03:11pm 11/05/2004
  uuuurrrrrrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm at school and we just took this test it sucked ass oh well ermine is now going out with this sophmore who's way not as hot as me. WAY NOT AS HOT and kyliue is now demonstrating how stupid he is! he's so hot though! urggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
computer geek   
04:28pm 02/05/2004
  LOL today we (mom and I) were driving in the car dad just baught and everyone was staring at it this guy even walked by to make the RUDEST comment ever "Hey baby do I have ta sleep with ya to drive this thing?" Jerk ass mother fucker. What a dick smack I hope he burns. I'm over at my friends he's starting an account. We're working on MS THOMAS' friggin essay it's shit no one knows what we're supposed to do anyway.
I was AIMing tricia and she didn't even know what to do and she's really smart, not that I'm not smart I just don't listen when the bitch (MS THOMAS) is going off into one of her friggin long speeches. I wish she'd burn too.
Not that she's not a nice person to talk to SOMETIMES but damn she needs to learn how to teach.
04:47pm 01/05/2004
mood: blah
music: outkast~i like the way you move
Urrrg Mom is being a butt! She hardly says two words to me then goes off in some direction or another. adrian her and I will be going o the king and i play w/ ermine in it! aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh
I waxed I officially hate it i do not like to wax them brows of mine! beauty is a pain in the ass! why do girls have to do so much primping anyway?
not that I mind when girls do the primp thing but some take it way out of hand. I need to download software for my dad!................I'm gonna fail ms thomas' class she hardly explains anything at all and then when ppl ask her whats going on she just zones them out what a loser!
ash yelled at her and she was so shocked that a student would yell at a teacher like that...goes to show you ppl have balls when they need them. girls/wmen can be bitches and I hate that. but they make up for it most of the time. i guess thats why jake is my best friend he doesn't screw around with me he's right to the point. he's a good guy no matter what anyone says.
11:31pm 30/04/2004
mood: tired
music: TOXIC~Britney Spears of course and I'm trying to figure out this whole thingy and I'm really tired. I'm a shot put thrower for our varsity girls track team and we had this invitational today. I'm so tired!
Nava (the hottest jr @ school) was completely flirting w/ me today. He has a frosh girlfriend and then he tells me he doesn't like me! OH and then he started off on how frosh were! I was like NO I'm frosh and so is your girlfriend! That shut him up. But boy does he make me horney just like Ermine! Ermine is so HOTT! oh he just gets me really hot...he's in the play at school I want to go see it tomorrow night. he looked so cute in his picture in the paper!