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Monday, June 30th, 2003
8:06 pm - Yeahhh :-)
Yeah who has awesome tickets to the Justified/Stripped tour?! Oh yeah..That would be *ME* yeahh its gonna be sooo FREAKING AWESOME! Oh yeah..Me and Wil have been going out since last wednesday... :-D Things are freaking great..oh yeah..whooo. lol I have tennis tomorrow...ugh I DONT WANNA PLAY at all. You have no idea. You really don't. But yeah. Nic is completely like..wiggin out cause Alena and Kelli are gonna be hangin out with Josh and Gerard..its like Whoa there. Stop. She's bein rather bitchy at the Shes acting like she friggen owns ok nevermind about this..i think im gonna go do my stuff..whatever that is. Love Yah!
xoxo sar

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Wednesday, May 7th, 2003
3:13 pm - * PeOpLe..PeOpLe..PeOpLe..DIE *
Ugh...Ok Ronnie's gotta die. I'm killin him. Yeah I am. OK yeah he def. cheated on Liz wit friggen Courtney...C-O-U-R-T-N-E-Y Yeah as in KING. Courtney friggen King...Wow. Kid needs some help. Poor Liz...SoOoO nothing really happened 2day...Me n Kim r Kinda OK...I guess. I mean she's like best friends with friggen Kate Mills, who thinks shes the shit. Yeah shes not. Shes fuggin ugly as hell...dusnt kno how ta do her hair er make-up either. Jesus Mary n Joseph. GoDd I <3 Wil soo much. Seriously..I need that kid soo bad... :*( I mean...people are tellin me he wants me too...but I cant...its like that friggen TLC song ((DaMaGeD)) Yea so true haha well i gotta go..write later maybe..PeAcE!!

xoxox SaR*

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current music: No Secrets - Here I Am

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Tuesday, May 6th, 2003
11:25 pm - * FiRsT EnTrY * sucked. Well some of it anyway. Kim pissed me off the entire day cause of the way shes been acting...I ALMOST broke her n andrew up..uhh but hes like head over heels...hes gonna get killed later on. After school me, julia, nicole, kirsten and meghan were in the hall and Ms. Judweir (sp?) comes outta her room n starts yellin at us for bein too like ok wtf? schools def. over....? So I say something that apparently ended in "bitch" and this woman comes up to me ((...Im still completely clueless to who the fuck she was...)) and started giving me this soothing n calming speech. Somethin 'bout how I "shouldn't say things like matter how bad people make me angry"..yeah I dunno..find the woman and ask her. She was just kinda patting my hand and rubbing my arm..I'm like "whoah there killer...hands off." So I just blamed it on my anger management problem and left. Kirstens was pretty fun even tho we were def. supposed to be working on english...whoops. It was freakin fun as hell. We decided to record as workin on the play..we are seriously like the funniest people I've ever seen...even when we're not trying. It's great. Then I decided to get all up in Kirstens cat halloween costume from when she was like 5 and put a blonde curly wig on and decided to run down the street with Kirsten and Jul chasin was some funny shit. Yep. Except gettin attacked by her dog..NOT. COOL.Then b4 n Meghan decided to make one of those things police make when someone has been when they trace the body..haha but on the middle of Kirsten's that was pretty great. Yep. Ok..Yeah Katie's party is f-f-f-friday...CAN'T WAIT. It's seriously gonna be KICK ASS!!!! We're all gonna be sooo hyper...8 girls is kinda a lot for a sleepover..yeah I feel bad for her mom. Hopefully we'll see that ghost. That would be sooo friggen scary but wickedly awesome. Yeah I'm def. wicked awake now. Ahhh hyper. Ok. Matt broke his collar bone..aww he's so hott haha too bad he's Katie's!! She's wicked lucky. Love that gurl! AHHH HYPER GOD DAMNIT. Ok. Yes. hmmmm...what else happened...? Ms.Hanbery's a bitch. Yeah I don't like her. Hmm...Oh Yeah. Kelli's all sad cause Sebastian is goin out w/ Ashley...even tho shes a slut and doesn't even like him. Kelli <3's the friggen kid and it's so incredibly not fair. I feel bad. She won't say anything about it either. I dunno if she won't for attention or if she just won't...god people its like live a little herre! Nothing really too great happened today. I'm still trying to think. Hmm Dad's birthday is in 2 days..Gotta make him a card! Same w/ mom 4 mothers day. Yeah I guess I'm gonna leave. There's nothing to say. Nope nothing else.

xoxo SaR

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