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[15 Aug 2003|11:37am]
NinjaNyne: :-) whatsup, purty girl?
la fiaskQ: im holding in my pee because ive got to check my mail first :/
la fiaskQ: im sorry im telling this
NinjaNyne: lol
NinjaNyne: its kool :P im use to that talk
la fiaskQ: ahh okay
la fiaskQ: :-)
NinjaNyne: so whatsup?
la fiaskQ: ignoring the fact its almost in my pants, everything is alright :-)
la fiaskQ: how about you?
la fiaskQ: worked today?
NinjaNyne: geeze girl, go pee! you must be about to burst!
la fiaskQ: nah, ima bout to make a record of it :D
NinjaNyne: lol
la fiaskQ: lordie, i guess its a flat one now XD

let me tell you a very exciting story, out of the mess, i mostly talk about..
I went to the supermarket with my mother; she was doing some Huge Shopping today and put almost every new cookieproduct in the caddy. Very innocent, until we were at the counter, where she JUST had to stop by a girl I suddenly recognized.. man, I absolutely disgust her. I hate her tons and vice versa. So i tried to ignore her, and when she looked, putting up the most mean and laugh-out smile on my face. And then, my mother, in all her forgetiness; "OH NO, I FORGOT MY MONEY AT HOME". 1-0 for the bitch. I stand there, slightly ridiculous looking up my mom, trying to make her understand that we just go to another counter. She went to the girl, ask her politely to leave to get her money. So, there was no way I could ignore her longer, she asked me some things, and while im replying, I rode my caddy along to the exit, while she suddenly says "ehh, where are you going, you didnt pay." More horrible than that couldnt be. I started feeling anxious. Then somebody called me at my cellphone, but because I had some nerves, the cellphone fell out of my hands. I see Trut grinning at me. My mother came back, she paid the products and started a long talk with that girl. "Oh you probably are going to work with my daughter" she says, because tomorrow my job at that same supermarket starts. We both looked a bit green I think.

man, i'm such a cluns :(
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[13 Aug 2003|12:26am]
oooooh kijk hoe mooi samsam mn blurty heeft gemaakt
nu verdient ze zeker een moffin!
sammy is zoooo gehweldug
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