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[30 Jun 2003|05:29pm]
[ mood | weird ]
[ music | #11 on Lil'Wyte C.D ]

Lets see, my life is so not right...ok so I wake up Today and go out wit my mom...we go and get an address from my sister and she acts like we are dirt...w/e I don't want to be her sister anymore if she won't be nice to MY mom...Besides my mom says I am her Fav.!Ok anyways we go and see my Nana at the hos. then we go get a bite 2 eat ...we are now lookin' for a new house 'cuz my mom wants to move and I am so happy cuz now we wont live out in the middle of no where...My dream is to live on the beach and my mom said she we can and i'm so I will live by my friends and I am bored I wish I could see Lil'Wyte again I wanna

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