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last update, sadly :X [08 Sep 2003|06:47pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]
[ music | a whisper // coldplay ]

mkay this is gonna be my last update on this journal -- i got a new one, friends only though.

it = _sam

if i knew how to link that or w/e then i would but sadly enough i dont. lol but go there, if youve been commenting here or w/e ive probly added you to that one so just add me there and ill comment you and itll be all gravy baby.

okay so that was incredibly lame -- pretend it wasnt? O.o :] <3 peace out folks.

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quickie ~!@ [06 Sep 2003|12:41pm]
[ mood | sore ]
[ music | green eyes // coldplay ]

making a quick update before i leave to go to the mall - last night was soo much fun omg april. you should have gone lol. it was like all people from byrd (i go to salem) and i only knew one guy that i go to church with so me and mel hung out with him and he plays football ands all popular and junk like a class clown kinda guy so he introduced us to like half the school and me and him and mel and this guy alan were all dancing the whole time lol and this guy danced with me and melinda both (not at the same time..) and he had to have been a fball player - like 300 lbs and 6 ft tall omg it was h i l a r i o u s. lol and i danced with alan most of the time, according to melinda i did for an hour lol then he got my #. he was pretty cute but maybe immature? we'll see :] well i g2g get ready then heading out, ill write again later. leave me loooveeee bc the feeling is mutual

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update for apriL!* [04 Sep 2003|10:56pm]
mkay april is annoyed that i havent updated and since shes sick and all ill do it for her uh huh. um nothing new really, talking to trevan at the moment as i have been for the past 3 hours but then again whats new?! jordan said i was fat today, lol i thought it was funny he said i needed exercise and he said we were gonna fight tomorrow at school. HAHA i would so win, lol. april you better send me presents soon or ima kill you. lol jk i would never. um nothing to write about really, i had 344478 hours of hw. tomorrow melinda's spending the night and were going to 5th quarter tomorrow night til 12 to dance and then shes spending the night- that hasnt happened since like 5th grade lol. but shes a cool kid indeed. and next weekend is olde salem days, april you should come up for that. um heather still hasnt talked to me, the roar is slightly down about her dying or whatever lol but lexie says she keeps telling her to talk to me (ty :]!) and yet she doesnt. i still dunno why though bc uhhhhh i havent done anything to her?! we didnt talk for like 5 days and somehow that made her hate me alla the sudden. whoooo knows?! mos def not me but im not gonna stress it since she don like people carin bout her so if she decides to ever talk to me again then cool and if she doesnt then nothin i can do about it anyways so theres no use stressing over somethin i have no control over !! :] so im goin to bed now since i got school tomo but ill catch you all later. ily
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eeparoonie.. :x! [30 Aug 2003|10:18am]
does anyone know where heather is!?@

sorry to write about her in my journal whatever but she hasnt been on in days, and im just seeing if anyone knows whats wrong?

- s a m
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whew [29 Aug 2003|08:02pm]
[ mood | sweaty ]
[ music | harder to breathe // maroon 5 ]

ew im really sweaty, and hot, and ick :o

i just got back from running, in case it hadn't occured to you yet.

um today we got out 2 hours early from school for labor day weekend and melinda came with me and my mom to check out moms new apartmenty thing - going to take some work, but i like the location.. ;] - and then we came back to my house and we hung out for a few hours, lots of talking and catching up to do. today was an exceptionally good day, heh, ;D. things are good, im happy, yanno how it is. well i have no plans for the weekend.. so.. ;\ but i should go shower now, bc im very gross


weeeee [28 Aug 2003|12:10am]
okay well, im happy. i havent updated in forever, so sowy ;D. but uh yeah, thought youd want to know that im happy. i got my reasons, if youre special then yeah you know already. if not, maybe ill tell you
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byebye ;] [21 Aug 2003|02:56pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

just updating before i leave for nc for the weekend, im leaving at like 6, and ill be back sunday night sometime early evening hopefully. going down to get my mom and bring her back up here, shes staying in a hotel for a while then getting her own place, hopefully this will work out but im not sure. im pretty sure theyll divorce but after that i dont know bc my dad said that if i wasnt all his then he wasnt going to do joint. and im sure as hell not picking one over the other. well im off to eat lunch - read - leave. hopefully ill get some reading done in those like 6 hours in the car. leave me some love for when i get back, i could use it ;]

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quicky ~!@ [20 Aug 2003|11:42am]
[ mood | slightly awake ]
[ music | jack talking on dawsons creek ]

umumumumm just updating. nothing new since my yesterdays trials and tribulations. still not recovered, but were getting there. HAHA THAT WAS FUNNY!! no, not really. but anyways. im going to give myself a pedicure now, and finish drowning my sorrows in dawsons creek.

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heh. [19 Aug 2003|07:31pm]
[ mood | indifferent ]
[ music | are you happy now // michelle branch ]

take the virgin-whore dichotomy quiz.

and go to mewing.net. where we're all studs.


it hurts [19 Aug 2003|05:44pm]
[ mood | rejected ]
[ music | pardon me // incubus ]

it hurts to have somebody call you at 10:30 at night telling you they're going to kill themselves. it hurts to hear that youre the last person thats going to hear their voice. it hurts to be hated and not know why. it hurts to get blocked for no reason. it hurts when someone that you thought you were close to, that you thought you were best friends with, tells you that you really arent. it hurts to get told to shut up. it hurts to get told to stop caring about someone that you really care about. it hurts to get told you cant love somebody. it hurts not to be loved or cared about. it hurts for someone to tell you theres no place in their heart for you. it hurts when stuff gets blamed on you thats not your fault. it hurts to be told to stop worrying about someone that you worry about. it hurts to get told to stop thinking about someone you do think about. it hurts for someone to tell you they dont like the way your friendship is going. it hurts to be told youre getting too close. it hurts to be told to stop being someones friend. it hurts to think about all you went through. it hurts to think about all the tears you cried. it hurts to think about all the pain. it hurts to hurt people and not even understand why. it hurts to get yelled at. it hurts to be told not to write about someone in your journal. it hurts to be told to forget you even knew someone. this stuff hurts, and i cant do it. heather decided she didnt want to be my friend anymore, bc it was my fault lexie stopped talking to her. i made her jealous, why, i still dont understand, but in some twisted way, i did. all of the sudden she doesnt want to be friends anymore. lexie is more important to her than i am, i guess i understand that, but it wasnt like this before. since she hates me now she probably wont read it unless lexie goes and tells her to. but whatever, have your little i hate sam because she cares too much club. i dont know how im going to go on without you as a friend, heather. youre very important to me. obviously you dont feel the same. i dont know what else to say, im just too upset to keep rambling. bye.

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heather [19 Aug 2003|12:49am]
[ mood | distressed ]
[ music | how do i feel // hoku ]

heather: omg girl. i love you soo much, you dont even know. ty for calling me first tonight, i appreciate it. also dont forget your swear. you swore on my life, so if you break it, well i think the 'swear on my life' thing pretty much sums it up. i never want you to scare me like that again, farreal. it will get better. i promise. ill do everything i can to make it better. theres nothing i want more than to see you happy. you mos def deserve only the best. nirvana and happiness. itll come in time, just stay around until it gets here. you are so important to me, i cant explain it. so many people love you and care for you, whether you believe it or not. when people get mad at you its only bc they care so much. you are a beautiful, talented, caring, wonderful, hilarious person. not to mention an awesome friend. no matter what you go through, ill always be here for you. ill never screw you over or do anything to hurt you. i love you

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[18 Aug 2003|03:16pm]
[ mood | confused ]
[ music | pimp (remix) // 50 ft. snoop ]

heather, i love you. itll be okay. <3

just dont do anything stupid. >.


fjhr449shj [18 Aug 2003|01:11pm]
[ mood | guilty ]
[ music | viva forever // spice girls ]

guh. heather. ily.

um, everything is sucking.

go away.

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woohoo [17 Aug 2003|01:21pm]
[ mood | ouch chest pains ]
[ music | serenity // godsmack ]

i just got home a bit ago from church, now im talking to sarahbelle and jordan, who just got back from 4 weeks in brazil. this is where you (yay) ty im sure he feels loved now. umm. dl the new godsmack song - serenity. its good i promise, even though it sounds sorta like voodoo, i kept waiting for the chorus to come up and be like "im not the one whos so far away, when i feel the snake bite enter my veins, never do i wanna be there again and i dont remember why i came." i was allll ready to sing it up but it never came on ;[ i probably got those lyrics wrong but just pretend i didnt. guh i got bad news today, its slightly, okay pretty personal so i wont post it but comment and ask if you want to know. im done

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hey ;] [16 Aug 2003|07:55pm]
[ mood | full ]

getting ready to go ball with my sister at the college. yesterday i went to kabuki for dinner with sarah and jason and stephen.. mm. then we came home and we all watched the sweetest thing (unrated) omg the whole movie was about sex and penises.. some of it was funny but the rest was just.. ugh. then today me and sarah went to montanos for lunch and i went shopping a little and to the wee fun grocery store. so here i am. comment bc ily

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wow i'm full [15 Aug 2003|12:56pm]
[ mood | talking ]
[ music | american gladiators !@ ]

hello. im on the phone with amanda, everyone say (hey amanda!) not much going on today -- out to eat later though. heather i hope you feel better ;] sarah im still workin on the sarah_belle one, ill finish it today though, promise !@ im out comment though.

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new layout ;] [15 Aug 2003|12:09am]
[ mood | accomplished ]
[ music | now its on // tech n9ne ]

a new layout and icon even though heathers were sooooo incredibly pimp. ashton just.. -sigh- ;] so anyways ty heather and vannah and whoever else bc i am like code illiterate ;]

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make a wish! [14 Aug 2003|11:11pm]
[ mood | yummmm ]
[ music | punk rock song // bad religion ]

its 11:11 - did you make a wish? i did ;] too bad i cant tell you what i wished for. so sorry.

mm omg this turtle cheesecake mos totally owns me. i'll share with you if you want some. see how nice i am?? nice i tell you! nice! again happy 5 months you two, many more to come i hope !@

well im out to eat this, peace out.

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happy 5 months !@(%$^#$@%*$_#^$ [14 Aug 2003|03:38am]
[ mood | aggravated ]
[ music | no music, bud ]

HAPPY 5 MONTHS HEATHER AND LEXiE !%#^$#(^$@#@#@!!&!*)&$*(#

iLy two ;]

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omg. [13 Aug 2003|10:01pm]
[ mood | scared ]
[ music | no music, babe ]

i'm so scared. kill me.

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