that i originally started when I came into college, but didnt pursue..so now im going back to it..Full speed ahead..I expect to be graduating Dec.2005, (Lord Willing)!! I think I want to work for a promotions company or in Radio..LOL my mom says to me, Kim you will have about 6 degrees and not use any of them!! But I know this is what i wanna do rite now..or atleast I think so?? I talked to Saul a hot guy I met on New Year's..He's really cute..He wants me to meet him at Gloria Jean's tomorrow so we can chat..I told him i'd be sure to let him know what's up..it will probably be on Friday, cause im free that day!! Boys are fun, but seriously I think this could be the year that I get married..Its just that I dont want to settle..and I know I can marry "blue collar" Tony and that he will love me, but he's gonna be bossy..and I dont like bossiness!! Besides I like being able to come and go as I want and I know he's not gonna have that..Plus if/when we get married I will have to move to Nashville!! Eeww..prolly more hicks than Texas!! I dont know..But if I dont like being married I could just divorce him rite? I dunno, im ready for that next phase in my life..besides im not getting any younger!! My 24th birthday is fast approaching!! Even tho, i dont look a day over 19 *you sexxy thang you! LOL* I just dont want to have any kids by him tho, lol..but who knows what the future holds..I talked to a palm reader last year and she told me she saw kids and marriage in my near future, perhaps she was rite?? I dunno, im a very fickle lady..very PISCES..I love you one minute I hate you the next..I start something..and if i dont like it , i'll just walk away..I guess its cool to be free like that, but my relationships always suffer because of it! But i think if i found the rite guy i wouldnt be like that..but who knows..this is me we are talkin about! But when he comes to visit my friend Jay is hooking us up at a lakeside condo in the city..if i give her $50 we get it for the weekend!! It has mini golf, ice hockey, pool table in the lounge and a refrigerator and jacuzzi in the room..DAYUM rite? I just hope he doesnt think im sleeping with him cause things mite turn tragic!! Im not oinkin anyone in 2004, that was one of my resolutions cause sex messes up everything!! More on that drama as it unfolds!!LOLWhat else? Goin to a CD release party for a local rap artist on Jan 17..his name is Mike Jones, he's really huge down here..and I get to go, yay!!! OMG, i cant believe B2k is broken up..first O-town now this!! I need some help, im already in withdrawl!! Cant wait to see "You Got Served" hahah!! Im leaving now, ive typed way too much shit here!!

Peace Out!!
PS. Real World San Diego SUX BALLZ!! BOOOOO!! Could they have picked uglier housemates??
Happy New Year!!   
05:25pm 02/01/2004
mood: dirty
music: PS2- Max Payne Game in Background
So, its day 2 of 2004, and that's pretty cool! Im feeling ok..I dont look my best today..ive gotten over my little cold, but im peeling around my shnauser because of the way i was blowing it into those brutal tissues!! Im making myself an appointment for a facial next week..resurface my mug and get rid of some of this dead skin cause im looken nasty! Ive also got my first pimple of 2004..Ive decided to call it "Hilda" I cant wait till its gone, cause i kid you not, its NASTY!!! *screams*


New Year's Eve went to the city and met with Zoey and Monique..Went to a few clubs..partied downtown at TOC Bar, it was the shit..Snobby rich girls thinkin they are the shit when they cant even "drop it like its hot" We showed those WHORES!! There was a sea of fine guys..I swear every mofo looked just as fine as Paul Walker! I got so many numbers, im not even sure who is who!! I call it my rainbow collection cause I got a number from a hot ass Colombian guy, a sexy white surfer dude, and a thuggish black guy LOL..I dont even know who ive given my number to, cause ive got messages on my phone from peeps that I have no clue who they are! It was literally a girls nite out..Me and Zoe and Mo met up with Maletha & Tricia and just hit the scene..Went to a little New Year's Luau it sucked..so we left and hit up TOC, then ROXY..Dancing in Cages, and just being asses haha!!
Maletha making out with some random guy and daring me to do it too, I declined and decided to dirty dance with a cutie, It was KRAZY!! Tony called and i had to dismiss his ass cause i was busy..but we talked yesterday and he decided that he is gonna be here on January 30th..That's when he's flying in..Its cool..but that's also SuperBowl Weekend and its gonna be time for me to get my mack on, but I guess I'll refrain for one time..I hope everything works out good..I dont wanna mess things up..But the best thing im hoping for is a really strong friendship..if it develops and grows from there, who knows? January is gonna be busy..My nieces birthday party is next sat, my mom's birthday is Jan. 21..School starts Jan 14th..so yea..What are my new year's resolutions for 2004?

1. Be more "ladylike" lol
2. Developing my Spirituality
3. Be Sweeter & less angry
4. Become MORE Social
5. Snag a bangin young MAN (Holla)
6. Get good grades in school
7. Become a better money manager
8. Find a great place to live

& that concludes my entry folks!!, hope everyone has a safe and blessed holiday weekend!!

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*Achoo!* I hope it aint the flu!!   
05:00pm 29/12/2003
mood: sick
music: "Come Away With Me"-Norah Jones
Im sitting here at the puter and briefly, i tell you ...because im sick..i cant be on for long..im about to go and lie down..its freakin cold outside..well about 40 or 35 or whatever..I went to bed saturday nite and i was fine..woke up Sun morning and felt like shit! My nose is running, im sneezing and my glands are swollen..atleast my throat isnt sore tho..My eyes are puffy and red and watery...and i just got a glimpse of myself in the mirror and i look like the ghetto version of rudolph..my nose is sooo friggin red, its pitiful..i cant believe i was even out in public..i know people think im a freak! Oh well..everyone gets sick and looks like shit once in their lives and i know im not alone! Ive got a box of lotion tissue sittin on my puter desk that im desperately grabbing at eating reeses pieces that literally taste like nothing to me..im miserable..lol! Whats new?? Tony called he says he's coming to Houston to see me in January..Im not overly excited..if we see each other we do..if we dont then we dont..I dont want him to be expecting anything..just see each other and let whatever happens happen..it cant be forced..we havent seen each other in years actually, so he wont be gettin any of my goodies..i hate to burst his bubble, but its officially busted! I think he got the ring that i wanted and is gonna bring it to me..the tanzanite stone in white gold..yea..i love that stone..whatever we shall see..Talked to Steph finally we reviewed her xmas..she only got a christmas card and that's it..which majorly sux..damn..she was jealous cause i gotta buttload of shit..but hey what can i say..IM LOVED!! Talked to Ray and Ash this weekend and got serious with my Degrassi Marathon this weekend, Fri, Sat & Sun..ive seen them all a dozen times but i still loved every minute of it! Specially "Holiday" that is like my favorite one ever..Goin to work tomorrow..wanna quit like today..but i just cant..im so mad at myself sometimes i swear..constantly in dilemma..well '03 has 2 days left..i guess i can continue to be an asshole untill the new year comes in, then on to my promises of being more sweet and lovin in tha '04! OMG the Mad Cow Disease is REAL!! thank God the meat isnt in TEXAS, i'd die..Ive been puttin off starting my vegetarian diet and this is more of the reason to start it..No Beef for me, im goin on a fast..only pork chicken and fish..then im gettin rid of the pork too..I'll be a partial vegan..chicken and fish and veggies and that's it!! I bet i will shed some of this ghetto booty which would be nice..Longer hair, skinnier me..yea that's what im trying to accomplish in the '04, not cutting my hair for a while!! anyways..Im blabbering more than i should be, im starting to feel dizzy from all the crap that's caught up in my nasal cavity!!

Hugs N Kisses
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Christmas 2003, THE AFTERMATH!   
02:58pm 26/12/2003
mood: groggy
music: "Going Under"- Evanescence

Christmas Eve done nothing hung out and was lazy..had cramps and honestly felt like shit..took some Tylenol PMS (lol) felt better, watched TV & played cards with my lil bro untill like 2:00 am..watched Howard Stern, chatted with my sissy on the phone and got some sleep!

Christmas Day........

Woke up at about something to 10, ate some Cinnamon Toast Crunch..and was told to go and open my gifts! So i went in to the formal room and sat down under the Xmas tree and got started..but i got some pretty good stuff! I didnt even ask for anything this year so whatever i got i'd be lucky to have..so from coworkers, mom, siblings and friends combined this is what i got!

baby blue velour hoodie & bottom set
khaki low rise pants
froggy pj set
3 pairs of cute undies (boyshorts)
electric toothbrush
BEAUTIFUL white gold ring with diamonds
silver bracelet
yummy lotion
yummy deodorant
spiritual day planner/calendar
digital camera (YAY!!)
makeup brushes & stuff
tootsie roll bank
all in one PRINTER, SCANNER & COPIER!!(YAY x2!)

So it turned out pretty good! I was happy that my fam liked their gifts too..that's really the best part of all to me!
One of my best friends, Ray called to wish me a good Christmas, he was in Dallas..I havent talked to Stephanie since like after thanksgiving!! For some reason she's being a ho, but i could care less!!

December 26th..(today)

Got up at the butt crack of dawn to go bargain hunting..wasnt very successful..only got toothpaste at Wal-Mart, paper for the printer & 2 shirts from JC Penney(who i usually hate) but these were sorta cute..and they were on sale for 9.99 each, cant beat that shit! went and ate pancakes with Zoey and came home at about 10am went back to sleep and woke up at 3, lol

Random......... *had a crazy ass dream about my ex Chris, he was trying to get back with me..eww hope that never happens cause i will shoot that idea down, baby! Also i guess Tony is mad at me cause he called like a few days ago, but i was over at Ash's being goofy and dropped my cell in her toilet!! I went and got it fixed today tho..and he prolly thought i hung up on him..Oh fruckin well..i dont really give a care, he's full of crap anyways!!

To everyone else..
I hope your xmas was yummy and that your new year is even yummier, love you all;) and be SAFE!

A lil Quiz for ya........   
09:48pm 24/12/2003
  I just did one over at Bzoink, im bored..so if you have time go and check it out!!

Life in GENERL
What was your biggest accomplishment?:Not fuckin up worse than i did last year!! haha
What was your biggest regret?:Not following my heart
Did you fall in love?:No
Did you break up?:umm
Did you go on a great vacation?:nope
Did you have any family tragedy?:yes, my uncle died
What was your biggest disappointment?:no more OTOWN!! lol
What was your most embarrasing moment of 2003?:anytime that i talked more than i should have, lol
Entertainment in '03
Most memorable dance?:the beyonce' booty shake or the chickenhead
Best Phrase?:"Rite Thurr"
Favorite Music Artist:Hilary Duff/ N.E.R.D.
Most Annoying Artist:Jennifer Hopez
fave guilty pleasure:Rocky Road Ice Cream & Lifetime Movies!
Most Overplayed Artist?:50 fuckin Cent!!
Worst Album?:In the Zone- Britney Spears!! (Horrible!)
Best Album?:Andre 3000's "The Love Below"
Best Celebrity Comeback?:Sarah Mclaclan(however you spell)
Your Favorite TV show?:Degrassi The Next Generation
Celebrity Role Model(s) of the year?:Gwen Stefani & Beyonce' Knowles
Best Concert Attended?:Sprite Tour ft. Roots, Kweli & N.E.R.D.
Favorite Song?:Hey Ya(Ande 3000), Crazy in Love (Beyonce')
Worst song of the year?:Anything by Simple Plan, AA Rejects, Jennifer Lopez
Favorite Underground Artist?:Tech Nine
Internet & stuff
Best Website?:none
Goofiest Website?:deansplanet
Most informative website?:prolly CNN
Favorite EZ Board?:Outside Otown was the best!! LOL
blurty or live journal?:Blurty
Favorite thing to do online..:Chat on AIM wif my gurlz!
Last Question
What do you plan to accomplish in the New Year 2004?:I plan to find love,travel, love myself & my family more & work hard in everything that I do and to accomplish any goals i set!
The Freakin' End!!

nerdlover269's 2003 brought to you by BZOINK!
Christmas Eve   
08:36pm 24/12/2003
mood: weird
music: "Heartburn"-Alicia Keys
Its Christmas Eve and im just chillin out..seen my niece and nephew today and gave them their gifts..got to hag wit da babies, i love em i wanted them to stay, but their other grandma was comin down so they had to go..if i want them they are gonna come back for new years and staya few days..i prolly wont party and if i dont they'll be with me...but today my sis had to go to the doctor and i had to take a drug test for the new job that im gonna be starting after the holidays..well my new part time job..Im gonna be working at Best Buy, hooray for me lol..I know i work so much and so hard, its crazy..but that's me..the kinda girl who does everything for herself..dont ask me where that independent streak came from! I wish i was lazy and comfy with that! My mom was gonna pay my cell bill today, but i already sent it off..cause i stayz on top of my bills..now all i need is some fly wheels lol (gangsta girl) But ya, im gonna buy another car next year cause i really need one so that's a reason why i work so much..gotta build up the savings account..nothing's cheap huh? Im goin back to school in January so im gonna quit my nursing job and do the damn thing..My kids will thank me one day believe me when they are rollin in da dough..Im not really excited or happy for xmas..nothing really surprises me anymore..it hasnt really been fun since i was a kid..I do like to eat tho, lol! But last year i was all krunk cause i got a video camera so i guess that's an exception..I watched some bootleg copies of Kill Bill, Haunted Mansion & Love Dont Cost a Thing..I loved them all! LOL...Watchin skateboard videos rite now..Bam Margera and some other guys..About to go and watch the Sanford and Son episodes on TVLAND...Crystal sent me the cutest gifts..i got a little pillow that's hangin on my door currently that says been there done that..(too cute!!) Some really funky diva shades and a copy of the Alicia Keys album, which i have been listening to all day and i am diggin! and that's unbelievable cause every since i got Outkast's album i havent listened to ANYTHING else..Well anyways ive got big plans for the New Year, its gonna be great (Lord Willing) IM going to try to make it great..and avoid all the mistakes i made this year;) So rock on everybody and i hope your Christmas is good, im sure mine will be ITE..No big deal..HOWEVER, MARCH 10th will rock!! haha..........

love peace and turkey grease

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year...

Just whoop that ass, maam!!   
01:55am 20/12/2003
mood: awake
music: "Badaboom"-B2K
Long time no write!! My puter was straight ackin' a damn fool..Yes, ackin!! I couldnt get online at all..it would freeze up and just not even let me do anything..So yea, its good to be back online! Saw some kids showing their natural asses today in Burke's..The lady looked at me all embarrased and was like im not sure what i should even do with them..I was like well, you should just whoop their asses, maam..Its been known to work..There is no reason for any child to act like that..Im sorry..i had to tell her that because im tired of kids acting stupid and parents not doing anything..My mama gave me a pep talk before we even went in the store and was like dont ask for anything and dont think about touching anything unless i tell you to..now get your ass in this buggy and be quiet, lol sure did..i turned out ok..stressing the OKAY!! soo..its the holiday season..but it doesnt so much feel like it here..after all..its Texas..and not just Texas, but EAST TEXAS which means NO SNOW and the temp is normally pretty high..North Texas, West Texas get snow..South Texas has no trees so it gets really cold..and its rite near the border and the Gulf of Mexico is rite there..but here in East Texas..we dont get any of that..hmm..I guess im missing out,they had a Xmas celebration at the zoo of all places, they had a snow machine and shit..but i missed it! however it has been getting to atleast 40 at nite..guess that's good enuff..Wrappin up the Xmas shopping..got my lil bro a John Deere shirt and Trucker hat and some Dickies..Got my sis some warm ups and i need one more thing for her..gotta pick up something for my Pappa and im totally done!! Oh yea gotta go by American Eagle and get Kerri something (girl from work) too..Perfect time for PMS, i swear its always at the wrong time..ive got these two pimples and they are gross and im glad my hair is getting longer again because its doing a good job of covering them up, lol! Friday nite's Degrassi was soooo GOOD!! I just cant even believe it..Cant wait till Jan cause all new season is coming up and im gonna be glued to the set like nobody's business! I havent written (my story) in a while, i havent felt like it..but i read another VC Andrews book Garden of Shadows, im about to start Seeds of Yesterday..Tony has been callin me like crazy..he's sweet, but i guess im just gonna tell him i dont want to be with him..because if i dont..i'll end up taking all his gifts and money and tellin him i think we should see other people and then he will be pissed, so i dont think we should get anything started, lol..My random excitement= my mom serving spiral cut ham with pineapples on XMAS..Cant wait to gain5 more pounds!! Oh yea, i realized today how short i am! Everybody towers over me..and including my 14 year old brother..i feel like a dwarf, *note 2 self, add elevator shoes to Xmas list* Well im off to do things...yea its 2:13am but im off to do stuff, lol..
Holla 4 da Dolla
PS, Crystal yo mail is on its way!! Jennie, miss talkin to ya, we gotta catch up!! To all my other dear blurty readers, Happy Scmolidays!!!
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11 Days Till Xmas?   
01:16pm 14/12/2003
mood: silly
music: "Black Bob"-Kid Rock
That's all? damn this year has really flown by...I cant believe its almost over..kinda weird..I always get antsy at the years end..sorta scared..dont really know why..guess cause i feel a little uncertain about the future.. but at the same time so excited that wonderful things will happen..each year i get closer to finding my soulmate, getting married and having my babies..Extremely excited, lol..Me and my friend Zoey always talk about our weddings..she wants to have a traditional wedding in a Catholic Church with lots of friends and family and a huge reception..Me I want to have an intimate engagement party with all of our friends and family..home cooked southern meal, beers and celebration, LOL..with the actual wedding ceremony taking place on our honeymoon in Italy..She wants her dress to be white and poufy with a long train, I want my dress to be strapless and A-Line with pink flowers embroidered in certain areas..Aaaah...Dare to dream!! I cant wait..Im on a search to find me boy in 2004!! Ive kissed too many frogs to not have a prince somewhere waiting for me, haha!
The Kid Rock Christmas special on VH1 was funny..He's so cute and sexy..he really pulls that trash image off well!
My weekend in a nutshell!!

Friday watched Degrassi, talked on the phone and went to dinner with Zoey
Saturday rented Bad BoysII, Bringing down the House and Sleepaway Camp3 LOL lots of laughs! Went shopping 4 my sister and mom for xmas..came home wrapped gifts, ate at Chic Fil A..came home and chilled out..
Sundy went to church rockin the winter wear lookin o so fabolous mite i add!! an old man almost backed into my mom's car which i happened to be driving, thank god he didnt lol! Talked with Ray, went to a fish fry in da hood!!

Not sure what im doing for new years eve..hopefully something fun, think i wanna party..i miss the scene..Just gotta make some choices on where to go! Im off to shower and wash my wig!!

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Everybody need to stop actin hard & shit....   
06:22pm 10/12/2003
mood: snotty-nosed
music: "Sorry 2004"-Ruben Studdard
...........before you get your ass whooped, i'l smack the shit out ya.....everybody needs somebody to looovvveeeeee, before its tooooo late.....tooo laaateee!!

Ok im just too addicted to this CD i need a chill pill on tha for real:) I looked so pretty today..I had on my Algebra is for Lovers Tee and my fave pair of low rise flare leg jeans..Got em at Wal-Mart like ages ago and ive washed them a million times and they fit sooo cute..Im in love with them..and as much as ive looked i havent found any other jeans that flatter me the way they do..I tried on some camo's in old navy and looked soo silly, lol..I just think that most clothes are made for caucasian body types and i dont have one of those..Ive got tigo bitty's and hips and thighs that dont really agree with those britches i like to wear..My mama always complains that my booty is busting out of em lol..but hey untill i make my own clothing line i gotta do what i gotta do..Went and got my permit to register for Spring Semester, bought dental floss...my mom got me a xmas gift from office max and i cant figure wtf it could be!! im suspicious...hmm...Hopefully going to see the Nick Cannon movie tomorrow, with his fine ass..was even gonna buy his CD today but it was sold out at Circuit City!! Gone on NICK, lol ..Im being lazy, i know damn well that i should be writing and im at the puter eating reeses pieces and reading Ebony with Alicia Keys on the cover!! I gotta focus, so im gone

Love, Peace & Soul


PS..I needz some Trevor updates/photos pretty soon..
that is all thanks:)
05:56pm 08/12/2003
mood: distracted
music: "Take off Your Cool"-Andre3000 & Nora Jones
Its been raining all day here..Ive been watching TV reading VC Andrews Novels & writing my story..Checked some services out that can help me develop a screenplay..some have pretty reasonable prices..Im right at the climax rite now, so im not yet done with the first draft..I say by tomorrow evening i should be finished or pretty close to finishing..Ive had this information overload going on for the past few days and ive had tons of ideas and no matter where i am, i just jot them down, lol napkins & all..I know that's crazy but every once in a while i'll get a creative surge and write a ton! Ive got this book of poems & songs that started when i was about 12 years old..This is the third story that ive actually written..but i have a good feeling about this one, i mean not necessarily become a trillionaire but to actually get some closure from these ideas that have been plaguing me in the middle of the nite and early in the morning, LOL...so if anything i would like to finish writing and have a book and or screenplay in my posession to do whatever i choose with it! My dad is about to buy some more property since he sold the ranch..the property he's buying is sooo gorgeous..Of course its out in the country and it has hills and beautiful trees, but it has a manmade LAKE on it!! Its crazy, my mom is thinking of moving out there, i know my bro wont want that, lol..& then we'll be a little farther away from each other, but i'll visit..Time will tell tho, im a city girl...or better yet a country girl who has this ongoing love affair with the big city..I need to get tickets to the Nutcracker ballet before they sell out, im about to go and check prices and eat
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A Day in the Life (Playing Catch-up)   
08:42pm 06/12/2003
mood: mellow
music: "Prototype"-Andre 3000
Hello dear blurty and my lovely readers! Its been a little while since ive written..Here's little recap..Went to my uncle's funeral on friday with my fam.It was hard..but everyone did really well..Im gonna miss him cause he was a great man..he gave really good advice..he told me.."dont be walkin around lookin all tore up in front of men..keep yourself lookin good sugar" LOL so ive bee extra pretty lately just in honor of him..he was the last link to my grandfather so im sad, but im ok;) Went and had lunch with the fam afterwards..then drove back home and did nothing..watched TV & hungout..Sat daddy let me go shopping..Me and my bro..He gave me the bankcard..and that's dangerous,lol..Me and my bro tore up the mall..But i think we did good..I bought a lot of stuff on the clearance racks..shopped at Pac-Sun, American Eagle, Gadzooks, Old Navy,Dillards, Wet Seal, Talbots & ate at the Cheesecake Factory..Hell yea, i was ballin for a day and man did it feel good! Gota ton of shit, new Chucks, Vintage Long Sleeved tees, dickies...etc Came home did nothing..didnt call any of my friends this entire weekend..Tony called bullshittin me as usual..I told him for Christmas I want a ring..with a Tanzanite stone cause its my fave..in white gold..he was in Atlanta this weekend and checked some out..Yea rite..so he says! We talked for about 30 min..Worked today from 9-4..it went by so slow! Dreamed about Trevor last nite!!! LOL im such a stalker..he's all up in my dreams and shit..We were just hanging out and laughing at eachother lying down on my bed, it was pretty funny i wish i had the whole entire dialouge to post here cause i was straight crackin up like a mofo! Ive also been writing a lot more..I always wanted to publish a book and over the years ive been writing on and off..so hopefully one day i will finish!! OOh i watched LoveJones last nite with my girl Nia
Long and Larenz Tate, made me all sad that im NOT in LOVE, hahha...So not a whole lot goin on..Im off tomorrow so tonite im gonna stay up madd late! i know im such a kid!! Hey to everyone that i miss!!
Crystal, Jennie, Jess, Patrick, Liz & Asher!!

PS. 4 anyone who doesnt have Speakerboxxx/The Love Below....Please buy it so you can know how brilliant Andre's album is...I just cant get enuff of it!!
I Am....(short summary of 2day)   
11:49pm 01/12/2003
mood: thirsty
music: "Step in the name of LOVE" Kellz
sleepy, I am tired, Ive done nothing out of the ordinary today..
I dont like my boss
I dont like my job
after the holidays i think i'll quit
sent of financial aid papers 2day
watched tv
went to my brother's basketball game
Ate Popeyes chicken and rocky road ice cream
had a headache
bought my nephew 2 pairs of pants
took back my sox
checked email
jotting down ideas for a screenplay!
taking a bath at Midnite & Peacing da Fux Out!!

That is ALL!
10:47pm 29/11/2003
mood: worried
music: "Caroline"-Andre 3000
so its sun nite and the holiday is over..i feel ITE!! Im stuffed up, cause my allergies just seem to get the best of me..ive been snotting all damn day, im guessing its an infection cause its all nice and yeller..well some parts of it;) So im gonna try to self medicate because its outrageous to go to the doctor and get meds! so hopefully that'll go ok..Im re enrolling to school in Jan so im gettin everything together..or im sposed to be doing that rite now as i type..gotta get my finances in order and shit..Holla for that financial aid refund check that i'll be gettin!! That money is gonna be helping me party in O-Town with Crystal next year!! I saw Randy today..he's my ex boyfriend's cousin who has always wanted to get with me..He's not my type..I just dont usually go for guys who are like him..he's not all that cute to me..i was at the gas station gettin gas and buying my uncle some cigarettes and he was like i havent seen you in 15 yrs and i was like Randy stop trippin! and he asked for my number and i gave him the computer line cause i rarely answer that bitch..plus he didnt have a pen and i didnt either so chances are he wont remember it anyways..but these sorta dudes have a knack for remembering shit they shouldnt! Went and saw GOTHIKA tonite..it was absolutely AMAZING! I was in shock the whole friggin movie, Halle Berry is so wonderful, i love her..she's such a great actress! Everyone go see that movie..Penelope Cruz was really good as well..Ive been really sleepy early lately..dun know why..guess cause the time change is just now catching up with me..Its 11:03pm now and i feel like its 3am..Weird?!? VH1 Big in 03 was a joke..Pharrell wasnt even on there..they totally fooled me on those previews saying his name and shit like he was performing! Oh well..Kid Rock was looking all kinds of red neck hot tho..I swear if i could find me a cutie pie redneck i would risk the dirty looks from my family lol! I used to date this one red neck guy named Tim..He was hella fine tho..brown hair brown eyes..tall..tan..sexy! he wasnt really a hick but sorta was..he was cool..and knew how to talk to me without bein an asshole, which is sometimes a problem in interracial dating, lol..but he was cool..he had a big ass truck and used to wear justin's lmfao!! needless to say it didnt work out and my mama was glad of that i think!! HATER!! Anyhow..Im gonna listen to Andre 3000's Love Below album while i do my financial aid info!! HOLLA
Me Luz U All!!!
Thanksgiving Mayhem (The Aftermath)   
09:56pm 26/11/2003
mood: full
music: Moby's Album "Play"
K, today is thanksgiving...and im so thankful for everyone and everything that i have..I feel blessed and its amazing..But on a down note, my great uncle died last nite..he was the last thing i had left on this earth of my grandfather (his brother) and now he's gone..It makes me sad..I expect the funeral to be next week on wed or thurs...*sighs* Well, today the fam came down(my dad's side) My 2 Aunts from Shreveport, Louisiana and my cousins and we ate like horses man..it was off da hizzle! Had ham, turkey,dressing, cranberry sauce, greens,cornbread, potato salad, pecan pie, apple pie,sweet potato pie, strawberry shortcake, chocolate caramel cake with nuts, and my auntie brought some of that foul ass COON for my pops..Yea we are from Louisiana and we are Coon Asses..so its very fitting for us to be eating coon on thanksgiving! But i didnt.. cause that is really nasty! I didnt eat all that, but most..Ive been eating all day and i plan to continue it thru the nite just cause..there's plenty of food so we may as well eat that shizz! Went over to my Uncles, and then over to my Aunt's house to see everyone..ate more cake there and watched 106&Park with my cousins and cracked jokes..Went over to Steph's and hung out for a microsecond..played with her little girl, went to Eckerds to buy a candle and came back to da hizzouse! Tony called today..(the guy i lost my virginity to) He was tellin me how much he misses me and loves me and the usual shit, I didnt know what to say..Im so starved for love right now i thought about saying it, but i just cant man..i cant..He told me about all the drama that's been going on in Nashville and that he, by the way sorta has a 7 month old son...WTF? He says he finds out for sure in January when the paternity test is done or whatever..and he was like what does this mean for us..you like stepkids rite? I was like look..I cant even think about that rite now, cause i dont know anything about what is going to happen between us! So he's making me all these promises about how he's coming to see me and all that..and i told him he was full of shit..and he laffed and says you are rite..i dont make good on my promises do i? I was like no you dont..We talked for a while and he asked me about Texas's weather..and i told him it was about 65 and it was raining in Nashville..and i told him how much i love snow even tho ive never seen it..and he was like lets see snow together..and i was like here we go..and he's like lets go to Colorado..knowing that i want to go there like crazy..im like yea..when you get the shit booked let me know..I dont know what his problem is..We are nothing more than friends now anyways so if we do go on a trip he wont get any nookie!! Damn that was long..the end of that story..so on to more drama..I think my guy friend Coby has a crush on me! He is my best friend's cousin (Steph) and she was like he talks about you like mad and asks about who you are dating all the time! And he was disappointed that you guys didnt kick it last weekend..and he told her that he doesnt want me to think he's trying to put the moves on me..Oh Lord..i never get anything easy in my life!! He's a sweet guy, not ugly..but ive known him since i was in diapers..I dont see him like that..but he's been on my tip now for quite some time and ive just not said anything about it..I dont know if i should call him and be friendly or what..I really dont..Oh well..Im goin to bed Ive got an early day tomorrow..work from 9-4 so, Happy Turkey Day, everyone maybe your life isnt as complicated as mine!!!

PS. No clubbin tonite cause Duran is over Steph's now and is player hating and cock blockin so we cant go out..
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Jennie's long ass SURVEY!! LMFAO...Updates maybe later;)   
08:25pm 24/11/2003
mood: drained
music: "Remedy"- Black Crowes
What is your full name:: Kimberly Nicole
Spell your first name backwards::elociN ylrebmiK
Date of birth:: 03/10/1980
Male or female:: Female
Astrological sign:: Pisces
Nicknames:: Kim, K.T.
Occupation:: Vocational Nurse
Height:: 5'3
Weight:: 139.5
Hair color:: Black
Eye color:: Dark Brown
Where were you born:: Kenner,LA
Where do you reside now:: Lufkin,TX
Screen names:: kateezy4sheezy
E-mail addy:: kimilicious_2000@yahoo.com
What does your screen name stand for:: my nickname and me bein silly
What is your greatestjournal name:: sassichik269
What does your greatestjournal name stand for: 2 characteristics of me and my love for Trevor!
Pets:: a horse named JR
Number of candles you blew out on your last birthday cake:: ? I dunno not 23 tho, lol
Piercings:: Ears
Tattoo's:: 0
Shoe size:: 8.5
Righty or lefty:: Righty
Wearing:: burgundy vintage tee that says Camp Hiawatha and blue jean flares
Hearing:: Court TV
Feeling:: stuffy
Eating/drinking:: nothing
Guys/Girls/Love/Kissing/And Other Stuff
Have you ever been in love:: Yes
How many people have you said: 3
How many people have you been in REAL love with:: Just One
How many people have you kissed:: too damn many!
Have you ever kissed someone of the same sex:: uh uh
How many people have you dated:: a bunch, lol
What do you look for in a guy/girl:: sense of humor, and humility
What's the first thing you notice about the opposite sex:: Appearance & his eyes
What type of guy/girl do you usually go for:: I like em a lil rugged..skater types guys who are trendy and dont know it
Do you have a crush right now:: absolutely not
If so who is it:: ---------
Do you believe in love at first sight:: Yes
Do you remember your first love:: Yes
Who is the first person you kissed:: a kid called Diddy (i swear lol)
Do you believe in fate:: Yes
Do you believe in soul mates:: Yes
If so do you believe you'll ever find yours:: I better, im already planning the wedding!
Family Stuff
How many siblings do you have:: 2
What are your siblings names:: Brandon & Dundra
What are your parents names:: Willie and Rose
How many siblings does your mother have:: 6
How many siblings does your father have:: 8
Where are your parents from:: Houston, TX & Bethany, LA
Is your family close:: sorta
Does your family get together for holidays:: sometimes
Do you have a drunk uncle:: Yea, i do
Any medical problems run through your family:: Cancer
Does someone in your family wear a toupee:: haah no
Do you have any nieces or nephews:: both, they are gorgeous:)
Are your parents divorced:: No
Do you have step parents:: No
Has your family ever disowned another member of your family:: no
Did some of your family come to America from another country:: Yes, My grandparents came from Haiti
Music Stuff
What song do you swear was written about you or your life:: Behind Blue Eyes
What's the most embarrassing cd you own:: Oops, I did it Again-Britney Spears
What's the best cd you own:: In Search Of...-N.E.R.D.
What song do you absolutely hate:: Stunt 101-G Unit
Do you sing in the shower:: YES
What song reminds you of that special someone:: Again- by Lenny Kravitz
Okay, I Name An Artist And You Give A Lyric From Any One Of Their Songs!
Pink:: I been down every road, you could go..i made some bad choices as you know.
Aerosmith:: I was crying, when i met you, now im dying to forget you
Madonna:: If i could melt your heart...we'd never be apart
Korn:: ??
Backstreet Boys:: Although loneliness has always been a friend of mine..imleaving my life in your hands
The Beatles:: They Suck
Sublime:: Who is that?
J.Lo:: Dont be fooled by the rocks that I got
*Nsync:: Now that we are apart, am i still in your heart?
Limp Bizkit:: This time ima let it all come out, this time ima stand up and shout
Stacie Orrico:: there's gotta be more to life
Creed:: They eat shit
Britany Spears:: Say hello to the girl, that I am
Good Charlotte:: Girls dont like boys girls like cars and money
Christina Aguilera:: Nobody can hold us down
Eminem:: Im only entertaining you iiiiii
Kelly Clarkson:: when the truth came out you were the last to know
Kelly Osbourne:: ???
Mandy Moore:: she bites
Eve:: brick::what yall niggaz want..you cant touch
Aaliyah:: age aint nothing but a number goin down aint nuthin but a thing
Nelly:: You can find me in St Louis...
Alicia Keys:: Im jealous of your girlfriend
Incubus:: Dont know their shit
Color:: brown.blue
Food:: Soul food (Right On)
Song:: Gangsta Girl-Big Tymers & Kelly
Show:: Chappelle Show
School subject:: English
Band/singer/artist: N.E.R.D./No Doubt
Animal:: Fish
Outfit:: Low Rise Jeans and Corset Top
Radio station:: Hot 97.9
Movie:: Sid & Nancy, Hot Chick, Cooley High
Pair of shoes:: Sugar Sneaks
Cartoon:: ----
Actor:: Billy Bob Thornton/Denzel Washington
Actress:: Julia Styles/Nia Long
Potato chip:: Lays Limon Flavor
Drink:: Vanilla Cappucino
Soda:: Dr. Pepper, Cherry 7up
Holiday:: X-mas/Birthday
Perfume/cologne:: Clinique Happy
Pizza topping:: Supreme
Jello flavor:: STRAWBERRY
Lunch meat:: Ham
Card Game:: 21, BITCH LOL
Video game:: Grand Theft Auto- Vice City
Website:: ??
Book:: Flowers in the Attic-VC Andrews
Computer game:: None
Cereal:: Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Comedian:: Dave Chappelle
Dessert:: Rocky Road Ice Cream
Disney character::none
Clothing store:: Gadzooks, American Eagle, 579
Past time:: sleeping eating shopping
Teacher:: None
Childhood toy:: Cabbage Patch Dall (Kendra)
Carnival game/ride:: Ferris Wheel
Candy bar:: snickers
Magazine:: Cosmo
Salad dressing:: Ranch
Thing to do on the weekend:: shop, talk on the phone
Hot drink:: Hot chocoloate
Season:: Spring
Sport to watch:: basketball
Person to talk to online:: Jennie, Patrick, Crystal
Your Bedroom/Sleeping Habits
What color are your sheets:: sea green
What color are your bedroom walls::panel
Do you have posters on your wall:: no
If so of what:: ------
Do you have a tv in your bedroom:: No
How many pillows are on your bed:: 1
What do you normally sleep in:: Panties, lol
Describe your favorite pair of pajamas:: My blue Corpus Christi Jammerz
What size bed do you have:: queen
Do you have a waterbed/bunkbed/daybed:: -----
Do you have your own phone line in your bedroom::yea
Describe the last nightmare you had:: dont remember
Do you sleep with stuffed animals:: no
How many people can comfortably sleep in ur bed::::2
Any unusual sleeping positions:: on my left side
Do you have to share your bedroom with a sibling:: No
Do you snore:: yes sometimes
How about drool:: YES!!!!!!
Do you have an alarm clock in your room:: yes
What color is the carpet in your room:: Rose
What's under your bed:: dustbunnies and crap
This or that
loser/wannabe:: Loser
Doughnuts/bagels:: Doughnuts
Day/night:: Night
Wicked witch of the east/wicked witch of the west:: West
Heaven/hell:: Heaven
Make love/have sex:: Make love
Coffee/tea:: Tea
Hamburgers/hotdogs:: Burgers
Rap/rock:: Rap
Britney/Christina:: Bristina
Swiss cheese/american cheese:: American
Real World/Road Rules:: Real World
Backstreet Boys/*Nsync:: Backstreet
Silver/gold:: silver
Nike/Adidas:: Adidas
McDonalds/Taco Bell:Mickey Donuz
Sweet/sour:: sour
Punk/emo:: punk
Hot/cold:: cold
Winter/summer:: winter
Spring/fall:: Spring
Operas/plays:: operas
Read/watch tv:: tv
Cd's/tapes:: CDs
Dvd's/vhs:: vhs
Old/new:: New
Shorts/skirts:: Skirts
Pink/red:: red
Colored pictures/black and white photos:: b/white
Meat/vegetables:: veggies
Mexican food/chinese food:: Mexican
Commercials/infomercials:: Info
Scary movies/comedies:: scary
Bikinis/one piece bathing suits:: commando
Sandals/tennis shoes:: tennis shoes
Dogs/cats:: cats
Unicorns/fairies:: unicorns
Water/land:: land
Sugar/spice:: Spice
Black/white:: black
ribbons/bows:: Ribbons
Chicken/beef:: Chicken
Colored christmas lights/regular :multicolored
Cars/trucks:: Trucks
Austin Powers/James Bond:: none
Popcorn/pretzels:: Pretzels
Hip/hop:: Hop
Passionate kiss/peck:: Passionate
WWE wrestling/ real wrestling:: none
Back rub/foot massage:: Back rub
Picture frames/photo albums:: albums
What Is Your Opinion Of The Following
Eminem:: confused
Virgins:: they are sweet
God:: Power & Eternity
The Osbournes:: Annoying
Reality TV:: Stupid
J.Lo:: overrated
Religion:: A source of strength
Emo music:: ?
Valentine's Day:: Girls Nite Out
Christina Aguilera's comeback::A joke
Homosexuals:: Sux to be in their position
Abortion:: choice of the person
Inter-racial relationships:: Love is Blind
Death:: makes me uncomfortable
Obesity:: WOW
Pre-marital sex:: Its morally wrong, but its the individuals choice
Terrorism:: sad people
Pornography:: lol
Fortune Tellers: spooky
Threesomes:: only with hot strangers
Prostitution:: arent they sore?
Politics:: Get us a democrat
Country music:: YI hate it
George W. Bush:: Is a friggin idiot, damn those snooty rich Republicans!
Cloning::eww No way
Britney's boobs:: arent as cute as mine
Gas prices in America:: Too High
What Do You Think Of When You Hear These Common Names?...
Jack:: Cracker Jax
Tiffany:: ?
Ben:: ?
Maria:: ?
Nicole:: ME
Amy:: Black Ame, What up LA!
Adam:: Bible
Richard:: Murphy
Arnold:: Hey Arnold
Tom:: green
Melissa: buddy from 6th grade
Charlotte:: Hornets
Harold:: on Hey Arnold
John:: my uncle
Joel:: ??
Vanessa:: awww
Michelle:: Steph's middle name
Kevin:: skinny guy that thinks he's all that
Brent:: beautiful baby blues
Jake:: O-Town
Billy:: Bob Thornton
Sarah:: Tall and Blonde
Natalie:: my cousin
Christy:: ex best friend
Nick:: loser next door
Linda:: Lemon Cake
Taylor:: Ash's last name
Jordan:: Michael
Jamie:: Ced's baby mama
Adrian:: my dawg!!
Have You Ever....
Mooned anyone:: yea
Been on a diet:: no
Been to a foreign country:: ---
Broken a bone:: collar bone no
Swallowed a tooth/cap/filling:: no
Swear at a teacher:: no
Talked to an gj member via emails or instant messages:: A WHO??!?
Got in a fight:: yep
Dated a teacher:: No
Laughed so hard you peed your pants:: Yes
Thought about killing your enemy:: yup
Gone skinny dipping:: naaa
Met another gj member in the flesh:: lmfao
Told a little white lie:: Yes
Told a secret you swore not to tell:: nope
Stolen anything: sure have
Misused a swear word and it sounded absolutely stupid:: yes probally
Been on TV:: yep
Been on the radio:: Yes
Been in a mosh pit:: yeh
Been to a concert:: Yes
Dated one of your best friends:: no
Loved someone so much it makes you cry:: yup i did that
Deceived somebody close to you:: Yeh
Broken the law:: Yes
Been to a rodeo:: Hello im from TEXAS of course i have lol
Been on a talk show:: No
Been on a game show:: No
Been on an airplane:: yes
Got to ride on a firetruck:: no
Came close to dying:: No
Cheated on a bf/gf:: Yep
Gave someone a piggy back ride:: Yes
Terrorized a babysitter:: no
Made a mud pie:: no
Had a dream that you're falling off a cliff:: No
Snuck out of the house at night:: Yes
Been so drunk you don't remember your name:: No
Had an eating disorder:: no no no
Felt like you didn't belong:: Yes
Felt like the 3rd wheel:: sure who hasnt
Smoked:: yes
Done drugs:: yes
Been arrested:: lmao yes!
Had your tonsils removed:: No
Gone to camp:: No
Won a bet:: Yes
Written a love letter:: Yes
Gone out of your way to be with the one you love:: absolutely
Written a love poem:: lots
Kissed in the rain:: not yet
Slow danced with someone you love:: No
Participated in an orgy:: lol wow, not yet
Faked an orgasm:: who hasnt at one point
Stolen a kiss:: Yes,
Asked a friend for relationship advice:: Yes
Had a friend steal your bf/gf:: No
Watched the sunset/rise with someone you love:: No
Gotten a speeding ticket:: no
Done jail time:: No
Had to wear a uniform to work:: Yes
Won a trophy:: no
Thrown up in public:: yeh
Bowled a perfect game:: no
Failed/got held back:: no
Got perfect attendance in grade school:: No
Roasted pumpkin seeds: who does that shit?
Taken ballet/karate lessons::no
Attempted suicide:: No
Cut yourself:: accidentally but not for sport, lol
Childhood Stuff
Did you play with Barbies/G.I. Joes:: GI Joes
Did you own Treasure Trolls:: Yes
Did you watch Beverly Hills 90210:: Yes
Did you play Simon Says:: Yes
Did you watch Fraggle Rock:: I was scared of it
Did you wet the bed:: Once when i was about 6 i dreamed i was in the bathroom lol
Did you believe there were monsters in your closet or under your bed:: no
Did you wear the underwear with the days of the week on them:: I still do, lol
Were you shy::absolutely
Were you spoiled:: My mother thinks so
Were you abused:: what do you consider abuse? lol
Did you go to the circus:: No
Did you go to the zoo:: Yes
Were you in a car accident:: Yes
Did you build snowmen:: Ive never seen snow in person..Im from scorching hot EAST TEXAS!
Did you cry when you scraped your knee:: No, i just cursed;)
Were your older cousins mean to you::nope
Did you think slinkies were cool:: Yes the different color ones rocked
Did you think the Ninja Turtles really lived in the sewer:: They didnt really live there?
Were you afraid of the dark:: YES
Did you have slumber parties:: Yea occasionally
Did you have New Kids on the Block sheets, pillows, pajamas? Yea and all my friends thought i was lame!
Did you tease your hair out like Tiffany:: ????? Hell na
Did you believe in the Easter Bunny/Santa Claus/ and the Tooth Fairy:: No my mom crushed that and said there was no such thing as a fat white man with gifts..and if he has candy and tries to give it to you, then come get me lol
Do you believe in aliens:: Sorta
Name three things that are next to your computer: Sky blue bottle, mouse, DP CAN
Do you have any hidden talents:: I can sing opera
Do you wish MTV would play music videos:: YES! Its all stupid shows
If you were to star in a movie, what kind of movie would it be:: Drama
What would your movie star name be:: Nicole Tieuel
Do you play any sports:: no i was an ashtma geek
What's the scariest movie you've ever seen:: Jeepers Creepers (Holy Shit!!)
What is the best movie you've seen in the theater or rented recently:: Identity
What is the dumbest movie you've ever seen:: The Census Taker or Playaz Court
Do you drive:: Yep
What is your dream car::1969 Black Mustang
Do you think your good looking::I do pretty good
Do others think you are good looking:: Trevor does lol Yea the boys the boys they love me!
Would you ever sky dive:: Yep
Do you believe in Bigfoot:: Na that's horseshit
How many rooms do you have in your house::4
Are you afraid of roller coasters:: YEs
Do you believe in God:: Yes :)
Do you believe in Satan:: Yes
Do you believe there is a heaven::Oh YEH!
Do you believe there is a hell:: Yes
Do you own a pooltable:: I cant shoot pool
Do you have a pool:: No
Do you have a dishwasher in your kitchen:: yeh
Do you like chocolate:: yeh
Who/what is on your 2003 calendar:: I dont have one lol
How many U.S. states have you been to:: about 7
Ever wished on a shooting star:: Yes
Best Halloween costume you ever wore:: a ballerina
Do you carry any weapons on you:: Not currently
What is your weakness:: Boys
Name something you can't get enough of:: Compliments, Food,
Describe yourself in 3 adjectives:: Silly,Intellectual, Sweet
How many kids do you want to have:: 2
Future daughters names:: Autumn Rose
Future sons names:: Kamden
What is your ideal way to die:: Painless
How do you release stress:: laughing, writing
Do you consider yourself a trendy person:: sure
Are you an artisitic person:: absolutely
Are you a realistic person?:: not often
Do you un-tie your shoes every time you take them off:: No
Are you a strong person:: physically no, mentally yes
Are you a strong willed person:: yes
Who is the last person to e-mail you:: Amanda
Who is the last person to IM you:: Elizabeth or Patrick
Do you hate chain e-mails:: haaahahha yeh I dont open forwards
Are you a deep sleeper:: hell yea cant wake me with a brick!
Are you a good story teller:: yeh hahahah
What do you believe is your best quality:: Humor
What is your greatest accomplishment:: doing things on my own
Do you like to burn candles or incense:: Sometimes
Do you have your own credit card:: No
Let's say you win the lotto. What do you do with all that money?:: Set up my fam, buy my dream home and car, open my own business
Do you have a check book:: No
Do you like your drivers licence:: yea i look sorta fly
Do you tan easily:: Genetics made me naturally brown:)
What color is your hair naturally:: dull lookin brownish black
How many fillings do you have:: 0
How many cavities did you have at your last dentist visit::0
Worst feeling in the world?: Bereavement or Kramps
Best feeling in the world:: Being in Love, being with people you enjoy
Is the glass half empty or half full:: Half FULL
Last thing you downloaded:: pix of Trevor
Do you catch yourself using online terms in your real life?:: Yea i tell everyone LOL everyday
What do you think people think of you:: They think im very mysterious and they prolly wonder why im so choosy about who i converse with
Are you a likeable person:: about 80% of the time
Do you need therapy:: LOTS!
Do you take medication for a chemical imbalance:: No
Do you love your bf/gf:: n/a
When are you moving:: Aug. 2004
What's your favorite phrase: "Oh yea?"
Hey yall, take my quiz!!   
08:04pm 23/11/2003
mood: giggly
music: "Im still in love"-Sean Paul ft. Sasha
About you
Whats your middle name?:Nicole
Whats your zodiac sign?:Pisces
Describe your personality..:charming, funny, sensitive & sweet
Whats your fave NBA team/player?:San Antonio Spurs/Allen Iverson
Social Life
Whats the best thing about the opposite sex?:Their strength
What person do you think is the definition of perfection?:TREVOR PENICK!
Hairy chest or butt baby smooth?:Butt-baby smooth
Are you a virgin, if so, how long will you wait?:No
What's better girth or length?:Length
Oral or Penetration?:Penetration
silence or screaming?:Screamin
cuddling after sex or kickin dat azz out?:kick dat azz out, lol!
French kiss or smack?:French Kiss
Da Social Scene
How often do you go out?:atleast once a month
Do you flirt with the guys/girls there?:hell yea!
Whats your best pick up line?:"Ya know what would look good on you? Me!"
Ever gone out alone?:No
do you accept drinks from guys/girls who you dont find attractive?:Yes, i need to get my buzz on regardless
Are you a wallflower or dirty dancer?:dirty dancer
Do you stay untill the club/party ends?:sometimes
First one there or fashionably late?:fashionably late
Do you party in VIP?:sometimes
Do you take guys/girls home afterwards?:no, but sometimes we go out to breakfast
Choose one
Neptunes or Timbaland?:Neptunes!! (I lub Pharrell)
Chocolate or Vanilla?:Chocolate
Earache or Toothache?:damn! toothache
White or Black?:Black
Thanksgiving or Christmas?:Christmas
Brother or Sister?:BOTH
email or snail mail?:snail mail
Erik Estrada or TrevorPenick?:Trevor's fine ass!
Night or Day?:Night
Constipation or Diarreah? (LOL):LOL Constipation
Fish or Chicken?:Chicken
Ice Cream or Yogurt:Ice Cream
Cereal or Cereal Bars?:Cereal Bars
I just wanna know if you've
ever gotten high?:Yes
had a threesome?:Not yet
stolen gas?:Unfortunately yes
cheated on your bf or gf?:absolutely
farted really loud in public?:not yet
cursed in front of your mother?:accidentally:(
stabbed yourself in the gums with a fork, spoon toothpick..etc?:am i the only one?
ever been to TEXAS:Yes, I live here
do you want to?:I'd rather live in Los Angeles so I could stalk Trevor:)

nerdlover269's Freakin' Quiz brought to you by BZOINK!
Yo Yo Yo, Bussin some monsta JAMZ!   
09:52pm 22/11/2003
mood: bade tase in my mouth!
music: *Gangsta Girl* Big Tymers ft. Kells
So...its sunday..the temp dropped today like crazy..its windy out there..maybe i can break out those Gap Cords on those Old Navy Sweaters!! I got the cutest shirt yesterday..Its a long sleeved shirt from American Eagle..that fits kinda sexily and its like a deep purple and its got 2 owls on it and it says Algebra is for LOVERS...its too cute..I also got a new cover for my cell phone, its fishies..Im obsessed with Fishies its really cute! I set my ring tone to "Frontin" and when my phone rings, im all singin along, haha..yes im goofy..I also bought a pair of shoes from Gadzooks..their the brand called SUGAR you can get em from Alloy, Delias, etc..they are dark blue with light blue shoe strings and they have a THICK sole, there absolutely fa bo lo us uh! Me and Coby ended up playing phone tag this weekend, damn it i wanted to see GOTHIKA! maybe we can go in the week coming up..Talked to Crystal today for a bit, had been a while since i called in to chat with her so i did..Talked to Elizabeth today as well..she told me about her and Ash going to Texas A&M to party with frat boys and them seeing Maroon 5 in concert, dayum hoes, LOL! Talked to my other friend Ash today she called me from work..she gets off at 10 too bad my cell phone is dead cause i know she's gonna wanna talk off my ear..not tonite tho, babe! Steph was talkin to Duran last nite..(he's fat) and she didnt call me back! I was hopin my cell would ring so i could run away from this ugmo trying to mack on me *shudders* Was gonna christmas shop but got selfish and started tearin da mall up for myself ya dig? I deserve it damn..Its like Loreal......IM WORTH IT! I know the salon is gonna be packed next week, but i need my hair and eyebrows and nails manicured/waxed/cut!! damn everything goes wrong all at once! Maybe i can pull something off..Im gonna make a Trevor Icon for my blurty..to nutralize this Pharrell Mania LOL..Jingle Jam is gonna suck this year..I cant believe this time last year (dec. 5th to be exact, stalker lol) that i was drunkenly hitting on Trevor in the Renaissance Hotel lobby, too funny!! *cat calls* "Hey......SEXXY* Yea im a supa dork! Those were the days:( only peeps worth seeing are Black Eyed Peas but i dont wanna sit thru Nick and Jessica, Sum 41 and friggin Lizzie Mcguire for $50, no sir cant and wont do it! Im ready for the holiday to be done..My aunts are comin and they bore me and i already promised my mom i would stay and help/entertain the guests..GRR..So yea there you have it! Im off to shower and watch South Park...

*Four Finger Split*

Tired in Texas
Sex in the FALL:(   
10:38pm 20/11/2003
mood: sex-starved
music: "Allure"-Jay-z ft. Pharrell Williams
Its always nice to get laid when its cold outside..To come inside to a nice dimly lit cluttered bedroom..feel each other up with cold hands, make out...then good old fashion BONIN' LMFAO!! Yep those are the best times in the world..I wonder if i'll ever have that again? Lying down on my warm bed every night on my left side..(cant sleep without bein this way) and wonder..why is there no one beside me..This shit is gettin old..God forbid, Im almost desperate!! Extremely starved for attention..Which is why ive been spending time with my guy friends..I enjoy being adored and pampered and stared at LOL..yes im an attention whore..I cant help it!! Its cause im a Pisces..and not only am I a Pisces, but im a middle child too..which means i have middle child syndrome..Which means my favorite phrase was "Hey everybody, look at me!!" So i seen Coby this afternoon when i was getting gas for the El Caro and he pulls up and is screaming my name..I was like HEEy!! LOL Ive known this guy since I was about 4 years old..He's my best friends first cousin..He's not cute to me..but i guess cause ive known him for so long..I mean..NOOO Waay!! So me and him are goin out this weekend..Im sure we'll have fun..Me and Steph are goin out prolly too..I need to get out some more cause i always feel lonely and sad during the holidays! But Steph's birthday is coming up and we are gonna hang and shit..So Cobe is gonna prolly take me to dinner or somethin..We are also gonna go to this club called Midnite on Thanksgiving nite, they are havin some ghetto ass contest for who has the best throwback jerseys!! LOL So that should be somethin funny to report! But yea..I dunno..I need some sex but never from my guy friends..I just cant do it..I aint that horny yet!! Hopefully something great will pop off sooner or later! I heard from Amanda today!! I was so happy!! I love her..I miss her:( Im sad..She's gonna be coming to Montana with Chris for Christmas..Damn she's lucky..Hopefully me and her will get to see each other soon..New Years will hopefully bring new experiences..and lots of fun and travel and lotsa sex and stuff..LOL..well Im gonna go chat on the celly..Oh and to all my online buddies/blurty mates I wanna get your addresses so i can send you guys some christmas cards;)
Much Love

xoxo Kimmy

*R.I.P Jonathan Brandis*
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This is just too friggin SWEET!   
05:34pm 15/11/2003
  "The only thing I need now in my life, man, is ... my wife," ... I'm close to Jesus. I got the job that I want. My mom and dad are happy. My little brother is a pro out there in San Diego, skating for two different companies, [and] my baby brother is doing well in school. Wherever you are, baby, it's written already. Let's find each other. Let's steal away, take the kids out of school and go to Disney World. I'm there now." -Pharrell Williams

*Damn his future wife is gonna be one lucky summa ma bitch lol!*