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[19 Jan 2004|02:23pm]
Wow.. me and Andy almost broke up last night.. my doing too.. I almost broke up with the person I love more than anything.. whats wrong with me? -Slaps in the face-
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LaLa Land [06 Jan 2004|08:47pm]
[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | Trademark-Relient K ]

Wow I was just itching my ear, where my ears are peirced and tehre was like a scab or sumthing on it and i was itching it and it came off and my ear started bleeding like MAD.. i was like SHIT! And then i started phrekaing out liek I was gunna bleed to death and i was talking to my friend, Jessi, online and she was like "God loves me and he wouldnt do that to me," and i was like aww!! Thank God for Jessi.. She saves me :) LoL Well letz see i just got back from skate club and it was gay... I didnt talk to Andy for the first half hour and then i went and sat by him and i was like yup.. hmm.. wow.. and then we started like wrestling kinda thing... Kinday kicky if you asked me.. Well i have homework.. YAY for teenage turmoil!!

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CaNt [05 Jan 2004|05:11am]
[ mood | calm ]
[ music | Getting Into You- Relient K ]

**When I madeup my mind, and my heart along with that, To live not for myself, but yet for God somebody said, do you know what youa regetting yourself Into? When I finally irn\oned out all of my priorities and asked God to remove the doubt, that makes me so unseure of these, things I ask myself, I ask myself, Do you know what you are getting yourself into?
Im getting into you, Because you got to me, In a way I cant describe, Im getting into you, because you go to me, Your essential to survie, Im gunna love you with my life..
Whenyhou looked at me and said, "I kinda view you as a son." and for one second our eyes met, and I met that with a questions, Do you know, What you, Are getting yourself into?
Im getting into you, Because you got to me, In a way I cant describe, Im getting into you, because you go to me, Your essential to survie, Im gunna love you with my life..
Ive been a liar, and ill never amount to, the kind of person you deserve to worship you, You say you will not dwell on what I did, but rather what I do, you say " i love you and thats what youre getting yourself into"
Im getting into you, Because you got to me, In a way I cant describe, Im getting into you, because you go to me, Your essential to survive, Im gunna love you with my life..

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Me! [03 Jan 2004|04:22am]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | 99 Red Balloons- Goldfinger ]

*what time is it? 4 24
1.full name: Sara Michelle
2.nicknames: Diddy, SaRa Jo, Sara Lynn
3.title: lee?
4.city: Osceola
5.state: Indiana.. represent
6.birthdate: 1/10/89
7.astrological sign: capricorn
8.school: PHS
9.hobbies: too many but not enough
10.sports that you play/enjoy: listening to music
11.height: 5'4
12.weight: 120
13.shoe size: 5
14.favorite colors: black,pink, silver
15.favorite flowers: yellow roses
16.favorite book: Rats Saw God
17.favorite school subject: math
18.best friends of the same sex: Steph, Jessi, Heidi,
19.best friends of the opposite sex: andy, jon, harrison
20.boyfriend/girlfriend's name: andy
21.crush: Andy
22.things you like in the opposite sex: eyes, hair, hands, Shoes.. i have a shoe fetish
23.when was your first kiss: in 7th grade
24.are you a virgin: yea..
25.the most romantic thing anyone has done for you was: mm.. i donno n othing really..
26.which is more important,personality or looks?: personality
27.things you like in a best friend: someone i can confide in
28.person who knows you best is?: andy N* Steph
29.favorite food: pasta
30.favorite drink: FRAPS! ((LoL Kreemer))
31.favorite place to eat out: Friday's..
32.food you hate: beans
33.weirdest food that you like: if i eat it i dont think its weird, do I?
34.weirdest/dumbest thing you ever did: um? i dunno i do a lot of weird stuff
35.favorite movies: SLC Punk, Goonies, A Colckwork Orange
36.favorite actors: Orly Bloom
37.favorite actresses: Julia Roberts, Brittany Murphy
38.favorite quote: "You wont add time to anyones life worrying about it." - Andy
39.if you were to cuddle up with someone on the couch while watching a movie, who would it be:Andrew
40.favorite songs: Saddest Girl Story- TSL, Treading Water- Nada Surf, Headphones- Fallout Boy, Getting Into You- Relient K
41.favorite music groups: TSL, Brand New, SoCo, The Early November, Bright Eyes
42.favorite music singers: ace enders <3 connor oberst <3
43.favorite holiday: x-mas
44.favorite season: summer
45.what do you want to ge when you grow up: interior designer
46.biggest fear: being unsuccesful
47.biggest regret: going out with some of the kids i have, falling in love
48.thing you hate about your self: my stomach
49.favorite words: mmhmm, andy, dude, freal, homie
50.least favorite words: all the words you've said to break my heart
51.one place you must visit before you die: australlia
52.do you plan on attending college?(if yes, where): yea.. Ball State or Spring Hill
53.favorite sentimental items: pictures, old letters
54.do you write in a journal or diary?: yeah
55.do you keep an organizer?: yeah - i'd die without it
56.do you believe in love at first sight?: no
57.do you believe that every person has one soul mate: YES
58.do you believe in god?: yes
59.do you believe in everyone (even the beyond helpless)?: I believe everyone has the power to change the things they want.. If they really truly care
60.do you believe in having a good education?: yes
61.do you believe in horoscopes?: no
62.do you believe in yourself?: most of the time
63.do you shower daily?: uhYEAH!!
64.favorite day of the week: SaTuRdaY
65.favorite ice-cream: Blue Moon
*what time is it?: 4 57

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