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That guy's Journal

29th June, 2003. 8:19 am. ..!.

I'm posting again. In case you couldn't notice. Right....
I'm also eating a pop tart. Trying to think of some sort of nice topic which could cause me to type a lot. Well, there is grammar.
English is supposed to be a language. People speak this language, write this language, etc., and that is the purpose of it or any language. Right? Yes, I thought so. So why do people obsess as if their lives depended on it about perfect grammar?? If everyone uses a word a certain way, that is how it is used! That is the PURPOSE of words! We don't need people telling us how we should use a word when it makes sense to every other english speaking person on the planet, and if you said it the right way, people would think you were some kind of crazy idiot!!! If everyone uses a word in one way, that becomes the meaning of the word. These grammar people just make communication harder for all of us. The difference between lie and lay? Who cares??
He was lieing on the ground.
He was laying on the ground.
It makes perfect sense either way, so shut your mouth!
DAmn straight.

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28th June, 2003. 2:12 pm. I'm back.

So much crazyness, eh? Indeed. One thing I don't really like at all is yardwork. I mean.... come on!
We plant these little grass things in the ground so that we can cut them and maintain them every few days! It seems like a lot of work just so that we can blend in with the neighbors and be uniform, saluting, McDonalds eating, patriotic suburbanites. And god forbid we don't cut the grass for a few weeks!! The neighbors would all scoff at us and tell hilaious jokes about the ill state of our lawn!
"Look at their lawn! You could hide a.... uh... something big in there!", they would say. Everyone would laugh very politely. They use the same side splitting joke for people with afros too. Maybe fat people too. I don't know. Maybe I'm just angry abou this because I was recently forced to do yardwork.

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28th June, 2003. 10:50 am. ooh, shiny

This is a very pretty journal. My basic plan for it is to become enthusiastic with it for about.... a week. Yeah, that sounds good. After that, I will become bored and stop updating. Whoo! Yay. Fun to the max dude, totally.... right. I'm planning to rant, maybe post some fun political facts, and laugh. Mabye. Ok, I'm going to go find some cool stuff to rant about or whatever. I'll be back soon. Bye, nobody. Damn, I'm talking to myself.

Current mood: okay.
Current music: E=Mo A comedy album from Emo (phillips).

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