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    Monday, April 3rd, 2006
    6:01 pm

    more than anythign ive wanted to update about the ball coz it was f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c
    everyone last year sed it would suck and it soooo did not!
    i know some ppl, like sabs didnt have as much fun and got a bit bored, im sorry i wish we couldve danced together i was sooo upset that i closed my eyes in our photo!! i ruined it omg!!!!!!
    we have to get a special one for spring fling if ur going and i'll pull my eyes open :P

    lately ive been a bitch which is typical of me but i hate this year,
    everyone sed that year 12 is the best year eva
    thats sooo not freakign true for me
    i feel like an alien with everyone
    we're doing the stuff we did last year in chem and i still suck freakign hell y cant i grasp this shit?!
    a really strange thing is happenign this year is maths, im passing. and not just passing, im getting like 70% which is really strange for me. for most ppl thats like shit but for me that freaking terrific and its soooo freaking strange that im doing soo good. im really pleased now im becomign more confident in the subject now although i always feel dumb in maths classes. i must be doign somthign right in the tests where it counts :P hopefully that happens with the exams also!

    wow my nails are hurtign from typing im gonna have to cut them....
    i used to have great long nails and now since contacts and work i cant. i wish they couldve been nicer for the ball. the acrylics or wateva looked nice but everyone had them so im glad i didnt i was a bit different.

    this week i wasnt such a bitch to my frends i kinda just stayed away from them coz otherwise if i say something they'll react to it. im so tired aarghh i hate recess and lunch right now. this week wasnt so bad but i still feel like an alien. i wanna be a green alien :D
    omggggg smallville i cant freakign wait till next year wen maybe they'll show 5th season of smallville. im sooo obsessed. i guess its replacing alias since they killed it!!!! (sob) i still love u sarky
    even though u were like not even in the last few seasons

    my fav season most probs is the one with laurenand sark coz i think they're a hot couple and its soo funny how syd and vaughn wanna be together but he's staying loyal to his wife whos actually having an affair with the hottest guy eva! other than dan :P

    aarrrgh my parents figured out who i like and i have no freaking idea how! not even my frends know. they probs think i like simon....


    i feel like an evil bitch when it comes to him. i so did not see that coming that he liked me. for a year! wat the hell?! we talked like 2/3 times for like 10 mins a time last year. and he had a crush on me?! whyyyyyy???
    crazzzzzzyyyyy oh well he'll realise he soooooo much better off without me. he deserves the best girl to be his gf
    he's a great guy but not my type he reminds me too much of jon and yeah i reckon he'll realise that im not his type. im too annoying and emotional
    i dunno who is my type
    i dunno if even the guy i liek is my type
    but i dotn think i should have a bf this year even if he likes me

    nails are still hurting

    ok lets talk abotu the ball shall we

    went to get my hair done and EVERYONE WASTHEREloll
    i saw sam in her last 15 mins, rhiannon the twin in pnl, priscilla who sat next to me and beccy. and the girl that did some of my hair like put it in the curlers shes our age she looked older, and she went to westleeming and was best frends with syra and stuff and knows bec and blah and yeah i sed im frends with lara and sarah adn shes kinda acted weird i dunno loll. i think her name was courtney im not sure. blonde
    neways my hair wasnt wat i wanted at the front.....but wat can u do? start agen? i was alreayd late and by the time i got there i was quite late but oh well i wasnt as late as sarah and alain :P hehe
    there were photos, everyone looked beautiful
    photos eeek i hated that we jsut sat there and didnt know where to look
    then we went into the limo and went to kingspark and saw heaps of groups there and i saw jon and waved and he like completely ignored me and started talkign to jess i was like ok....wat the fuck is up ur ass
    he's soo weird towards me

    simon was really sweet wow i so didnt see that coming.. i loved his corsage it was beautiful but i left it on my bed afteri got home and coco freaking got to it and my parents one is all shit too they dotn last long they're shit. dancing was soo much better than spring fling. i was soo lookign forward to the food and was so not impressed. cake was great loll :D pumpkin soup was pretty good but i hated the chickenthing wateva it was supposed to be. god i wish i had gotten more photos!! which reminds me i havent even went to look at them yet!! i gotta tomoz coz we gotta pay by tuesday!
    i didnt really get many photos....i'll have to do that in spring fling
    but i bet i'll forget agen
    i enjoyed dancing to much

    afters was ok wen i got there i was thinking this is it?! ppl are always goign on about parties and i got there and i saw ppl drinking and i was like wow they look like little children doign adult things. i dunno i just got that thought and i felt so out of place. everyone looked fine with the situation but the guys especially the smaller ones i just thought htey looked hilarious. it was fun but not wat i expected. mostly it was just talking and the twins and their dates playing pool. i wnated to have a go at pool and make myself look like a dufus but yeah.
    i think lara was a bit upset with the twins but i guess thats wat the twins wanted to do and its their decision i guess of how they wanna spend the night. i just wish we couldve been all togther. oh well...they can neva saynethign to us girls about goign off with guys coz thats wat they did :P
    oh well i hope they had fun they looked absolutely stunning~!

    aargh shit my nails hurtign agen

    omg jc looked fantastic her hair wow

    aww allice has thebest bf eva!! if i eva go out witha guy i want one thats funny and easy to talk to like james. he'd be great with the parents lol. he was soo sweet and him and alice are so gawgus togther. at the royal show i thought he was abit of a i dunno i dunno wats the word he like didnt talk wen i first met him but at the ball he was the best i like hung out with them two the most i think

    aargh im hungryyyyy i just saw flight plan with dad everyoen sed it sucked the start was a bit slow but i quite enjoyed it especially around the end. before that i did driving and i did great except wen it came to reverse parking i cant fucking reverse park!!!!!!! aargh. especially in the nissan pulsar. i spend the whole time screaming at my dad coz he wotn listen to me and he's liek turn and i do and we get it wrong stupid head. he's not very good at reverse parking. and then mum wont go driving with me coz she gets freaked out and she hates how she doenst have control like the driver instructors car does.

    ive got like 5 weeks til the startign to freak out. i dotn wanna fail! but if i do its no big drama. i guess. i jsut hope no one gives me shite

    ooh yes dinner time! chicken!! i ate sooo much today for brekkie. i ate (gasp) bacon! i burnt it to a crisp loll it tasted great. ooh everyone hates chris is on soon! yayayyyyyyyyyy
    i like it lol
    and smallville
    go louis! she's like my fav character her and clark hate each other lol
    and then they fall inlove or wateva...awww
    lana is sooo boring!

    but really pretty

    shit i havent done ne history hw or pnl or maths shittttttttttttttttttttttttttt ive been doing chem all weekend coz we have a chem calcs test which is gonna be the hardest test i'll eva do this term. i dunno about the pnl on friday. im kinda freakign out about htat coz i dunno wat to study exactly like wat are they usually like how are they structured? and like nina and lidja told me they fail or just pass them and they're good!!

    i jsut wanna pass every subject but chem i just wanna get ova 45%
    thats my goa;l

    i sincerely apologise that i havent updated in so freaking long! wow it took me ages to want to write but once i startd i couldnt freakign stop! i love u ur the bestest. and so is jc!
    i love everyone even though sometimes i hate everyone
    dw abotu me
    im just fucked up, obviously
    someone needs to freakign tranq me
    Monday, March 13th, 2006
    9:03 pm
    isnt it funny how u tell someone u hardly know now, someone ur not close to and havent seen for ages; stuff you havent even told ur "closest frends"

    i find that seems to happen with me

    like with blake, everytime i talk to him on the net i always tell him everythign thats on my mind. stuff i dont tell ne1. i dotn know why i do. i guess i jsut need someone to talk to and because i never see him and he doesnt hang around in the social circles i relax and just let loose.
    sometimes i wish i had someone to talk to in my group. i have ppl, well a person namely Sabrina, who i annoy my bitchiness with, but i dont have someone in my group.

    arent u supposed to? why dont i. i feel like a stranger to everyone around me. i feel like i dont exist most times. sometimes i wish i didnt.

    i dotn think im depressed

    no im wat i sed to blake: im a cynic, a cynic whose extremely lonely and bored with her predictable life.
    everyone seems to have a social life except me
    even my frends

    they all have a social life, a great one to them as welll. its just we as a group dont have a social life. we dotn get together really hardly eva. and wen we do its the typical predictable boring things.

    i hate trying to explain myself to them and then they turn around and be a hypocrite

    maybe im wrong, maybe im not a cynic but in fact a cynic whose depressed
    or wateva

    i dotn know nemore....i forgot wat im talkign about now. im jsut too damn tired and more than a little pissed.

    i wish i could stop thinking, thinking has gotten me to be like this. to be this person. if i stopped thinkign and then just did my life the way it is now, then i wouldnt be upset. i would be terribly happy i guess, i woudltn know any better.

    watever you say....
    Wednesday, February 22nd, 2006
    9:51 pm
    I wish this would go away
    Sunday, July 25th, 2004
    8:59 pm
    so um i think i shall update.
    well i think i wrote about not sure actually. but ye i got david his present and on wednesday it was his bday :D and i got his mobile number so ye now i can msg him yay lol. so ye....HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVIE!!!!! :d
    hehehe i love u!
    but on wednesday i went to the um... i dunno wat u call it. some well this chick who i think is american coz ye but thats not the point, well this chick or shall i say lady...ok shuddup and get on with it! man im talkigin to myself..loser!
    ye well neways, this lady chick...hmm well ye she took xray photos or wateva of my teeth coz my ortho thinks i might have to get my wisdom teeth pulled out. :S my dads like tryign to scare me, asshole. he's like it really really hurts and ye...theres a needle too or something...hes gay
    neways nothing else for that day. thursday mum and i went to all these textile and bedroom stuff places coz ye i get to redecorate my room for some reason. but im not complaining!
    so ye..
    on friday nothign just the usual
    on saturday i went ova laras with sarah and ye i slept ova. we watched new york minute which was k but ye the twins still piss me off, like their actign skills and shit...sorry to all their fans but their movies are pretty crap and noting to rave about. the plot went the same like all their other movies did. its BORING!!!!!!! do somethign fuckign different for once!!!!!!!
    neways calm down we also watched bring it on again. its the sequel to brign it on, kinda. theres totally different characters and different settting too its at college. but ye it was ok. not as good as the first. um then scary movie three and in the mornign we watched van helsing.
    and also before we went to bed lara and sarah straightened my hair for the first time eva and ye i was so excited lol....:S and ye it looks kewl :D i love it but ye hopefully it'll be pretty straight and good for tuesday.
    omg only one more day left till!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i'll probs update on tuesday after school or something or maybe a lil later in the week to tell all about first week of fuckign school, second semester of year fuckign 10. i swear alot today...who cares?! not me!
    ye well laters
    i love david and i really realy miss hiM!
    love u all too cant wait to see everyone on tuesday, thats the only good thing about school
    love u agen
    xox @lly xox
    PS: I am an alias obsessed spork!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Current Mood: productive
    Current Music: Avril coz i want my album back!
    Wednesday, May 19th, 2004
    8:37 pm
    i got a blue hat on!!!!!!
    lol today in science kira and jess were kinda freakin me out by saying that they were gonna send an email (by the school one) to Sarky. and yer i dotn want them too. they keep sayign i should and stuff, like to talk to him but its not my fault if im like scared and shy and stuff, well it is but it isnt. thats just me. im not like them.
    but today after schhool i was so happy...for a few mins anyways :S
    i came on, which was some trouble. msn is playing up for me for some reason... :S
    yer well newayz sarky was on and i was like yes!!!! :D but last time i tried to talk to him he wouldnt talk to me.
    upsetting i know! ..well for me anyways :S
    yer well newayz i waited to see if he'd talk to me and he did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    we starrted talking about the 'i got a blue hat on!' thingy and yer and then all of a sudden...honestly i thought i culda screamed and smashed my comp...well anyways what happened was my msn signed out all of a sudden. it's in this complete randomn mood! and i hate it!!! i quickly tried to get back on but he wasnt on. either his msn musta played up too (which i kinda doubt) or he just signed out coz there was no one to talk to i guess.
    so yer...thats my story.
    but yer i want to tlak to him like as we did before but i still can like sense this...withdrawel. eww that sounds totally wrong!!!!!! lol
    well im going now luv you all
    oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope you had a great day and a great birthday and heaps of good pressies i wuv u u rock!!!!!! :D
    neways sweet dreams...hopefully there'll be more convos with sarky

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    Current Music: Hoobie woobie lol they stink!
    Monday, May 17th, 2004
    9:12 pm
    It's weird: I'm kinda depressed but im kinda really hypo :S
    so yer...
    im depressed about two things..i think
    um 1: stupid fucking Sarky. HOW RUDE!
    and 2: just life in general.
    ok ill explain 2 first coz its shorter probs i dunno but i just want to go with 2
    newayz here we go...2:
    u noe wen u get in those really low moods, and depressed state of minds? well i get like that sometimes, i dunno if everyone else does too--it might be just me. who knows? but yer thats just how im feeling.
    but today i was really hypo so yer it's strange. im strange. i am i am! and damn proud of it!!
    ok no 1:
    sarky sarky sarky.
    i got a blue hat on!
    damn hiim!!!!!! i hate him but i love him and its difficult and confusing.
    ok well lately he's kinda stopped talkign to me and i started getting really confused coz yer usually he starts the convos and yer is all chatty but suddenly he's like hold back, he'll hardly say a thing
    and then like on sat night he didnt start a convo or nethign to me and i wanted to wait for him to start a convo coz he hadnt started one, which was unusual, for like a week or so. so yer i just asked him a simple question and he didnt answer and yer i go fine then dont talk to me just asking a simple question blah blah blah. and still he didnt ansewr.
    i dunno i may be paranoid.. i probs am but yet i just get the feeling he either knows that i like him and is scared off ( :( ) or he just got sick of me. both options are not preferable reasons to me. if u get.
    so yer hes confusing me coz hes all of a sudden changed :S and yer i dont like it!
    yer so thats what happened. '
    nothing happened on the weekend. nothign at all. its really boring actually. my life IS boring.
    how depressed and pathetic am i! grow up!
    sorry this is talking to myself mainly..
    well newayz umm i watched the great outdoors which i never have before! yer the only reason i did was coz they had a special show about renting overseas or i noe but yer i was interested. and they had about new york and yer its pretty good in some parts and yer. i dont want to stay in australia. i dont really noe y really. i want to escape, i dunno if ill miss ppl i mean i will but i wont. coz like i have a few close frends and stuff but i never have had close close friendships like kim and jayme have. they are so lucky!
    but yer so i dunno i dunno if ne1 will even keep in touch with me after high schoo. and wat i want to do: my career, theres nothign really for me here. its more in the us. yer so ive been looking at some websites about renting and um universities in america. dumb i noe but itd be wiked, its sumthing ive always wanted to to. my mum would hate it though! i wouldnt! freedrom! a new life for me kinda realy.
    its kinda like a whole new life, a begining really. like something that might make me happier..maybe i jsut need a dif environment and frends and stuff.. sorry im just rambling on arent i, too myself really.
    SHIT somethign heavy dropped outside, i neighours backyard or something and it was really loud and scared the shit outta me. i literally jumped outta my skiN! lol
    well byes...

    Current Mood: scared
    Current Music: Avril Lavigne-Losing Grip
    Saturday, May 15th, 2004
    8:16 pm
    I havent wrote for a few days have i
    i havent wrote for a few days have i ?! yer..
    nothing really has happened lately. i mean stuff has happened i guess...i just really cant be fucked about nething lately. in sose we've finally finished (kinda) our job thingo that we were given. im not sure yet if we have actually finished. but yer my class is wayyyyy ahead of the others. most of the classes have just gotten given their jobs! yer well newayz right now we got given this big book manual thingo and yer in it its about helping you choose your right career path and how to go for interviews and other stuff.
    but then the main imporant part, and it takes like maybe more than three quatres of the book, yer its got all different jobs, like over 400 or something apparently, and it has its descriptions and the subjects you need to study and wat uni's or tafe to go to. yer it pretty good. but im really really REALLY confused. coz im still unsure of wat i want to do. i really want to be a scriptwriter. its all ive ever wanted to do really. but how? i'll either have to go to the eastern states, which i dont want to do coz yer i want my show to be worldwide..
    or america and england. more preferably america. But the film industry is one of the hardest industries to get so confused with what im gonna do. year twelve is coming too quicklY! i cant decide just yet!
    anyways yesterday (friday) we went to the Career and education expo. at least thats what i think it's called :S yer well it was ok. like i had a few ideas that i wanted to be a psychologist, criminologist, or some researcher for forensic and that had quite a lot of info there but there was nothing really for writing and fillm stuff. :(
    i dont think there's much here in western australia for what i want to do. and even maybe australia!
    yes well im tired adn i mean tired. schools and everyones getting to me lately. i hate everyone.
    Im getting in that depressed mode again. and i realy hate it but i cant block it out and peeps arent helping/
    well im going to go to bed even though its pretty earlY!!!! but im so exhausted i can hardly keep my eyes open atm.
    so yes nighty night
    i luv sarky but he dont love me
    wow poor me! im so depressed. and so pathetic. jess i noe i noe but i am! in a way. sorry cant explain or elaborate.

    Current Mood: crushed
    Current Music: Smashing Pumpkins-Today....i wish i could smash pumpkins atm
    Sunday, May 2nd, 2004
    7:52 pm
    GO FREO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i havent wrote for a few days have i :P :S hm......well yes
    ummmmmm on friday we had to catch the bus home and yer mikey had to catch bus home with us and yer kristen and tegan kinda embarassed me coz they kept going sit next to michael and he was like no i want the seat to myself like everyone else and yer i duno...for some reason i just think/know, im not definite, but yer i dont think he likes me that way. i duno. im just gonna try not to think about it. im gonna try and get ova him!!
    easier said than done :S i dunnooo y!! y do i like him of all guys?!
    Thursday, April 22nd, 2004
    8:56 pm
    Thursday=Alias!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D
    sorry i noe u want me to go but hey u cant get everything in life right?!?! RIGHT?!?!
    y do i keep saying sorry. y does everyone keep saying sorry. do they even mean it half the time?! hm....hey im talking to you answer me!
    oh shit ally alysha watever your name is shut the hell up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :@ (thats an angry face on msn by the way > :@ )
    yes well im going to shut up and talk about my dad which wasnt nething really actually but oh wellz im gonna bore you (or myself) with my shit newayz tough luck!
    well today thursday i woke up late around 9 and yer got outta bed at 10. shut up!! i noe thats late. well it tis for me :S ye well around 10:30 or somthing sarah rang me and yer i dunno if they were angry. but yer i read her msg wrong and thought she meant friday for the city. and im so upset coz i really really REALLY wanted to go. and yer they went and had fun while i stayed home bored outta my brains :'( (sniff)
    yes so later on i made myself breakfast cant remember wat it was though :S
    then i practiced guitar
    read a whole book in an hour and a half
    (boring is my life i noe!)
    yes then i went on comp and wrote more for story
    watched a taped episode of Alias with Dad
    washed dishes and took laundry off
    and then looked after sis for awhile played playstation with her and her frend lol kinda gay and boring but oh wellz...
    um the parents came home, had dinner, had shower, cleaned room, watched home and away which rocked! i was sad and i hate and i mean HATE duncan hes suck a fucking liar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and then i watched charmed which also rocked and yer i luv chris and his gf was really prettty but yer didnt mind showing her body off i guess :S
    um yes then went on net which is me now and im talking 2 sabs and caroline
    its late well not late but its time for me to come off coz ALIAS IS ON SOON! i repeat alias!!!!!!
    yes its on two days a week!!!!! :D im so happy!!! maybe they want us to start catching up with britain and america which is bad coz i like being behind coz then i dont have long to wait until they start up agen and then i can read wat happens!
    well im gonna go nowz i luv sarky

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    Current Music: Simple Plan-Perfect
    Tuesday, April 20th, 2004
    8:43 pm
    Sleepover and Movie
    on monday around late 3ish lara and Polly arrived and yer they were sleeping ova. a little later jesska came and then later lastly came sarah. ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yer i had a sleepover the first one in a while at my place :S im not a big fan of sleepovers especially at my place lol :S
    we watched dvd talked and yer played this game. didnt really do much mainly just catch up and stuff yer. no ones really done much except sarah coz shes always out with ricky or kate.
    i was really tired that night coz i havent been sleeping well for a couple of weeks so yer i was "kinda" grumpy lol :P but yer. they wouldnt shut up and stop moving and yer upstairs its really creaky at just a slight footstep and yer u have to be careful where to put your foot otherwise the whole floor practically shudders and yer i dont really think some of em cared dat it would wake my parents and i was peeved at that coz im the one that'd cop the shit when the left
    sarah also wouldnt shut up god she screams and yer her voice is so high pitched and so LOUD! lol well not funny really it was annoying. but i cant just blame her coz though it was her i practically heard all night the others musta started her up...they always do. they do something to piss her off and start her off so she doesnt shut up.wats the word to use to describe it.......???shit i cant remember oh well.
    yer well like i went to my bedroom to sleep coz yer i was really tired and i thought i was gonna drop to the ground and fall asleep so yer and thats what i could hear all night :S
    ummm woke up the next morning pretty early @ 7:30 the others were asleep but slightly just awaking coz of the sunlight upstairs and yer i was still peeved with them and i knew i needed to get away from them otherwise id be screaming at them so i went for a run and burst all my anger and shit off. runnings good for that :P :S
    yes later everyone had breakfast and i couldnt be stuffed i was still stuffed from not sleeping and the run so yer i had a banana. everyone else had heaps to eat and i had this measly banana :S
    oh wellz....i must look anorexic or dieting or something but i dont need to diet i reckon and thats good i dont want to diet! lol
    later on mom oh shit soz MUM i keep spelling mum lately like the american way "mom" so yer well newayz MUM dropped us off at southlands and we went to see Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. it was k. some was funny but pretty much of it all was pathetic and yer i think this is like one of the first movies ive wanted to walk out on coz i couldnt stop laughing at how gay and pathetic it was. it was just so.....typical, boring, expected there were no surprises. nothign great about the plot. and yer i dont like lindsay lohan dunno y she just pisses me off for some reason. i loved the costumes though lol. they were pretty kewl. the guy, the hot guy of the movie apparetnly or wateva the love interest he was pretty k he had dark hair lol but yer to jesska and me he sounded speddish lol. ummmm soz that sounded mean but he sounded weird and kinda acted strangely and yer polly has a crush on him apparetnly lol. good for her! another celebrity... lol
    :P :S
    ummmm then afterwards mum dropped them off home and mum went to physio and i took off laundry, had lunch, read, watched buffy dvd, read some more and then guess wat..........WAT?!
    omg im sooooooooo happy lol.
    out of the blue "sarky" msged me and i was like YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
    he told me he was at work and was on his break and yer since we hadnt spoken for a while he wanted to see how i was going. lol :D :D he even called me bootiful once (blush) but mb he thinks just as frend :S shit im so confused with him he confuses me!!!! its hard to explain..
    so yes we msged for a while and then his break was over :( :'( stupid damn ......people that hired him lol stupid hungry jacks!!!!
    then i had dinner and had shower and then watched home and away which was GREAT! i thought it twas newayz. i want flynn and sally to break up for some reason :S i want flynn to be in as much pain as posisble! lol arent i mean :P
    yes then went on the net and no one i repeat NO ONE is on!!!!!! and yer no good emails from bot or nething :( awwwww poor me. but theni got msg from tegan and yer we're planning to see each other 2moz. dunno how long for. dunno wat we'll do probs go to chicken treat...or maybe maccas since she hates going there now or maybe hungry jacks to see if his working! thatd be kewl :D i could finally see him! :D but id be too shy :S damn me!
    yes well c u latez i luv Sarky!

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    Sunday, April 11th, 2004
    8:17 pm
    It's Easter today. Mom had mornign shift so yer... dat was gay and yer my dads gay and beign a prick today. he's all moody and wen he's moody he's a bastard to mum and i so yer.
    my sis caris, and i got eggs. lol yay i got a dark chocolate one!!!!!!! im so ahppy!!!!!!! yer
    yes well then dad and caris went to church with my nonna and pop so yer and i went back to bed coz im still sick and ihave sinus howeva u spell it :S
    dad and caris got back from church around 11 am and yer i was pissed off coz they stopped ova and grandma and poppys house and yer i wanted to see them!
    and then a few mins later mumsy came home and i was glad coz yer it kinda makes living in the house with dad bearable.
    ummmmmmmm around lunch time we went ova nonna and pops house and they made us dinner and we had spaghetti and it was YUM!!! lol yes and then she made us hot chips lol which was great! and yer then we had fruit salad adn ice cream and yer she kept telling us to eat lol she always does so by the time we leave i feel really sick coz i eat so much there!
    then wen i got home i went on net and got info off net bcoz this holidays i noe dat im probs not gonna see ne1 like usual so i dont want to be bored all the time and crying round the house so i decided to make a project for myself somethign for me to put my brain to work coz i get bored easily if im not working :S strange i know
    so ive decided coz i luv my pres and pub class and i luv doing magazines im gonna make my own magazine. i havent got a name for it yet. its kinda like cosmo, cleo, gf, and dolly. mixed together. but its gonan have proper articles in it tooo like world news and shit coz i dont want it to be some stupid teen mag i want it to be for all ages for women. so yes ne ideas for a name then just yell it out to me but soz i probs wont be able to hear coz yer i probs wont see u so yes.
    so thats my project. somethign for me to do and look forward to everyday. gay i noe but thats me and im sik of beign a loner and this makes me happy so im gonan do somethign that makes me happy for onece
    yes well laterz......
    luv u!
    ps: i luv kimsy's new booky!!! its wiked kimsy!!!! :D

    Current Mood: artistic
    Current Music: Anastasia- left outside alone (duno wat called but i love it
    Friday, April 9th, 2004
    8:36 pm
    Friday first day of holidays boring shit
    today is Friday......usually id be at school but guess wat. WAT? well like everyoen noes its holidays. like all my holidays and weekend dis day was really really REALLY boring and agen yer i was by myself and shit.
    i watched pirates of carrabien and then rellies came ova later and yer my lil cousin anastasia is so gawgus! i wish i looked like her lol. she has the biggest blue eyes! and yer. shes likeo nly two or three and she runs around the house all crazy. lol mb she'll be like krissie wen she grows up :P lol.
    yes well she was in her fairy costume so yer i pretended to be a fairy godmother with her lol. she's so cute. yes well.....dats all boring shit i noe but yes dats me bye

    Current Mood: indescribable
    Current Music: evanescence-Taking Over Me
    Tuesday, April 6th, 2004
    10:30 am
    "sarky" wasnt here today!!!!!! :( :'(
    hi me happy but sad.
    it was freezing last night and yer wen its really cold (like it twas last night and today) for some reason i get a headache :S so yes. i was kinda sick and my nose is sniffling and im probs annoying her :S oh wellz.....cant please everyone.
    well this morning kc didnt catch the bus with us and tegz and i caught the early bus. we wanted to beat "Sarky" so yes we walked quickly but half way there tegz realised he wasnt here today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! :(
    he has state footy tryout so yes....:( damn him! now we only have two days left of the amazin race. he should be here tomoz so yes i cant wait till tomoz morning :D so yes i want to beat him!!!!!!! and walk with him :D!!!!! lol. yes dis is pretty boring but hey u get dat.
    um.....first period i had maths and yes mr abe came in and told us wat to do but yer then he left and we had relief teacher so dat is weird. he looked diff too. he had like a white polo shirt and no tie i repeat no tie!!!!! lol
    after that i had tute adn kimsy and i talked bout mr abe and came up with a theory for why he left maths and we had relief teacher. our tute teachers are Mrs Nashwitz and Mr Abe so we reckon that it the half week that he doesnt have us he has another tute. yes and we think datcoz dere was a year 9 carnival todayso we recon he has a year 9 tute class. and dats where we reckon he went. yes well afterthat i had science
    me confused with what we're doing and tired and mr hart is cumin around checkin out wat we're doing i think :S and yes we've done nothign oh shit!! well byes
    Thursday, April 1st, 2004
    8:44 pm
    "sarky" cut his hair!!!!!! lol
    lol last night i had to go off and just as i was going off "sarky" came on and i was like no fucking way!!!! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and his name was i fuckign hate hairdresses adn i was like k then im neva gonna do his hair then :P even though i cant newayz........
    but yer i finally caught the bus with him on this mornigna dni was sooooo happy!!! :D
    and he's got a haircut and now i noe y he hates hairdresser!!!!! lol he told me that the hairdreser cut off too much and he's majorly pissed off lol. awwwwww my poor baby!!!! teehee.
    yes sooo at school jess saw him and she was like errrr he's major geeky and im like so am i!!! she calls him clumsy. lol. well i dont give a fuck wat ne1 says newayz i luv him! but he probs doesnt love me. he probs thinks of me as only a frend :( ........
    yes well im tired and yes i lost my voice...nearly completely actually. so im sick and "sarkys" not talkign to me atm so me pissed! TALK!!!!!! lol.
    yes well laterz

    Current Mood: pissed off
    Current Music: Evanescence Falling
    Sunday, March 28th, 2004
    1:03 pm
    Lozzy and Jayme's Party
    well today is sunday and lozzy and jayme's party was on last night. but i have nothign to do right now so ive decided to write about the party and yer coz today im doing NOTHING and just lazing about the house in my pj's and no one is on msn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O
    well newayz at five thirty i rang jess and talked to her on the phone then at six i started gettign ready for party. teehee yar......... mum was annoyed coz i wore my bikini top under my halter top coz i have no proper bra to wear it and u could see the top of my strapless bra so that was out so i wore my bikini top underneath and u couuld see the straps at the top and mum was like just go braless. I"M NOT GOING BRALESS!!!!!!! lol the poor people that have to see me braless! eww.. lol yer so yer i wore my bikini top. then we had dinner, then i brushed my teeth and hair, did make up and then we were gonna go but mumsy told me to put a jacket on coz it was gonna be cold tonight and i didnt have a black or white jacket/jumper so i wore this lacy black blousy top/jacket (which eva way you'll have it) :P so yer
    i went outside and i was freezing! but i didnt tell my mother. then we drove off, got petrol, picked up jess and went to laura's. then inside i hugged ppls and gave the pressies to the two birthday girls-lozzy and jayme :D then we "mingled"
    i met some new ppls and yer...
    it was fun :P:D
    then in like the first hour of the party ppl went off to get drunk at the party and some guys from school came to the party to "gatecrash." whateva they're losers, they wouldnt do nethign they're just stupid.
    lol yer but i was a bit sad coz kristen went with the ppl who were gettign drunk. i didnt think she was like that. yer she came back and she was "drunk" i dunno if she was or not. but yer she was tryign to get inside lee's shirt :S :P everyones blamign lee for y she got drunk i dunno if that's fair coz it is up to her so yer u cant entirely blame it on lee. lol they were funny but yer......i was like god i hope kristen doesnt do nethign she doesnt regret.
    tegan was pissed off at her. and im like glad and not its weird coz im glad coz i was abit worried coz tegan does kinda follow laura and kristen and now im glad that she was pissed off at kristen coz i noe now that she wont be silly and follow krissie and get drugs or nething. im glad bout that. they'll still be frends though. i hope:S yer of course they will be! i just hope krissies k
    hehe i had fun though without needing to get drunk or stoned coz im not a stoner..:P lol ya i danced. and looked stupid coz i do wen i dance and i so cant wait until river cruise. if they have a snowball i wanna ask "sarky" but i dunno i think i'll be too shy:S :(
    but i had fun and im happy coz kimmys going out with blake!!!!!!!!! everyones like ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww she can do so much betta but if they like each other and they dotn care wat ppl say or wateva then thats good:D i like blake he's really nice and kewl. lol he's hair was weird but kewl lol. i dunno if he really likes her and if seh really likes him though:S coz i noe kimmy liked mikey b4... and blake with itzel. hmmmmmmm :S oh well.
    i think they're cute lol. i saw em cuddlign on the couch and i was like wat?????? lol i thought they were just talkign and stuff coz of my eyes :S i hate my eyesight!!!!! lol. but yer then i found out :P
    teehee well i got home, driven home by jess, and i was really really tired.
    teehee byes
    Saturday, March 27th, 2004
    4:57 pm
    Guitar and tonight Lozzy and Jayme's paarrrrrrrty teehee
    Today, like last Saturday, i woke up late so i didnt get to go for my run :( so i woke up late, had a quick breakfast of coco pops and orange juice, got dressed, brushed my teeth and hair (but i used different brushes:P) then grabbed my guitar and guitar book and ran to the car, got drove to my guitar lesson by mumsy and arrived precisely at 9:00am.......well maybe not precisely. i mighta been a second early or late.....:P im gay soz lol
    well in guitar i learn three new chords :D so yer...i now noe the a chord, c chord, d chord, e chord and g chord.
    yer well newayz mum was hasslign dad this mornign and vice versa, they neva quit it these two they're like little children!!!!! and dads annoying me right now and hurtihg me!!!!! say hi dad!! hi!
    yer well after guitar mumsy picked me up, we stopped off at farmer jacks and i went to the toilet lol i dotn think u really wanna noe all this but yer. :P after that i met mum in farmer jacks and there was this pretty hot checkout guy there. lol but not as hot as "sarky" of course:P :D teehee.
    well then i got back home around 11:00 am. ummmmmmm and i watched this show called Celebrities Uncovered or wateva, it was on b4 Angel and after Average Joe on thursay so yer. it was pretty good:D then i had lunch. went on the net for an hour b4 my comp disconnected and shut down for some reason......:S
    so then i practiced my guitar, watched angel and some of dark angel which is pretty good but confused me coz i didnbt really noe wat they were talking bout so yer i gave up in the end watchign it :S:P but its kewl coz jayme luvs it lol. and yer id probs be really into it if i had watched it from the start or wateva...or knew what they were talkign bout and wat it is actually about :P but i dont wanna get hooked into it newayz coz there's no new seasons coming out. if there was a new season then id probs keep watchign it. but yer boring hey
    so then i tanned the tops of my legs coz it didtn really work last night and i dotn think its gonna work today:S for some reason the fake tan never works on the top of my legs (my thighs :S:P)
    after that i put another coat of pink nailpolish on my nails coz some had chipped off coz of guitar:P
    then i watched the end of sabrina in rome lol :P and then i went on net which is now......oh yer b4 dadsy went to the footy game Dockers vs Carlton with my cool uncle tim and they just came back and guess wat...
    dockers won!!!!!!
    DOCKERS ROCK!!!!!!! teehee
    well i gotta have dinner now though its 5:00 coz mums gotta go to work early. and yer party and stuff
    so yer im gonna go now coz i gotta get ready in like an hour newayz
    luv ya bye

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    Current Music: Good Charlotte: The little things
    Friday, March 26th, 2004
    8:07 pm
    My nails are PINK! Do u like the colour pink?? I do!! :D
    hiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!! well today is friday and im glad coz i can sleep in 2moz!!!!!! :D:D
    yer well in the morning i went to school like ususal but "sarky" didnt catch bus......AGAIN!!!!i dont think he's catching my bus nemore!!!!:S :( :'(
    first period was english and i did the and take notes from my bibliography. then wen i walked to tute i walked extra fast so that id be able to see "sarky" but kimmmy told me that that maths class had already left and i was sad coz again i didnt get to see my "Sarky"!!!!!! :( :'(
    well in tute our gay tutes come up with a gay idea for wat we're gonna wear for sports carnival. we can go as randomns, dress up as wateva but we have to have blue hair. thats practically wat we did last year!!!!!!!
    well im gonna do my hair blue, wear my sport shorts and take my hipster black boxers which i MIGHT wear over em, and my blue sports top, devil horns, and knee high socks. :D hehe yer
    im gonna brign my normal devil horns and my light up devil horns:D hehe
    well after tute i had presentations and publications and our mini assignment is to do a one page newsletter on...wateva. mostly everyoens doin it on beauty, laura's doing hers on mobile phone giving us cancerous and stuff yer...her newsletters called THE TEEN ISSUES hehe :D it kewl. well i did mine completely different. mines on children short stories:P we had to have two adverts so mine are on the bookclub, and a place for kids to learn to read. gay but oh well. best i could come up with! my article is a short story about a cow called tom who has no black spots and is unaccepted by his family and the other cows coz he just is white so yer..... hehe. hes accepted in the end but its really gay :P lol
    after that was recess and krissie came around and drew i luv lee on everyone in our group:P i really like the pen!!!! hehe its funny blake has blue everywhere, on his arms, legs and his shirt!! teehee :P:D
    then i had maths and blake kinda got in trouble from Mr Abe about his ..blueness so he went to wash it off and took ages and came back and hardly nething was off. maths was boring like usual. we had to stand up for most of the lesson and couldnt sit down unless we answered a question correctly :P thats so gay!!!!!
    lol then i had sose and we got bak our sose test and i got 83% and i leaned on my hand which has i luv lee on it and the blue went all over my forehead. everyoen was starign at me and i blushed and was like wat?? then they told me and i blushed even more :P so yer i went to the bathroom and took liek fifteen minutes trying to get it off my forehead and hand. i got most off my hand and all off my forehead thank god!:P
    hehe next was lunch and that was.....normal i guess i cant exactly rememba. last i had french and we went to the library and watched a french puppet show adn yet that was k kinda gay but kinda funny too:P it was k.
    after that i went home with tegs and.........looked after caris, watched her play bball, watched average joe which i taped last night, practiced my guitar, listened to radio and then at five thirty i went to my guitar lesson and my guitar teacher is very proud of me! teehee. im a very good player for a beginner apparently. hehe maybe coz i played piano b4 :S? hehe well yer bcoz i was so good and stuff he let me play on the electric guitar and that is sooooooooooo awesome!!!!!!!!!! dad says he'll get me one for my bday or christmas so long as i keep doign good at guitar. but my bday and christmas is soooooo long away!!!!! i cant wait that long. i luv the electric guitar!! but not as much as i luv "sarky" lol.
    yer well after guitar i got a msg from kimmmy and i msged back and then i went and shaved my legs, had a shower, moisturised my legs, got a msg from kimmmy, sent a msg back to her, and put on my fake tan. :D then i had dinner which was chinese and i kinda like asian, it depends on my stomach and my moods at the time :S then after that i went outside and painted my nails pinky corral colour from the brand KISS NYC hehe yer and its pretty! then mumsy came home and she had her dinner and shower. i came on net and there is no one on! "Sarky's" not on!!!!! kimmy's not on!!!! no ones on!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    so yer now im doign blurty, downloadin song and reading usual. me bored. have i already sed that?? well im bored adn im probs borin gu noe so byes.......

    Current Mood: mellow
    Current Music: Jamelia-Superstar coz im a SUPERSTAR!!! lol not!!
    Wednesday, March 24th, 2004
    8:51 pm
    wednesday--angel--"sarky"--what more can i say??
    well today tegan caught the bus with me for the first time this week lol. kc didnt catch bus coz she slept over katie hannafies house last night (howeva u spell her name :P) ya so yer it was just us.
    on the bus there are two seats on either side of the bus (theres like a corridor going through middle) and i sat in one of em so that i could perve on "Sarky" coz he usually sits behind Tegan, KC and me or somewhere like that. but instead of sitting where he usualy sits he sat in the other seat thats like mine and i was like no!! lol but then i quickly sat next to tegan so i could perve on him. he smiled at me lol and i smiled back! hehe. how ridiculous am i or wat!!
    at school i had frenchi first and kimbo wasnt there! jayme was upset. i sat next to sabs i luv sabs! :D and yer jayme and i were talking about alias and she asked if i cried coz it was "Sad" but i sed no i laughed lol so she threw her french book at me!!! hehe. i was just joking but vaughns kinda pissing me off at the mo. i still cant forgive him about marryign Lauren. HOW COULD HE!!!! SHES A BITCH!!!!!!
    i luv sloane!!!! hes hell wiked
    and of course i luv the amazing and wonderful mr Sark! hes so my opinion. everyoen says hes ugly but oh well im glad that they think that coz then he's all mine!!!!! :D:D:D
    well after french i had tute and kimbo came in halfway through! i was so happy! she had an ortho no i mean dentist appointment, thats why she was late. well after tute i had sose and i went to library again and did more notes on my essay assignment. i did 3 pages arent i a good little gurl?! teehee. no im not! hehe. but yer
    after that was recess adn today i didnt get hit in the chest with an apple but i didnt see "sarky" today :'( after that was english and we didnt have Mrs Jasper today!!! HIP HIP HOORAY!!!!! :D and we again just took notes from our bibliography.
    next was maths and "Sarky" has his maths class b4 mine and his class room is next to mine. he has maths while i have english adn vice versa. so yer and i thought they had gone and i was in class, the only one standing, lookikgn like a complete idiot coz i was beign one lol an di had my shoe off in my hand in the air and he walked past and stared at me then smiled and i blushed coz i looked realy weird and gay (blush).
    why do i always look stupid infrotn of him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    well after that was lunch and im happy coz he crossed the oval with his friends. lucky things i wish i was walking with him!! yer hehe after that last was science and yer that was borign i didnt actually do nethign i dont think. i kinda cant rememba.
    after school i had an argument with my mother. apparently i have an attitude! an attitude! wat attitute??!! hehe oh well. i have one i i? i dunno. :S me confused. but yer im itchy. coz of stupid mossies im gonna get my dad to get rid of em with that spray stuff. hehe yer. poor things..oh well they deserve wat they get for biting me!!!!!!!! teehee.
    well im gonna go to bed soon so im gonna end this. luv u lotz and lotz kisses all around!

    Current Mood: chipper
    Current Music: Yeah by Usher.......duno y im listenign to it but i am :D
    Friday, March 19th, 2004
    4:33 pm
    Friday!!!!!! pres and pub assignment due!
    i saw "Sarky" on bus. thats gewd. that made me happy. he smiled at me but didnt say nethign coz of tegan and kc......i wish he didnt care bout em. i wish he'd sit with me! he used to last year and year 8!! :'(
    but yer wen i got to school i had to do maths hw coz i forgot...well i didnt actually i was just tired last night and couldnt be stuffed!! hehee. so yer i did maths hw. then i had english first. we're doign biographies. we have to read someones biography and then do a speech and feature article on that persons biography. im doing drew barrymore. have i already told u this?? i confused :S oh well! too bad if i did!!!!!!
    well yes. then i had tute and kimmy bought a caramello koala and gave me sum chocolate! it was very yummiful!! hehe kimmy's gawgus!!!!! and so sweet!!!!!!
    after that i had presentations and publications with laura. in pres and pub we have to do our own magazine, four or five pages long. there has to be a cover page and then maximum of three other pages for feature articles, ads and regulars. so yer. my mag is on the wonderful alias!!!!!!!!! hehe its great!!!! well its great coz its alias and alias is just great! ok do u understand that??!! ALIAS IS GREAT!!!!!!! THE GREATEST!!!!!!!
    yer well newayz laura is doign hers on fairies. well newayz its due to day and we had to finish it. but like i had another article to do and yer i was in a real big rush today. so was everyoen else. except laura. hehehe she copied and pasted articles from the net...maybe i shoulda done that! hehe yer. but i finally finished it. i like pres and pub. i wouldnt mind being a journalist but its like hard to become one. but idont wanna do something for dolly or girlfriend. i wanna write about like news stuff...important things. i dotn wanna do stupid gossip (welli wouldnt mind but yer...) and like makeup and fashion and stuff or advice. i wanna do proper stuff!! heheh yer...
    well next was recess=boring. after recess we had maths and that =gay! mr abe was gay and he heard me say he must be mean to year 12's and he looked at me weirdly, i think he knew i was talkig bout him :P! oh well!!
    after that was sose and i have ANOTHER essay to do!! i have to do it on a war...boring!!! (sigh) i duno wat war to do ideas!!!!!!!! NE!!!!!! i need ideas!!!!!!!!! i need a war!!!!!!!
    yer well after that was lunch which was k and then i had frenchie. im in kimmys class! and jaymes and lauras and tegies and sabs and gretzels adn jacintas and itzies and.....people. that was k. its so much a better class than my other one! they actually do work and stuff. so yer. i like it :D newayz now im here after school...a loner.. bored..not invited newhere like usual.......oh well. i have nothign planned for the weekend liek usall..oh well just another boring weekend!!!!!! hmmmm i suppose i should be used to it...
    i wont see "Sarky" for the whole weekend :'( :'( (SOB SOB)!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant wait that long!!!!! but ill see "sarky" on bus and at sport!!!! yay hehehe. i totally cant wait till monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SPORT!!! "SARKY"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So yes well nighty night!!!!!!!! luv ya
    4:00 pm
    Shop Shop Shopping!!
    (sigh) well i'm finally on the internet. im gonna try and write about everyday on...well everyday. but i was busy yesterday and couldnt get on the net coz dad was on so i couldnt write journal. hehe blurty. thats a hell wiked name!! yer so newayz. it was thursday of my fav days coz i have sport....coz sport includes perving on "sarky" hehehe.
    so yer i caught the bus with teggie and kc, and yer i saw "Sarky" and he was walkign a little ahead of him and i woulda perved on him except his bag was covering his ass hehehehe :S :( :'( stupid bags!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but yer i got to look at him, his back newayz. but he turned around to look back at me a few times...i think he likes me. i dunno. just the things he says to me. but i dunno. me confused!!!!!!!
    so yer i got to school and did hw. i had theatre first and that was k. my theatre teacher ms E is gay. well not really but yer she is. shes hormonal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shes a sookie lala!! hehehe. yer i dont like her very much. shes strange... so yer. she thinks im a bit strange coz i like eating sweet and sour sauce!! hehe. i dip my finger in, pull it out and suck!! yum yum yum!!!!
    hehe yer theatre was pretty boring but then i had tute!!!!! me so happy i got to see kimmmmy. she kewl. did u noe dat? u must have coz everyoen knows she rox!! hehe. after tute i went to sport!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was so excited as you can tell!!!! hehe i quickly got changed and went outside and saw "sarky" hehehe. me so happy!!!!! he talked to lee. i wanted him to come and talk to me but he didnt. i was using my magick powers to draw him to me but it didnt work :S :'(........ our sport teacher is Ms Boughton. shes gay. shes horrible. i hate her more than Ms E!!!!! shes a bitch!!!!!! she's.......well shes! theres too many words to describe her! lol its funny watching her run across the oval. she doesnt act like a sport teacher and she certainly doesnt dress like one. well yer but thank god she was away but instead of havigna cool relief teacher we had Mr Jasper. hes k, his wife Mrs Jasper's a bitch. both of em are but i can tolerate him more than the mrs. hehe their married. they musta been desperate and just married each other randomnly! actually they do suit...
    yer well we had to do running, and i had a headache and didnt feel liek running but i had to :'( but it was only 100 metres so thats gewd. i ran with krissy, jayme and laura. theyre kewl!!!!!!! i luv em all!!!!!!! hehe yer so we ran that and then had to do javelin and im really really REALLY hopeless at that. im like one of the worst in the class!! hehe oh well! its not liek it really matters newayz...hehehe. yer well while we were waiting for our turns we talked about jayme and laura's joint birthday party which is next saturday. saturday the 27th of March 2003 to be precise. oh yer it was lauras birthday on thursday. hehe i accidentally forgot! no it was wednesday. no it was thursday. me getting my days confused!!!! but newayz HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOZZY!!!! hehehe.
    so yer we were talking bout the party and the theme is black and white so yer i majorly need new clothes coz i have no black and white clothes except for black pants.....but that doesnt really help does it. So yer then lara and i planned to go shopping that night so yer. we asked kate hughs to come but she was busy that night.
    newayz after sport was recess and at recess we planned for sarah, lara and i to go shoppign at carousel that night...late night shoppin!!!! :D yer after recess it was sose. and guess wat.....
    we had MRS JASPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aaaaaaarrrrrghhhhhhhhh save me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mr lobo was away.....i luv mr lobo hes wiked! hes the best teacher. he so funnY!!!! hehehe. yer so we had mrs jasper and she was grumpy. and it was a borign lesson. but then even worse was that i had a test the next i dotn noe y but i always study the wrong things!! and i specifically asked the teacher wat the test would be mainly about and he told me, i studied em, and they were in just in a tiny part!!!!! i dont noe if i did bad but i studied all this shit for nothing! me majorly pissed!!!!!
    but wat made me really happy was next i saw "sarky"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jess C and i were walkign to our spot and he passed with dipper and waved. hehe i smiled and waved back. hehe i was so happy!!!!!!!!!!! hehe i then was smiling from ear to ear!!!!! hehe lunch was gewd...kinda. yer but then i had maths :( :'( mr abe was beign gay and he kept us all in like for five minutes which pissed me off. finally i got home and i watched some of angel. then i had a shower and got ready for goign shopping that night.
    dad dropped me off at carousel at 5:30 and yer...i met lara and sarah (who were late by ten minutes, i had to wait by myself like a loner and people stared at me!! hehe) and yer we had a look around. and sarah and i foudn these gorgous hug boots and mum told me i can get em so im gonna go back and gett em. i might even wear em to shcool wen its really cold! and wen i dotn have sport......i dont like those day though lol hehe :P so yer but wat did i buy..a wristybando thingo, a necklace which my dad thought was made of lollies!!!!!! (how strange is my dad or wat??!! hehe ) , this black top which i really like for the birthday party, and then for jayme i got this photoframe coz she told me to get her one so i did and i luv it its so cute with these piggies. its hard to describe without makign it sound stupid but its kewl and i think jayme will like least i hope so!! hehe but i also got her this beautiful perfume. its nice i wanted to get it but i didnt have enough money :'(!!!!!! and i need to save up for my hug boots! :'(
    well yer after that sarah's dad picked us up at 8:15 and wen i got home i watched simple life which was so funny!!!!!!!! i luv simple life. but these people at this bar were beign really mean to paris and nicole! they told them to get lost and go home rich girl...and yer they were being mean and i thought paris was gonna cry..i was nearly gonna cry! they were so mean!!!!!!!!!! yer and after that i went to bed. so yer that was thursday the 18th of March 2003. hehe just to be precise......well luv yaz all!!!!!
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