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    Thursday, March 10th, 2005
    10:59 am
    When the bell rings
    In 25 minutes the bell will ring and this hour will be over with. Kids will be in the hallway. But in 25 minutes I will see the guy I like. I wonder if he likes me. My friends say they think he does but how can I be sure if he never says anything. His eyes are the most loving things I had ever seen in my life. The only problem is that he hangs out with people I used to hang out with and do bad things. so I know if we ever dated I would probably get back into all of it again. I used to be a horrible person and I did things that I can't even believe I did. And if he finds out he will think something else of me and thats the last thing I want. I guess only time will tell what happens between us.

    Current Mood: nervous
    Current Music: Simple Plan (Perfect)
    10:31 am
    Bordom dum...dum...dum
    I am so happy that the weekwnd is almost here. I am going ice skating with my best friend ever in the world and shopping at the mall. We are gonna have a blast. We love ice skating and its so fun when we are together because all we do is laugh and act really dumb and retarted. okay maybe not the last part. But we love haging out together. we both go to different schools so its hard to talk a lot with all the work we both get. Just 2 more days till we see eachother.
    Wednesday, March 9th, 2005
    9:27 am
    A song I like
    Wish someone would tell me when i won't think of you again
    I'll get past the emptyness and let a little happiness back in
    Pretending not to care leads me half way there

    One of these one of these days I'll be completley over you heaven knos how long it will take and one of these one of these days I'll find somebody who'll love your memory away One of these days

    Ever since you've been gone time has a way of dragging on and on
    Friends drop by to comfort me but
    I'm not much company for long.
    Oh I'll get past what was
    If I live long enough

    One of these one of these days I'll be completley over you heaven knos how long it will take and one of these one of these days I'll find somebody who'll love your memory away One of these days

    That is by LeeAnn Rimes. I love that song cause in a way it helps me to understand how I feel about some situations. I can't believe I know it by heart though. Oh well. Well, Thats all I have to say right now so yeah.
    9:27 am
    I am so ahppy I can actually post on here. My other journal for this is under silly_sandy. It has a lot more about me and what I like and stuff. I hope I can make friends on here.
    9:11 am
    OMI (Grandma)
    I remember having fun
    Laughing until my side hurt
    It was fun in the sun
    But I was not alert
    I came home with a smile
    My life was going to change
    I was far by miles
    But I switched into the wrong lane
    My mother looked sad
    My father looked worried
    I was getting mad
    My omi had passed
    The words struck me like a bullet
    Why did this happen
    I didn't understand it
    My lips started to chappen
    I sat there with tears
    Thinking why now
    This was my worst fear
    Was it my fault some how
    I was lauging with friends
    Away from my sick omi
    I didn't know it would end
    I wish nobody told me
    I should have felt it right away
    But I couldn't sleep at night
    Why did it happen that sunny day
    My mom said it would be alright
    The time came to burry her
    I left that place
    I had lost my omi forever
    She was no where to trace
    I used her as an excuse
    Nobody seemed to care
    I wouldn't drink my apple juice
    I would just stare
    In a way I felt it was my fault
    For not being by her side
    I was 8, not an adult
    I wanted to hide
    I remember my last words to her
    They will never be forgotten
    The way she looked laying there
    English words out of her mouth weren't coming
    I was scared to see her face
    It looked to pale
    I didn't like that place
    My life went stale
    I had to go play
    Have fun outside
    It had to be my way
    But I lied
    I miss her so much
    I want her here
    Those days she fed me lunch
    Those days are now clear
    She cared about her grandkids
    and she loved me
    she always closed the butter lids
    I love and miss my omi