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Thursday, September 25th, 2003

Subject:And the cow jumped over the moon...
Time:4:21 pm.
Mood: ecstatic.
Music:John Mayer "Split Screen Sadness".
Well, me and Casey are talking again. We sat here and kinda...... argued... well no we debated for like 10 minutes and then we gave up. lol*. At least its all good now. But, because casey had to get troy involved... now he isnt talking to me. You lose one friend, Lose all friends, Lose yourself. Right? Hopefully he'll unblock me.

We lost our game against Fairhaven last night :(. It was kinda depressing cuz we really won.. but we the stupid refs didnt call ANYTHING. GAH! They make me soooo mad! So right now our record is 7 - 3. I guess thats not too bad for JV Volleyball. Who knows? At least i got to see all my camp friends last night! (You guyz havnt changed at bit!)

Speaking of camp friends, Homecoming is on Saturday and i think Erika from v-ball camp is gunna come with me! Yea chica were gunna find some guyz, and then get our *grind on* lmao. But because she is from another school, i had to go get this stupid form for her to fill out. After the dance she is sleeping over my house... *hopefully*.... God thats gunna be so much fun! lol

On saturday morning, (12-5 or 6) i am starting my job!! :) Its gunna be my first day! :) I so cant wait! Hopefully i get out at 5 so Erika can get here for like 5:30 and I can do her hair and hang out and all that fun stuff. Yea. Im a dork. lol.

Tomarrow we have an away game against D.R. (our rivals). The stupid Pep Rally is tomorrow too. And cuz im part of the volleyball team, i have to be in it. Oh well. Its only gunna be like 2 minutes on stage and at least i get to get out of class 1 hour early.

Well, i hafta go...
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Wednesday, September 24th, 2003

Subject:Go0o0o Seekonk!
Time:2:44 pm.
Alright. We've got our game today!! :) I cant wait to play every1. (if my coach plays me). GAH. im so upset. The guy i like is so DUMB! its so obvious i like him.. and he isnt gettin the hint. w/e. I dunno if im going to the homecoming dance on saturday. Ive got no1 to go with... and i hafta work (my first day!!) that morning. Im gunna be so tired. Yea. So... anywayz. I changed the look of my blurty.. i kinda like this a lot better than that stupid box thing. Me and casey still arent talking. I dont intend on talking to her anytime soon either. I heard some things that she said to sum1 else. oh well. Oh... two of my other friends (who shall remain nameless) have been talkin about me for like a month now.. and i just found out. Wow, i feel so stupid. I guess im finding out who all my true friends are. Yea so heres a random survey i got from Andy. :) Thanx.

[x]Name: Sara
[x]Birthdate: 17th June
[x]Birthplace: Fairfax, Va.
[x]Current Location: Seekonk, Ma.
[x]Eye Color: Dark brown
[x]Hair Color: Dark brown
[x]Height: 5'4
[x]Righty or Lefty: Righty
[x]Zodiac Sign: Gemini

[x]Your heritage: French, Greek, Polish and English.
[x]The shoes you wore today: my black flip flops with the flowers
[x]Your weakness: He has no idea... but its *him*
[x]Your fears: spiders, ants (dont ask), drowning...
[x]Your perfect pizza: cheese, peperoni, sausage, bacon, ham... mmmmm.
[x]Goal you'd like to achieve: Become a forensic Scientist

[x]Your most overused phrase on AIM: So0o0o.
[x]Your thoughts first waking up: God i wish i was skinny and pretty.
[x]Your best physical feature: I've been told by so many people i have amazing legs. so ill put that.
[x]Your bedtime: anywhere from 9:30 to 10:30
[x]Your most missed memory: When i live in virginia... I miss you guyz so much.

[x]Pepsi or Coke: coke
[x]McDonald's or Burger King: Burger King
[x]Single or group dates: um duznt matter to me. Ive never really been on a real *date*
[x]Adidas or Nike: nike
[x]Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: eww neither. i hate tea
[x]Chocolate or vanilla: chocolate
[x]Cappuccino or coffee: gross. i hate coffee.

[x]Smoke: Never
[x]Cuss: Well, i do.. but not as much as i use to
[x]Sing: Yes, but not very well. lol*
[x]Take a shower everyday: Yup yup.
[x]Have a crush(es): yea. but its no use cause he doesnt like me like that.
[x]Do you think you've been in love: well.. if i still like him 5 months after he hurt me... then i guess so
[x]Want to go to college: Hell yea.
[x]Like high school: Yes. I actually do like high school.
[x]Want to get married: Yes. I wanna marry the *man of my dreams*
[x]Believe in yourself: All the time.... sometimes. lol

LAYER SIX: ( In the past 3 months... )
[x]Drank alcohol: Yes. Not that much. just a sip of a margarita and some coors light. :)
[x]Smoked: Nope and i never will.
[x]Done a drug: Nope, never.
[x]Had Sex: Nope i beleive in abstinance
[x]Made Out: nope i havnt had my first kiss yet either.
[x]Gone on a date: Nope.
[x]Gone to the mall: Nope.
[x]Eaten an entire box of Oreos: No, i havnt had an oreo in a long time.
[x]Eaten sushi: Actually yes i have. I tried it over the summer (for the first time) GROSS! lol
[x]Been on stage: Nope, but i will on friday for the pep rally.
[x]Been dumped: Nope, I haven't had anyone to get dumped by, lol... *sigh*
[x]Gone skating: Nope ... sadly.
[x]Made homemade cookies: lol all the time.
[x]Gone skinny dipping: haha nope not in a long time.
[x]Stolen anything: well yea i took 5 dollars outta my dads wallet. *what? lol i needed lunch!*

LAYER SEVEN: ( Ever.. )
[x]Played a game that required removal of clothing: Yea. lmfao. good times.
[x]If so, was it mixed company: Yup.
[x]Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: Nope.
[x]Been caught "doing something": Nope.
[x]Been called a tease: yup.
[x]Gotten beaten up: nope. i never really have..
[x]Shoplifted: Nope.
[x]Changed who you were to fit in: Nope. What you see is what you get. :)

[x]Age you hope to be married: 26
[x]Numbers and Names of Children: I want 2 kids, a girl (Dacia) and a boy (Derrick)
[x]Describe your dream wedding: Well, the man of my dreams, and a nice simple white dress.
[x]How do you want to die: i want to die in my sleep.
[x]Where you want to go to college: UMASS Dartmouth.
[x]What do you want to be when you grow up: A forensic Scientist
[x]What country would you most like to visit: Italy, and France.

LAYER NINE ( In a guy/girl.. )
[x]Best eye color?: Blue or Green
[x]Best hair color?: brown :)
[x]Short or long hair: well i like the hair like its long, but its short.. gah i sound stupid. lol like... Tyson's hair!
[x]Best weight: doesnt matter.
[x]Best articles of clothing: doesnt matter.
[x]Best first date location: see below.. lol
[x]Best first kiss location: well i think that on the beach at night while looking at the stars. that my dream date.

[x]Number of drugs taken illegally: none
[x]Number of people I could trust with my life: One
[x]Number of CDs that I own: way too many to count
[x]Number of piercings: two. i used to have three but it got infected.
[x]Number of tattoos: none at the moment but i want some :)
[x]Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper?: um... twice i think.. lol
[x]Number of scars on my body: i have a lot on my legs.. dont ask.
[x]Number of things in my past that I regret: Well. There are two things that i regret every single day.


last cigarette: never had one
last kiss: never had one
last good cry: today when i got home from school thinking about last year
last library book checked out: um some nancy drew book i think. lol
last movie seen: The Core. good movie.
last book read: Well right now im reading Ender's Game. great book!
last cuss word uttered: Bitch.
last beverage drank: strawberry kiwi juice
last food consumed: fries
last phone call: brittney
last tv show watched: Wake up music videos (on MTV this morning.
last shoes worn: black flip flops with flowers.
last cd played: John Mayer "Heavier Things"
last song downloaded: "Sugar Pie Hunny Bunch"
last annoyance: My brother
last disappointment: lets not go there
last soda drank: um... root beer.
last thing handwritten: GO SHS on my hand
last word spoken: Look i told my brother not to look at what i was typing.
last sleep: ..... last night...
last im/icq/sms: Erika
last weird encounter: When Sandra screams LETS GET IT IN MOTION!!! and flung her hands in the air. lmao
last ice cream eaten: wow i havnt had ice cream in the longest time. GOO ME!
last amused: um. i dont know.
last time wanting to die: Today.
last time in love: Last year.
last time hugged: Um... Lauren Chu. THATS MAH GURL!! lol
last time scolded: on sunday my dad screamed at me cuz i called him a dick head.
last chair sat in: this one.
last lipstick used: none.
last shirt worn: Volleyball Uniform
last time dancing: um. winter ball last year
last poster looked at: my shane west one that i ripped up. heh.
last show attended: dont laugh. *NSYNC. LONG TIME AGO DAMNIT>
last webpage visited: ...Andys Blurty
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Tuesday, September 23rd, 2003

Time:10:16 pm.
Mood: drained.
Hey. Its my first entry so bare with me here... ok? Let me tell you right now that my blurty isnt really gunna be that... amazing, (only because my life is so boring). So, you might not even wanna read it...


We've got a volleyball game tomorrow. Its against Fairhaven ... ALL MAH GURLIES FROM CAMP!!! :) I cant wait to see you... Sexy Kendra and Sexy Erika!! lmao. Gurlz.. we definatly need to hang out after our game :). I better see you all there though.. :).

Yea so. this isnt much of a first entry, but oh well. Nothing exciting is going to happen at 10:26 at night.

. Sazzy
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